Faith and Betrayal

Quint's Chronicles- The Graveyard Shift

On orders from his master, Inquisitor Sand, Interrogator Quint and acolytes Rylak and Thodinna are secretly dispatched to the cemetery world of Prester Myra in the Josian Reach subsector to locate a Xenos artifact known as the “Revelator” from the Gelfradus family necropolis. With a large Ecclessiarchy and Adeptus Mechanicus presence due to the burial rituals and protection of the numerous grave sites of important and prestigious persons of the Calixis Sector, as well as the large corpse starch processing facilities, the Inquisition agents must be wary of alerting these organizations of their affiliation and mission.Screenshot_2022-07-15_081110.jpgAfter arriving via a drug induced deep slumber aboard a corpse hauler, the team makes their way into the city of Barastyr, where they head to the gargantuan data archive of the Librarium Mortem to search for records pertaining to the location of the Gelfradus necropolis. In order to avoid suspicion, they are able to convince one of the Librarium’s archivists that they are conducting genealogy research on various noble families, including the Galfradus line, and go to work pulling data. Unfortunately, their investigation runs into a complication when it is discovered that the servo-skull responsible for maintaining the location of the Galfradus records is unavailable. Upon inquiry, the archivist explains that the skull was recently stolen while enroute for routine maintenance. It is a unique servo-skull name Khalidas, that is the skull of a conjoined twin. The archivist offers the full hospitality of the Librarium Mortem if the acolytes are able to recover it.

Kaliya.jpgIn the interest of succeeding in their mission the acolytes head out to the marketplace of the slum section of the city, a place called Memento Square, to make inquires on Khalidas’ thief. One of the vendors they talk to, a reclaimator and huckster named Kaliya, provides them some useful information after some successful negotiation. She tells them that the skull is in the possession of a local thief and Bonepicker (a colloquial name given to the desperate scum that trawl the Boneyards in search of anything valuable, regularly resorting to stealing from the tombs of wealthy nobles and mugging mourners) named Diomedes. During their conversation with Kaliya, Quint and Rylak notice a key hanging from Kayliya’s neck that bears the Galfradus family quest. They make inquiries about it and noting their interest, Kaliya confirms that she purchased it from Diomedes and agrees to part with it, giving it to the acolytes in exchange for a lucrative business agreement.

The acolytes following Kaliya’s directions to a local slum drinking establishment called the Jolly Undertaker. Amongst the shady patrons, including a few disguised mutants, the group finds Diomedes. Using his charm and familiarity with interacting with underworld scum due to his upbringing, Quint is able to establish a rapport with Diomedes and negotiate a deal for Khalidas. Diomedes brings them the skull, which is need of repair and the team returns to the Librarium Mortem, where the grateful archivists send it off for immediate repairs. When the acolytes return the following day, Khalidas is functional and leads them to the sought-after data hives where they are able to acquire the location of the Gelfradus family necropolis. ne.jpgAfter renting a ground conveyance, the acolytes brave the monsoon rains to travel cross-country through the various boneyards to reach their destination. The find the necropolis easily enough and after Rylak uses his rifle to snipe several guardian servo-skulls, the team uses the key they secured from Kaliya to open the gate and enter the mausoleum. Concerned that their neutralizing of the servo-skulls triggered interior security countermeasures, as well as an investigating security team, they make haste descending the lower levels of the crypts until they find the tomb of Augustus Gelfradus, the greatest of the Galfradus line and most likely candidate to be buried with the Revelator. The final, and most ostentatious tomb appears to be his, and when the acolytes start to breach his sarcophagus, two concealed combat servitors are activated and attack.

One of the servitors is dispatched relatively easily by a well-placed from Rylak, but the second servitor proves more problematic as it quickly engages Quint and Thodinna in melee. It dodges numerous shots by Quint, and takes several heavy blows from Thodinna’s mono-staff before the servitor is able to knock Thodinna unconscious. Hoping to end the combat quickly, Quint and Rylak focus fire on the servitor and terminate it. After attending to Thodinna, they are able to access the sarcophagus and locate the Revelator amongst Augustus’ remains. With their prize in hand the team quickly exits the necropolis and summons their extraction vessel.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the Wrath & Glory adventure “The Graveyard Shift” by Robert Buckey and Zak Dale-Clutterbuck. It can be found here at Drive Thru RPG.
Paradigm Shift

Blinding Gulch, Infernis settlement on the outskirts of Gunmetal City, Scintilla

There was a momentary sound of vacuuming air before the burly gunslinger that Quartiz, or rather Quint, called Gily muscled the heavily reinforced door shut. Stepping inside the secure area, Luck took a backwards glance through the small window in the door at Dume, who watched her progress, most likely he had confirmed to the rest of the acolyte cell that Quint had been located.  Stepping past Gily, and a lithe female clad in a black body glove that Luck believed was likely an Ashen Tear assassin, Luck stopped in front of Quint not entirely sure what to do.  It had been over a year since she had seen him. Wanted throughout the sector, ever on the run from the authorities, Quint had abandoned the Inquisition, his friends, and her.  Luck could not believe it, Quint would not do such a thing, but he had…without warning…without saying goodbye.  Luck felt Quint embrace her and she embraced him back without hesitation.  Her mind was flooded with questions but she said nothing, enjoying the moment, a tear of joy trickling from her eye, she did not want to lose him again.

