“Faith and Betrayal” is a Warhammer 40,000 Dark Heresy/Deathwatch RPG Campaign set approximately around the time 814.M41. It follows the exploits of Acolytes under the command of Inquisitor Sand of the Ordo Xenos and the missions of Deathwatch Kill-Team “Kronus.” Working alone, and sometimes together, both of these Inquisition units are dedicated to finding and destroying the enemies of the Imperium. Only in Death Shall Duty End!!

“Re-Maiden Voyage”…(04/10/2014)

In the underhive of Scintilla, Quint is almost assassinated by snipers from the Pressure Point mercenary group, after he purchases a data-stick containing critical information for his master. There is no doubt that their target was the Interrogator, but further investigation is stalled when it is revealed that the contract was anonymous and the individual responsible providing the contract information to Pressure Point was just a patsy who was later found dead in a sewer gutter.

While Quint and other Inquisition agents look further into the matter, Inquisitor Sand takes several of his junior acolytes, under Hadrian’s supervision, to his newest project- the Arcadia, a restored Imperial Naval Sword-class frigate turned Rogue Trader vessel under the command of fledgling captain Rogue Trader Du’landra Melua. Inquisitor Sand briefs that for the past several years, since the reemergence of Eramus Haarlock, he has been busy petitioning the High Lords of Terra to award Melus a Warrant of Trade. With the assistance of powerful allies from inside and outside of the Inquisition, Sand’s petition was granted.

Sand explains to his acolytes and Melua that this a mutual partnership with both entities providing a useful resource. Sand plans to expand his investigations into the Kronus Expanse and Melua hopes to gain additional power and wealth. But first, the Arcadia must be checked out to ensure all is working properly, hence Hadrian’s presence, and the ship will proceed into the forbidden Threnos Zone to a set of coordinates that Sand was able to purchase (the same ones that Quint purchased in the underhive) that are reportedly near the sight of the long lost Imperial Olympic-class liner ship the Niveus Astrum, which disappeared over a millennia ago while enroute to Lord Militant Angevin with a valuable gift.

Proceeding to the coordinates, the ship’s Astropath, Kessa Silinus, is able to locate and following the Niveus Astrum’s mayday chorus in the Warp and the route takes them to an uncharted planet that they later learn is called Calamitus. Scans show that a large human population inhabits the planet around the wreck of the Niveus Astrum, which has crashed into the planet prow first and miraculously came to rest embedded in the ground like a spike into a board with its rear thrusters pointing skyward.

Dispatching a team to investigate, the acolytes’ shuttle navigates the rough weather to land on the precarious makeshift landing platform on the top (back) of the ship and suffers minor damage in the process. After landing, the party is greeting by Churigeon Arcpenny from the Ascendency, one of the three controlling factions of the ship. He is friendly and explains to the acolytes that the community on the ship is made up of descendants from the original crew of the Niveus Astrum. He also tells the acolytes that the community of the Niveus Astrum are an Emperor-fearing people but enjoy their autonomy from the Imperium and prefer to remain a secret. They are far from lost though, and Arcpenny tells the acolytes how their location is known to many traders, pirates and seafarers who come to the Calamitus to buy and trade goods- this arrangement is bencifical to all.

The acolytes are taken to meet Montess Quess, the Chanteline (or Queen) of the Ascendancy and she welcomes them to her throne room, which has been converted from the bridge of the Niveus Astrum. Amongst the consoles, the acolytes note a large cubical shape among them that Quess tells them is the Vault of Beowulf, which is said to house a valuable treasure- the gift to Lord Militant Angevin. She also tells them that the Vault has never been opened and that it is sealed with a special locking mechanism. Rylak notes that there are three slots on the Vault and their shape and size match an object that Quess wears displayed on her person.

The acolytes decide to explore the ship further. Hadrian is interested in acquiring knowledge of the ship from the days when it first crashed and Quess directs them to the lower levels of the ship where Director Vaunt, the Tech-Priest in charge of the manufactorum facilities on the ship runs his faction, the Vexillum. With Arcpenny as a guide, the party makes their way deep into the bottom (front) of the ship and find Vaunt’s compound surrounded by large angry group of labor protesters.

Faith and Betrayal

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