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  • Forbidden Lore - The Story of Dante's Fall

    "This is the way the story is commonly told. It is told in whispers with fragmented secrets. Spoken in the darkness. Words stolen from obscured mouths in darkened hallways by lingering ears and flaccid bodies." "It begins on the planet Iio. An ordinary …

  • Medical Report - Patient Zero

    *4th Precinct Medical Facility* _Patient Records_ Patient Number: 4116.66 Name of Patient: -Classified- Codename: -Patient Zero- Flibbles! Date of Admission: 7655815.M41 Current Status: *Normal* _Pending Release_ Initial Diagnosis: …

  • Pilfered Interrogation Recording

    *Ref:* INQ/011774290/IR *Subject:* Verbal Transcript of Recorded Prisoner Interrogation *Date:* -[Classified]- *Location:* -[Classified]- *Sector:* Calixis *Original Transcription:* -[Classified]-, Ordo Hereticus

    + …

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