“Faith and Betrayal” is a Warhammer 40,000 Dark Heresy/Deathwatch RPG Campaign set approximately around the time 814.M41. It follows the exploits of Acolytes under the command of Inquisitor Sand of the Ordo Xenos and the missions of Deathwatch Kill-Team “Kronus.” Working alone, and sometimes together, both of these Inquisition units are dedicated to finding and destroying the enemies of the Imperium. “Only in Death Shall Duty End!!”

“Strange Deaths” (08/04/2017)

nad06_preview.pngAcolytes Luck, Doomonue, Bishop, Silvain and Gunn are dispatched to the world of Valos Krin to help the small force of local arbitrators investigate a recent strange mass murder of ten people that has similarities to six unsolved murders that happened six years ago. In the planet’s main city of Taurus, which sits under an immense dome to protect it from the planet’s harsh sun, the acolytes meet Judge Capstan and his small force of three arbitrators. The murders appear ritualistic in nature and death was caused by unexplained high levels of radiation cooking internal organs. With the planet’s mega-celebration event of the Restoration Day Gala only days away, the acolytes can expect little to no help as the arbitrators perform their normal duties, as well as assist the local enforcers with the ever-increasing number of guests and security concerns for VIPs.

After being provided with a very detailed case file on the murders past and present, the acolytes piggyback off of the extensive, but dead-end, investigation efforts of the arbites and the enforcers. Deciding to spilt into two groups while Bishop remains at the arbites precinct to study the case files, Doomonue and Silvain decide to go to the scene of the most recent murders while Luck and Gunn decide to go to the enforcer headquarters and speak with the Chiurgeon responsible for conducting the autopsies of the victims both past and present.

The crime scene has long been cleared due to the area being a major thoroughfare in the city’s upper commercial business district. Asking around to employees and security personnel at nearby buildings, Silvain and Doomonue find that the enforcers and arbites have done thorough work- all possible witnesses have been interviewed and none of them has any useful information. An inquiry into security cameras in the area show that all ceased to record anything (despite still running) for a period seven hours. Not sure where to proceed next, the team decides to go to the Grand Cathedral of the Ecclesiarchy after hearing a local tell them about natives of Valos Krin who worship the Emperor in strange ways.

Despite some questioning looks at a teenage girl “Specialist” working for the Adeptus Arbitrators on a high-profile case, Luck and Gunn are given access to Chiurgeon Cellext and his morgue. Cellext is the chief medical examiner and has been in service close to a hundred years (his body heavily modified with bionics and cybernetics). Cellext provides the acolytes with his findings of the past and present victims and his conclusions that cause of death was unexplained high-levels of radiation that originated inside each victim and burned intensely for a short period of time literal cooking the victims inside out. He was unable to conduct more tests as the local Adeptus Mechanicus took possession of the bodies for radiation safety concerns and quarantined them in their fortress headquarters, the Helix." Gunn can feel the faint taint of the Warp in the morgue, the source is unknown but he suspects its related to the victims’ bodies.
IMG_1177.JPGLuck and Gunn find the Helix to be an imposing and serious structure. Rising from the floor to the apex of the city’s protective dome, the Helix is a testament to the power of the Adeptus Mechanicus on Valos Krin. After verifying their authorization, the acolytes meet with Magos Nuo-limk and inspect the bodies. Nuo-limk has made made some noted discoveries from her inspections. The radiation signature in the bodies is very similar to the radiation found in the Warp; she speculates the lethal Warp radiation could be the result of a psychic or daemonic attack, or a Xenos or heretical tech weapon. She also noted that DNA tests confirmed that one of the victim families were not related at all. A review of the inventory of this family’s possessions (silenced pistols, photo contacts, specialized ammo and other above the norm gear) and their recent arrival to the city under corporate identities have the acolytes theorizing the “family’s” true intentions might have been corporate espionage or assassination.

Meanwhile Doomonue and Silvain’s trip to the Grand Cathedral nets potentially more useful information after talking to one of residing priests who is an expert on the strange ways that some of the planet’s natives worship the Emperor. With some similarities to an Imperial blood cult, such as the Moritat, some of the native population of Valos Krin identify themselves as the “Night Cult.” Abiding by the planet’s old traditions of Emperor worship the members of the Night Cult practice blood sacrifice to protect the “sky ships of the Emperor” from daemons. These sacrifices can be the unwilling unfaithful or they can be the faithful who willingly go as a testament to the conviction of their faith. The Night Cult is in that gray area where their actions are neither condoned or condemned by the Ecclesiarchy. Whether the Night Cult is responsible for the recent murders remains to be seen…