Faith and Betrayal


“Falcon Punch!!”

-Brother Angelos, speaking in limited conversation with a Genestealer during a bare-knuckle fight.

The Space Marines of Kill-Team Kronus are activated for a priority mission. Their task is to locate and rescue Magos Biologis Vyakai whose shuttle has crash landed on the southern pole of the planet of Tantalus- a planet that has been overrun by Tyranids of Hive Fleet Dagon. Magos Vyakai has valuable genetic data concerning the organisms of Hive Fleet Dagon and retrieval of this information would be extremely valuable to the Imperium’s Weapons Research and Development sections.

Nominating Brother G’heirmant as their team leader, and welcoming three new Battle Brothers, Brother Angelos (of the Alpha Scars Chapter), Brother Erik (of the Imperial Fists Chapter) and Brother Corvin (of the Raven Guard Chapter), to fill the kill-team’s ranks, the Space Marines descend to the Magos’ last known position- a promethium facility called Pyroclast Gamma-9. The blizzard conditions prove to hinder the search and rescue effort, and with a huge vanguard swarm of Tyranids approaching the facility, the Kill-team must make haste.

Using a systematic search method, the Kill-Team starts from the south eastern end of the facilty and begins a counter-clockwise sweep. They meet fierce resistance from scattered bands of Tyranid advance forces and come across the bodies of both the facility’s inmate prison workers,guards and Tyranids that have all been victims of each other or the few automated defenses still functioning.
Blizzard background by kagekia
Kill-Team Kronus finally locates the Magos taking refuge in the command center of the facility guarded by two combat servitors. The Kill-team is attacked by the heavily wounded Magos and his guards who initially assesses the Kill-Team as a threat but during the melee a larger threat presents itself when Lictors attack the Space Marines. After a messy combat, the Battle-Brothers are victorious and the Kill-Team is able to convince the Magos they are there to help.

With Brother G’heirnat carrying the wounded tech-Priest on his back the Kill-team makes its way to the main refinery facility in order to rig some type of castastrophic detonation to deined the Tyranids the resources of the facility. Inside the refinery, the Kill-team discovers a large concentration of inmate workers that have taken up refuge in the facility and are not interested in leaving. A rousing warning of pending Exterminatus by Brother G’heirnat is enough to make some of the thugs flee but the majority of the criminal scum, led by a hardcore ganger, are not scared. A battle soon erupts and the battle brothers are quickly able to dispatch the thugs with miminal damage. A makeshift explosive chain reaction is rigged with the assistance of Magos Vyakai, and the main refinery facility, as well as the outside storage tanks, explode in a massive ball of flame. The Kill-team then makes haste to their extraction point on top of a hill with a communications tower.

Hive tyrant by zen masterAfter calling for extraction via Thunderhawk, the Kill-team takes up a defensive perimeter to await their ride. In the distance, approaching in the sky, is a massive winged Hive Tyrant and accompanying Shrike Tyranid Warriors. Brother G’heirnat orders his brothers into an effective defensive posture while Brother Corvin and Brother Erik fire Heavy Bolter and psychic-fueled death at their enemies. The Tyranids return the favor, wounding the Space Marines with acid and organic weapons that constrict and choke their targets. The battle is fierce and it appears that the Kill-team is gaining the upper hand on their foes, but the sudden appearance of their Thunderhawk has the Hive Tyrant and its surviving escort go into full retreat. The Thunderhawk takes Kill-Team Kronus and Magos Vyakai, back to the Thunder’s Word. Right before breaking through the clouds to space, the Space Marines watch the massive horde of the Tyranid vanguard forces sweep into Pyroclast-Gamma-9.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the adventure found in Fantasy Flight’s Deathwatch core rulebook. It can be found here:


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