Faith and Betrayal

"The Devil's Cut"


• Log Number 327:22V:TT3:Hex
• Work Station Location: Jade21

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• Date: 815.M41
• Transcription: Adept Thodinna, Ordo Xenos, Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Cruiser Machinations of Man, Hippocrasian Agglomeration
• Subject: Recovery of Stolen Exterminatus Weapon

It has been four months since Interrogator Quint informed me that he had obtained, through his cover identity as a Logician agent, information regarding the exterminatus weapon (a single Scythe-pattern barrage torpedo fitted with a chem-viral warhead) that the Logicians had stolen almost a decade ago from the Imperial battle cruiser the Bastion (see mission file #Bastion2398XENOS), and which was subsequently stolen from them by the rogue Inquisitor Forlorn Gaul (see mission file #WANDERLUST879XENOS) who I have since terminated on the planet of Tranch (see mission file #GAUL98118XENOS); Gaul’s intentions with the exterminatus weapon was never revealed. Apparently, the Logicians had never-given up on their efforts to recover the stolen weapon and they were able to obtain credible information from sources that the torpedo’s warhead had been disassembled and transported to the small city of Fallcrest, which is located on the remote jungle planet of Faldon Kise in the Malfian sub-sector of the Calixis Sector.

I immediately dispatched Interrogator Quint to act upon this information and he was able to secure a place to accompany the Logician agents on the mission to secure the weapon’s components with his ultimate objective being to ensure that the warhead was returned to Imperial hands once located. To assist him in facilitating this, acolytes Pullo and Rylak were dispatched under Quint’s authority. The mission was expected to be difficult as Faldon Kise has little official oversight by Imperial authorities and it was decided that any large show of nearby Imperial presence may tip off the Logicians, as well as those holding the exterminatus weapon, to a possible investigation. In addition, communications with the planet are very difficult as there is no official astropathic presence and normal communication methods are hindered by the planet’s remote location and low-tech level; it was assumed that Quint would try to establish communication after an assessment of the situation using whatever communication resources were available. Since his group’s departure, I have yet to receive any communication from the team with the exception of a breach alarm three weeks after their expected arrival on planet coming from the Sand Box that I had established in Fallcrest, which I presume the group was using as a safe house. The alarm continued for several minutes until it abruptly stopped transmitting. I immediately dispatched Raptor Cell to investigate but they were still days out of position and by the time they arrived on scene, and saw the state of the city (described below), there was nothing they could do.

Concerns about the mission have grown since Quint has still failed to establish communication. Six weeks ago I read an Adeptus Mechanicus report complied from various augur and sensorium data from locations on Faldon Kise and nearby space assets, reporting a large-scale chemical dispersal and viral outbreak simultaneously striking Fallcrest and nearby areas (this took place just before Raptor Cell’s arrival). Casualty rates in the hot zone are estimated to be close to 100,000 with additional causalities of 20,000 in the outlaying areas. Initial analysis shows that the destruction caused by this incident is equivalent to weapon-grade compounds and virions that would be present in the stolen exterminatus weapon. I immediately dispatched the remaining members of Romulus Cell (minus myself and Red) to Faldon Kise to assist Raptor Cell to investigate with other authorities.

With this event, there were more questions than answers, but fortunately most were answered a day ago when I received a secure communique from Inquisitor Hejete, the Ordo Sicarius Calixis Liaison. His message contained a transcript from selected de-briefings of a Callidus assassin operative from the Officio Assassinorum named Syndalla who was on Faldon Kise prosecuting an unrelated mission to shift the powerbase of Fallcrest’s government into one that recognized Imperial authority. Apparently, due to her cover as a high-ranking government official, Quint sought her assistance on his investigation when it was suspected that the exterminatus weapon was in the possession of a popular, but unsanctioned, Imperial Cult called the Church of the Golden Father. Unlike the Imperial cults of the Ecclessiarchy, this cult welcomed unsanctioned psykers and mutants (both which were present in abundance on Faldon Kise due to its remote location and closeness to the edge of the sector). Under the leadership of its leader, the Golden Father, and its high cleric, a man named Terion, the membership of the Church of the Golden Father included the majority of the population of Fallcrest and surrounding areas and was spreading to the planet’s other major metropolitan areas.

Syndalla joined Quint’s investigation team, which had been augmented by some locals led by a squat named Kelson and a well-equipped self-proclaimed Moritat assassin named Lotus whose allegiances were never revealed. Coincidentally, the onset of their investigation into the Church of the Golden Father started at the same time that the Church initiated a coup that, due to the loyal worshippers that had infiltrated all of the city’s security and utility infra-structure, only took a day to defeat loyalist forces and take control of the city.

Using the coup as a distraction, Quint’s team located a series of underground tunnels under the main cathedral dedicated to the Church of the Golden Father, and it was in these tunnels that the true nature, and the real extent, of the threat that lurked in Fallcrest became known- the Church of the Golden Father was in fact a Genestealer Cult, and apparently one that had been in place for at least forty years. In the tunnels, Quint’s group fought Genestealer hybrids and Genestealers losing some of their party in the process.
The tunnels is where the group eventually discovered the location of the exterminatus weapon- having been converted into an above-ground dispersal doomsday weapon. Recognizing that the Genestealer infestation was the larger threat, it was decided that the exterminatus weapon would be activated in hopes of killing enough of the infestation to a manageable level so that Imperial authorities could quarantine and terminate the rest of the infected population. Syndalla stated that the activation codes were secured after terminating Terion (the cult Magnus) but Quint confirmed that the Golden Father (the Cult’s Patriarch Genestealer) was still alive prior to the weapon being deployed. To prevent the escape of the Patriarch, and other infected, plans were made to deploy the weapon as soon as possible. An Imperial Chartist vessel had just reached orbit and the team would try to obtain passage on the ship to avoid the destruction, but unfortunately, activation of the exterminatus weapon could only be done manually and Rylak and Lotus bravely chose to remain behind to do so.

Quint, Pullo, Kelson and Syndalla made their way out of the tunnels and back onto the surface and they were able to successfully hail the orbiting chartist vessel using Syndalla’s vox. Unfortunately, the dark_eldar_by_muju-d4bnlbf.jpggroup’s bad luck would continue because after being teleported onto the chartist vessel, it was discovered that the ship was actually a Dark Eldar cruiser, under the command of Archon Salaine Morn, using technology to mimic its engine signature to that of an Imperial vessel. Syndalla was able to escape and hide in the ship’s interior but Quint and the rest of his party were taken prisoner (I dread the fate that awaits them for the Dark Eldar are known for their cruel torments and the pleasure they get from killing). Syndalla reported that she was able to escape the various hunting parties for days and managed to slip off ship when the Dark Eldar docked at a remote pirate way station just inside the Halo Stars. Using her special abilities, she was able to gain employment and passage back to the Calixis Sector and get word to her superiors.

The information that Syndalla has provided has given me a lead for use in an attempt to locate Quint and Pullo. While ultimately their chances for survival in the custody of the Dark Eldar are minuscule, I will conduct inquires with sources knowledgeable in these Xenos’ operations in this sector in the hopes for an avenue to formulate a rescue. Perhaps it is not too late…

* GM’s Note: This mission was created by the GM.*


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