Faith and Betrayal

"Shadow of Madness"

“They are my Space Marines and they shall know no fear.”

-The Emperor of Mankind

Watch Captain Brand looked out into the infirmary of Watch Fortress Erioch where apothecaries and medical servitors were busy with the treatment of the wounded, many of which were Space Marines from Deathwatch Kill-teams that had recently returned from missions in the Jericho Reach. One such Kill-team, Kill-team Kronus, had most of its team members in the infirmary receiving treatment. Two of them were critically wounded- Brother Aoner (who only by the grace of the Emperor survived a missile salvo) and Brother Erik (whose face had been partially burned from a plasma rifle blast; his helmet had taken the brunt of the blast and it would take a skilled effort by the artificers to restore its protective value again). Luckily, their apothecary, Brother G’heirnat, was present to provide emergency treatment and even now he tended to his Battle-Brothers.
Space marinebattles
Captain Brand had yet to review the report by the Kill-team’s Team Leader, Brother G’heirnat, but he had spoken to the Apothecary upon the team’s arrival and learned of the overall success of their mission and the violent battle that took place between the Kill-team and Tau forces led by Shas’El Keyl- a skilled Tau Commander responsible for many of the Tau forward military operations on the contested world of Baraban. A total of four of the Delirium Trellises were located and destroyed by the Kill-team and they were able to acquire valuable data on the make-up and capabilities of the Xenos devices, including their reports of personal experiences they had suffered from the madness inducing effects of the Trellises. This data would be crucial to understanding these strange devices, and possibly provide the start for developing a defense against their powers.

In addition to the completion of their primary and secondary objectives, the Kill-team was also able to prevent the disclosure of information vital to Imperial operations on Baraban and Jericho Reach by terminating a captured Imperial General, General Caroses. This General (who had been thought to be Missing in Action during a Tau engagement) was located by the Kill-team at a base within Tau-controlled territory; apparently, the Kill-team had learned of the existence of the General and the Tau base from a Tau Water Caste Envoy who appeared to have gone mad from his exposure to a Trellis and saw the Kill-team as allies. This Envoy led the Kill-team to the Tau base where the General was in the process of being taken off-world.

The battle that ultimately led to the General’s termination was a desperate one in which the Kill-team took on a numerically superior foe supported by extremely lethal firepower. Their initially plan to bluff their way into the Tau compound with the Envoy’s assistance failed and left the Kill-team’s only option as an all-out attack to neutralize the General before tactically withdrawing back to the cover of the forest. Brother Aoner’s impetuous charge to neutralize a Tau Manta bomber made him a vulnerable target to be laid out by the devastating firepower of Shas’El Keyl’s Crisis Suit. Seeing his fellow Librarian wounded and unconscious, Brother Erik quickly turned from the Tau Fire Warriors he was engaged in melee with and ran to rescue his comrade only to be critically wounded from a plasma rifle blast to the face.

Tau battleThe battle was quickly turning against the Kill-team and after a well-placed sniper shot, from Brother Corvin, was able to dispatch the captured general, the Kill-team’s priority turned to the rescue of their comrades and a tactical withdrawal. Brother Angelos rushed to the fallen Librarians, sustaining several wounds in the process from Tau burst cannons. Brother Lance brought their crippled, but still functional, land speeder on station while Sister Ruby manned the speeder’s massive Astartes Heavy Bolter and began suppressive fire on the Tau Fire Warriors on the roof of the compound. Combined fire from the Kill-team was finally able to eliminate Shas’El Keyl (his demise will further the Imperial war-effort in the region). Brother Corvin started eliminating the Tau personnel that were prepping the Manta for launch and Brother G’heirnat used to his missile launcher to destroy the Tau Sentry Turrets.

Despite the renewed assault, the odds were still against the Kill-team as each of them started to sustain numerous wounds from the Tau’s massed firepower. In a successful ploy to draw some of the attackers away, Brother Lance was able to lure the Tau Hammerhead and Devilfish tanks into pursuing his land speeder into the dense forest where it would have cover and concealment. With the Tau armor no longer on station, Brother G’heirnat took this opportunity to give blinded Brother Erik directions to take Brother Aoner to Brother Angelos’ position where the Assault Marine was able to secure the wounded Librarians and use his jump pack to get all three of them into the concealment of the tree line. Under the covering fire of Brother G’heirnat and Brother Corvin, the Kill-team as able to withdraw and later link up with Brother Lance and Sister Ruby.

Captain Brand considered the Kill-team’s actions and nodded inwardly with approval. The Kill-team had completed their mission, as well as prevented the extradition of a senior Imperial officer, and they did this without fear against a notable enemy force. Their actions were a testament to their courage and prowess as worthy servants of the Emperor.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the adventure found in Fantasy Flight’s “The Game Master’s Kit” supplement by Andrea Gausman. It can be found here:


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