Faith and Betrayal

"Scrivner's Star"

Still enroute to “Bonner’s Reach” the Aurora is diverted to the Prol system by order of Inquisitor Soldevan to secure a heretic prisoner, one Philologia Moror (a researcher from the world of Prol I), who is guilty of the heresy of Ateanism. What starts off as a simple interrogation and prisoner pick up soon becomes deadly and chaotic as the Acolytes, and the entire population of the planet of Prol I, become the victim of a plague outbreak that turns those infected into violent mindless zombies.

The situation quickly becomes a race for survival as the Acolytes must fight their way through the infected to reach the planet’s shuttle port in an effort to secure transportation and get off-planet.
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The vast concentration of plague infested warp-taint attracts the attention of one of Father Nurgle’s Vile Savants, who pays the planet a visit to further spread disease and watch the misery and horrors inflicted on the people. The Guardsman Acolyte Titus’s eyes become infected with the rotting disease resulting in the permanent loss of his eyesight (luckily he was later fitted with bionic eyes to restore his vision). The Savant pays a visit to the Acolytes themselves as they are preparing their shuttle for launch. A climatic battle commences ending with the Vile Savant banished and the Acolytes a little more insane than before.Counter corruption nurgle

With the Vile Savant gone, and the later destruction of the zombies, the Acolytes and the administrators of Prol I are able to establish a quaratine on a nearby decommissioned orbital and start the process of treating the survivors and monitoring them for further infection.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the adventure of the same name by John W.S. Marvin. It can be found here:


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