Faith and Betrayal

"Idyll Heresies"

In light of the Acolytes’ current status as fugitives and enemies of the Inquisition, Inquisitor Sand has sent the Acolytes away, and off the radar so to speak, to the world of Fenksworld to investigate an illegal xenos drug know as “Idyll.” Planet side, the Acolytes manage to recover a large shipment of the drug that was set for distribution, but fail to secure two parts of the shipment- one that is headed to a pleasure-seeking cult of the hive’s nobility known as the “Ecstatics” and the other, which is in the hands of a local crime boss.

Tracking down the Ecstatics to their designated gathering place, the Acolytes arrive too late as the Idyll has been used by the members of the Ecstatics, but something is terribly wrong. The drug has turned them into raving luantics that participate in all manner of gruesome torture and pleasure without heed for their personal welfare. Additionlly, some members have taken to some type of sickly infestation that causes their bodies to give birth to nasty insects that attack everything on sight. To avoid death a from the gruesome insect swarm that is consuming everything, Jonas unleashes a devastating psychic Holocaust blast of fire that vaporises the deadly insect swarm as well as results in the burning the cult’s high-rise meeting place.

The Acolytes continue their investigation and manage to locate the last of the Idyll at the crime boss’ etsate, but are too late to confront the boss himself who has fled to whereabouts unknown. The crime boss’ whereabouts, as well as the source of the plague-like insect infestation remain a mystery.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the adventure of the same name by Daniel R. Robichaud. It can be found here:


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