A jolly Cleric of the Imperium


Awareness: Trained
Carouse: Trained
Charm: Trained
Dodge: Trained
Inquiry: Trained
Scrutiny: Trained
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy, Imperium, Imperial Creed): Trained
Literacy: Trained
Speak Language(Low Gothic): Trained
Perform – Singer: +10
Trade – Cook: Trained
Scholastic Lore(Occult): Trained


Melee Weapon Training(Primitive)
Pistol Training(SP)
Basic Weapon Training(Primitive)
Blessed Ignorance

Insanity: 22
Minor Disorder: Phobia- Fear of robot-like constructs/beings, servitors, and such (must pass a Willpower Test or leave the presence of such beings or take -10 to all tests in their presence).

Wounds: 10
Fate Points: 2*

Aquila Necklace
Ecclesiarchy Robes
4 Candles

Stub Revolver
Catechist Pattern Crossbow
Mono Hammer

Flak Vest


Lupus grew up in a cloistered monastery on one of the core Imperial Worlds in the Calixis sector. As such, he never knew much of life in the Imperium outside of the Emperor and His grand plan. Lupus was known as one of the more inspirational singers, and studied hard during his time at the monastery where he grew up.

This did not escape the notice of the High Priest of the monastery, who began grooming Lupus to eventually take over his position. Eventually the time came that the High Priest decided that it was time for Lupus to face some real world trials, and he was sent to the Tricorn to act as a clerk and religious advisor to the Inquisition.

It was here that Lupus came to the attention of Sand, who discovered that despite his sheltered upbringing, Lupus had some radical leanings. Deciding that his acolytes could use a cleric in there dealings across the Imperium, Sand recruited Lupus into his service, promising that Lupus would gain a much better understanding of the teachings of the God-Emperor much more quickly by direct service to the Inquisition.

As he began to leave and deal more directly with the people of the Imperium, Lupus began to realize that he still had much to learn about the true work of the Ecclesiarchy in the Imperium. He also learned that the Imperium had more to offer than he had originally thought, as he was exposed to new sensations that he had never had a chance to contemplate before. Now the question becomes will he ever return to the monastery, or will he travel the Imperium discovering all it has to offer?


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