Faith and Betrayal

"For I Am Thy Apocalypse"


  • +++++++Transmitted: Scintilla
  • +++++++++Received: Astropath Gegion
  • ++++++++Destination: Tricorn/ Calixis Conclave/ Ordo Sicarius Calixis Liaison/ Inquisitor Soldevan
  • ++++++Mission Time: 8 288 850.M41
  • ++++Telepathic Duct: Terminus Fulber
  • +++++++++++++Ref: Ordo Hereticus /454276321/HHH
    +++++++++++Author: Scribe Caleb

Thought For the Day: “Fear Me, for I am your Apocalypse.”

My Lords,

I am happy to inform you that I have completed the review of the data obtained from the bridge logs of the heretic ship, the “Wanderlust,” as well as the data from the cogitators of Inquisitor Haeth’s shuttle, and it is with great dismay that I must report to you that my findings are cause for alarm. It appears that Inquisitor Haeth does not normally operate in the Calixis Sector and was actually in this part of the Imperium on a secret mission to track down and terminate an individual known as the “Scorpion”- the same such named individual that we are in the process of pursuing our own investigation concerning the heretical operations that took place on LV214 and Kenov III.

Apparently, Inquisitor Haeth received information from an unspecified source that the Scorpion was currently on board the “Wanderlust” negotiating a business transaction with members of the Heretical-Tech Cult the “Logicians,” which many of you know poses a great threat to the Imperium because of their research into forbidden technologies. I myself, and many of my Agents, have had dealings with them, the most recent being the destruction of their human-control experiments that took place in the Coscarla Division of Hive Sibellus on Scintilla. It appears that the Logicians are still in the process of perfecting this technology as all of the terminated crew members that we were able to inspect on the “Wanderlust” had control implants inside their bodies that were similar to the ones used by the Logicians in Coscarla. I was able to obtain a few samples of these newer implant devices and I will compare them to the previous models to see if there are differences in their construction and operation.

It is unknown if Inquisitor Haeth was aware of the “Wanderlust’s” attack on the “Bastion” and whether or not he knew of the missing Exterminatus weapon. I was able to confirm through the Logician ship files that they were the party responsible for the attack on the “Bastion” and did retrieve the Exterminatus weapon. The files also mention that this information was given by an informant and while the identity of the informant is unknown, I think that due to the sensitive and highly classified nature of the Exterminatus weapon we must assume that the information is a high-level Imperium Official- quite possibly an Inquisitor.

It is my educated guess, based on the information available, that the Scorpion was negotiating with the Logicians for purchase of the Exterminatus weapon. It is unknown whether the Scorpion purchased the weapon but the findings of the preliminary investigations of the “Wanderlust” have shown that the weapon is no longer aboard the ship. We still have a few more areas to explore, but due to the malfunctioning Eversor Assassin aboard the ship we will have to wait for the assets from the Officio Assassinorum to arrive on location before we can proceed into these areas.

Inquisitor Haeth’s records indicate that he deployed the Eversor Assassin on board the “Wanderlust” to terminate its crew and the Scorpion and I can state from my personal observations that it is 99.9% likely that the Logician agents and crew members are dead. My team and I barely escaped the “Wanderlust” but at the cost of fourteen terminated Storm Troopers and one heavily wounded Acolyte. While I cannot say for certain until we are able to inspect the ship fully, I believe that the Scorpion has escaped the assassination attempt and most likely has the Exterminatus weapon. I base this prediction mainly on the facts that there were no other significant ships in the shuttle bay of the “Wanderlust” other than Inquisitor Haeth’s and also because of the Inquisitor’s final transmission in which he states that the Eversor’s control protocols were not working and someone (he suspects someone on his own team) had sabotaged his vessel. Accusations such as these can only point to someone with access to high-levels of government and very possibly the Inquisition.

Due to an ongoing investigation of my own that I am conducting on the Scorpion, I will be turning over all of the evidence that I obtained from the “Wanderlust” and Inquisitor Haeth’s files to Inquisitor Soldevan to further his investigation on the missing Exterminatus weapon. I believe that with this confirmed link between the Exterminatus weapon and the Scorpion, our investigations will mutually benefit each other. I also suggest to the Conclave that we assign all available Inquisition assets to this investigation. It is still not known what the Scorpion plans to do with this deadly weapon but his known associations with Tech-Heretic and Chaos Cults point to a number of unpleasant possibilities.

I remain the Emperor’s humble Servant,

Inquisitor Gramen Sand

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the adventure of the same name by Brian Rae. It can be found here:


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