Faith and Betrayal

"Final Sanction"

“It’s only a small civil disturbance, just some malcontents rousing the poor or some such. I’m sure it will be over soon…”

-Lord-Governor Perian Thorsholt

Following an urgent, but vague, Astropathic request for Deathwatch assistance from Inquisitor Jezehell of the Ordo Xenos, Kill-Team Kronus is activated by order of Watch Captain Brand to answer the Inquisitor’s summons. With the addition of a sixth Deathwatch Squad member, a Space Marine from the Storm Wardens Chapter named Brother Mcleod, Kill-Team Kronus is sent via an Imperial Navy Sword-class Frigate to the Agri-world of Avalos to locate and assist Inquisitor Jezehell.

Immediately upon arrival above the planet of Avalos, the Navy Ship is attacked by several Tyranid Kraken-class ships which make short work of the lone Imperial vessel. It is only through a desperate last minute effort by the ship’s captain that the Deathwatch Kill-team is able to escape the doomed ship by drop pod to the planet’s surface. Landing at the planet’s capital city of Lordsholm, the Space Marines arrive in the midst of a massive battle between the city’s Planetary Defense Forces (PDF) and hordes of Rebel forces. In their first battle on the planet, the Deathwatch confirms the existence of a Genestealer infestation when they kill a rebel leader that is in fact a Genestealer Hybrid. The aftermath of the battle brings them thanks and information from a Callidus Assassin named Syndalla, who has taken on the guise of a PDF Officer to take command of the decimated PDF forces and keep them from breaking.

Syndalla explains to the Deathwatch Marines that the situation on Avalos is dire with a massive Genestealer Cult leading the rebels. The rebel forces are many and have already overwhelmed most of the PDF positions. Without the intervention of the Deathwatch in assisting the PDF in re-taking key strategic positions and destroying the enemy leadership, particularly the Broodlord, the city is doomed to fall by dawn. In addition, the Deathwatch must insure that the planet’s governor, Lord-Governor Thorsholt is safe and use his Astropath to send out a message requesting reinforcements. Inquisitor Jezehell has not been heard from for a few days since her attempt to locate and terminate the Broodlord.

Nid genestealerKill-team Kronus travels through the worn-torn body choked streets and is able to liberate several PDF forces, as well as destroy a number of rebel forces. They located the Governor who appears to have underestimated how much his city is nearly overrun and after getting him to listen to reason, as well as saving him from an assassination attempt by several Genestealers, the Space Marines are able to use the Governor’s Astropath to send out a message that hopefully will be received in time to save the planet.

Continuing their fight through the city, bolstered with forces from the PDF, the Space Marines are able to learn the location of the Broodlord’s lair from a retired guardsman named Gremarch that they saved from rebels. Located in the enemy-controlled Fabrica District, the Deathwatch Marines make a daring assault on the only bridge connecting the Fabrica District to the rest of the city. Heavily guarded, the Deathwatch throw their PDF allies into the battle and are able to gain control of the bridge.

Alone, with the remnants of the PDF pulling rearguard under the leadership of Brother Zim, the rest of Kill-team Kronus makes their way to the Broodlord’s lair which appears to be in a deserted Promethium Factory. Making their way through the tight confines of the factory’s service tunnels and pipes, the Battle-Brothers are besieged by deadly Genestealers and Lictors. Battered and bloodied, the Space Marines dispatch these foes and Death angel brood lordarrive at the Broodlord’s lair, which rests inside a large empty Promethium pressure tank. The Broodlord proves to be a very deadly foe indeed, and with the assistance of several other Genestealers, the Kill-team is in a fight for their very lives. Dispatching the Broodlord and his minions would cost the Kill-team greatly- Brother G’heirnat gets one of his arms ripped off by a Genestealer’s claw, Brother Zarkaran goes unconscious due to his wounds and both Brother Aoner and Brother Lance are gravely wounded. But it was Brother Mcleod who would sell himself dearly against the Broodlord in order for his Brothers to accomplish their mission. Calling on the courage and battle fury that the Space Marines of the Storm Wardens Chapter are known for, Brother Mcloed manages through strength of will to continue fighting the Broodlord in deadly hand-to-hand combat despite sustaining several mortal wounds. Alas, he did not get the killing blow on the Broodlord, but his efforts were what made it possible for his fellow Battle-Brothers to survive the encounter and eventually dispatch the Genestealer leader. The Storm Warden’s ravaged body finally gave out and he collapsed lifeless to the ground but his sacrifice was not in vain.

The survivors of Kill-team Kronus gathered up their fallen comrade so that he may be buried with honor for his deeds and a search of the Broodlord’s lair leads to the discovery of Inquisitor Jezehell’s body; apparently another victim of the Broodlord. Amongst her belongings the Battle-Brothers find a clue as to the source of the Genestealer infestation on the Inquisitor’s data-slate. Apparently the Inquisitor was able to discover a stasis pod which was used to deposit the Broodlord onto Avalos and initiate the infestation but as for who was responsible for bringing the Broodlord to the planet that is not known at this time.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from Fantasy Flight’s free adventure by Owen Barnes. It can be found here:


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