Faith and Betrayal

"Flight of the Aurora"

The Acolytes of Cell C2 continue their mission to clear their name. Still wanted as fugitives by every enforcement agency of the Imperium, they attempt to pass through a security checkpoint in Hive Sibellus enroute to the lander to jump off planet only to have their false idenities and creditials fail them. This results in a run and gun battle through the Hive district with forces of the Magistratum and Arbites hot on their heels.
Rescue comes in the form of an unlikely ally as the Acolytes are saved from the authorities by Inquisitor Soldevan of the Ordo Hereticus. Assigned to investigate the actions of Cell C2, and their Inquisitor, Inquisitor Sand, Soldevan has decided to hold off on judgement for now and instead enlist the aid of the Acolytes of C2 to join forces with a group of his own Acolytes to further investigate the actions of the traitor, Sgt. Forden, and the secret base that was found on Kenov III.

Together, the two groups of Acolytes board the Rogue Trader vessel, the Aurora and make way to the infamous trading outpost on the fringe of Imperial space known as “Bonner’s Reach.” Enroute, they stop to pick up a load of cargo which will be used as trade goods, but in the shipment are two stow aways in the form of some type of Xenos or Warp creatures that are invisable to the Shipnaked eye. These creatures begin hunting the crew of the Aurora leaving only their vicitms’ skinless bodies behind as evidence of their kills.

In response to the ship’s pleading Captain, the two groups of Acolytes join forces in investigating the attacks and are able to hunt down the creatures and locate their lair. A trap is set and after a brief struggle, the Acolytes are able to elminate both creatures; only one of their number is seriously wounded in the confrontation. With the demise of the mysterious creatures, the Aurora continues to “Bonner’s Reach.”

  • GM’s Note: This mission was created by the GM.


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