“Its good to see you, “Quint said with a smile, releasing her.  “This is new,” he said indicating the gold-filigreed bionic eye that Luck had acquired from Lord Tolly.  “Looks nice.”

Luck was at a loss for words.  So much had happened since she had last seen Quint when they were prisoners of the Dark Eldar- the escape, her officially joining the Inquisition, the missions she had been on, the things she had seen.  There was so much to say that she was paralyzed on where to start.

“Come, we need to talk,” Quint said guiding her deeper into the facility.  The door and Dume’s face in the window blocked from view as the Ashen Tear assassin followed them a few steps back in silence.  “You know, you guys are not too bright when it comes to undercover work.  My crew had you all pegged for interest the moment you entered Blinding Gulch.  I picked this place because it was close to home.  I could use my connections to get what I needed from the main hive- equipment, muscle, resources.  Gily and I go way back.  I was glad to see he was still alive when I looked him up.  He’ll never admit that I’m better than him, but he knows it.  He’s a gun wyrd- an unsanctioned psyker that uses his powers to enhance his gunslinging abilities.  Kinda funny we consider each other friends when you think about it.  We’re like opposites. Guess there’s some truth to that ancient Terran saying.  Anyways, I also picked this area because there is no official Imperial presence, so when an Ecclessiarchy priest and entourage walk in to set up shop it draws a lot of attention.  Had some of my guys keeping tabs on you and it didn’t take long to recognize you and Bishop.  Pretty shoddy work.”

Quint stopped at another reinforced door and punched in a code on an adjacent keypad.  There was another hiss of negative air pressure as Quint struggled briefly to get the door open.  On the other side was a security room of sorts, banks of monitors showing different parts of the town, as well as interior views of what looked like labs and medicae bays- rows of beds holding naked unconscious people hooked up to an extensive array of monitoring equipment.  Attached to each of the bodies was one of the Tyranid parasites that Luck and her companions had discovered during their investigation. Quint directed Luck’s attention to the bank of security monitors depicting different parts of Blinding Gulch, many of them showed the wanton death and destruction Lord Sunderbone and his Skarnit’s Dragons were inflicting on the townsfolk in the wake of their victory against the Cadavers, a victory that Luck and her Inquisition companions had assisted in.408004B9-DD72-4E9E-B6C8-10F11DF34652.png“Kind of an amusing irony, the Inquisition inadvertently supporting a Chaos uprising. Oh, I bet that hurt,” Quint suddenly said with a snicker as one of the monitors displayed Amsterdam getting cut down by Lord Sunderbone’s massive sword as he presented the Chaos Champion his arbitrator badge.  “I’m disappointed that all my work here is coming to an abrupt end, but I think we got enough data.”  Quint turned to one of the tech priests in the room, “Upload the last stress test data and terminate the Hive.”  Quint hit a button and a warning klaxon sounded.  Strobe lights lit up on several of the monitors.  “Come on Luck, it’s time to go.”

Luck finally found her voice to speak, “…the Hive?”

Quint looked at her intently for a few seconds before responding, “This,” he said pointing to the monitors displaying the rows of unconscious people, “is the Hive.  The Logicians are interested in understanding how the Tyranid Hive Mind works, specifically if that phenomena can be replicated in humans, with some assistance by augmenting our human physiology with Tyranid organisms.  We have had some preliminary successes- limited psychic ability manifestations, short range telepathy and some successful information infusions to several individuals from a single point of origin.  The science is still a work in its developing stages and test subjects don’t last long but we are making progress.  I don’t know all the technical aspects of it, my responsibility is ensuring the operation runs smoothly, free of complications.  I had that taken care of for the most part when I set the Cadavers up to wipe out the Skarnit’s Dragons and run this town, under my directions of course, but that’s no longer an option now.”  Quint started briskly walking through another security door that lead into a hallway with several branching corridors and doorways.  

Luck followed, still processing what Quint had said.  “Terminate the Hive, you’re going to kill all of them- the test subjects?”

