Faith and Betrayal

"The Edge of Darkness"

In his debut as a newly appointed Inquisitor, Inquisitor Sand sends in the Acolytes of Cell C2 to investigate the strange happenings in the the section of Hive Sibelleus known as Coscarla, all of which are linked to a dead body that had been surgically implanted with a strange heretical device that served to act as a control mechanism.

The Acolytes’ investigation quickly revealed that Coscarla is a dangerous place in which masses of the local population have gone missing while the remainder lock themselves up at night waiting in fear till daybreak. Strange and deadly human constructs, known as the “Red Eyes” kidnap members of the populace and bring them to the Alms House where they are crudely used as human test subjects for vile experiments. The mastermind behind all this is a horrible half-human half-machine known as the Churgeon whose vile work is done on the behalf of a Tech-Heresy group that calls themselves the “Logicans.”

In the final confrontation, the Acolytes confront the Churgeon and her creations and with the faith of the Emperor on their side saving them from near death, they are able to take the Churgeon prisoner and turn her over to Inqusition custody. What secrets the Churgeon knows, and what further plans the Logicians have are yet to be seen.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran as written from Fantasy Flight’s free adventure by Alan Bligh. It can be found here:


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