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  • Gunn - Scum Brawler (inactive)

    *Name:* Francis "Frankie" Zurkov ; aka 'Gunn' *Age:* 20 *Body:* Well-toned yet agile, 6'0", 90kg *Distinguishing features:* Body covered in scars *The Street Life:* Born unwanted and unloved in the back alleyways of sector Valiant, a highly …

  • Neija Tromen- Warp Wyrd

    With a fearsome reputation of being cursed and ill-omened, many shun and fear this rogue psyker. Fearing the Black Ships of the Inquisition when her psychic powers manifested, Neija Tromean fled the grasp of the Imperium and the toil of Sepheris Secundus …

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