“Not just them,” Quint replied, “most of the population of Blinding Gulch in fact.  The Inquisition should give me a payout for handling their Chaos “problem.”  Typical Logician protocol if an operation is discovered, Burn and Run.  In this case, courtesy of a couple of low yield torpedo warheads I was able to secure from Captain Coronnia.  Got them set-up in a building near town square.  More than enough to level this dump of a town and everyone in it.  Probably be some survivors on the outskirts- the Emperor Protects” Quint said in a mocking tone.  “Come on, we need to get out of here.”

Luck hurried after Quint, the Ashen Tear assassin in tow. “Quint, I don’t understand…I don’t understand this.  I don’t understand why you left the Inquisition.  Why you left me?”

Quint stopped and turned to Luck, “Left?  I…” he had a momentary look of confusion.  “I didn’t leave.  I’ve been doing as instructed” though confusion remained in his tone, his brow furrowed as if searching for a memory.  “Sand said that…” his voice trailed off and he appeared frozen in panic for a brief moment before continuing, “No, it wasn’t Sand.  That’s not right…”  Quint fidgeted with the snaps of one of his holsters as he became lost in thought.  The Ashen Tear assassin took notice and was studying Quint closely.  “I’m not sure what…” Quint started, looking left to right in a daze of anxiety.  “Why’d you say I left you?  You know that’s not true.”

“Quint,” Luck looked into his eyes, “I haven’t seen you in over two years.

“Two years?” Quint said, “That can’t be right…”  

  • GM’s Note: This mission was Inspired by portions of the Dark Heresy adventure “Church of the Damned” by Ulisses North America and the Call of Cthulhu adventure "A Soft White Damn” by Will Schar. They can be found here and here, respectively.
"Adventure Regis"

138396.jpg Ref: Inq/9345846012/AR
Subject: Verbal Transcript of Pict-Recorded Document
Date: 815.M41
Location: Vestalanium, Askelphion Secundus (pleasure world)
Sector: Calixis Sector (Drusus Marches Sub-Sector)
Original Transcription: Magos Hadrian, Ordo Xenos



[Stationary Pict-Source] Wide angle view of a small cell of bare rockcrete adorned with hexagrammatic wards lined with silver, a simple table is bolted to the floor set with two chairs. The room has one door of reinforced steel also adorned with hexagrammatic wards. Next to the door is a large man [Subject I] with augmented musculature armored in carapace and wielding a large shield bearing the symbol of the Inquisition- positively identified as Mir (or his nickname “Red”), ex-Imperial Guardsman turned Crusader and Inquisitor Sand’s personal bodyguard [verified].

Sitting in one of the chairs is a handsome man [Subject II] of Scintiiian descent wearing a white and red robe and an Inquisitorial Rosette hanging from a silver chain- positively identified as Inquisitor Gramen Sand, Ordo Xenos [verified]. Sitting in the other chair, opposite [Subject II] [Sand] is a naked man [Subject III] covered in scars on his arms and legs, his hair has been shorn and he possesses a vacant look consistent with temporary and permanent mental illness (diagnoses and origin pending, but likely due to unshielded Warp exposure), he is hooked up to an excruciator- positively identified as Gelk Vandetton, certified level 4 unskilled laborer from the planet of Malfi, with Serf rights owned by the Devayne Incorporation, and suspected Chaos cultist of the Yellow Haven [unverified].

[Subject II] [Sand] Lays a bronze circular pendant on the table in front of [Subject III] [Vendetton]. On the pendant’s surface is a symbol of three curved lines radiating out from a central point. The symbol itself appears to be yellow in color but does not appear to be painted or otherwise applied to the pendant’s surface. At the presentation of the pendant there is a brief feeling of unease and sickness in the cell but auspex shows no notable readings. Mir flinches for a moment, his hand tightening on his sheathed power sword, [Subject III] [Vandetton’s] facial expression changes from vacant to animated excitement, perhaps madness.

VOICE (1) [VANDETTON]: The Yellow Sign! You have seen it! I have seen it! The Last King, he was here! He was here!
VOICE (2) [SAND]: “Was” being the correct disposition of current circumstances. The plot by Livius Carobo and his associates of the Yellow Haven to summon a daemonic entity and cause bedlam and death was thwarted by the might of the Emperor. Hundreds are dead, hundreds more afflicted with madness, but your “King” has been banished back to the Warp, unsuccessful in his attempt to manifest fully, the sacrifice he was expecting not obtained.
VOICE (1) [VANDETTON]: The King is eternal. The King is always.
VOICE (2) [SAND]: So is Humanity. Humanity will endure. Because it must.

Auspex readings indicate an increase and stabilized pulse from the excruiator, so subtle that [Subject III] [Vandetton] does not even realize that he is being affected. [Subject II] [Sand] covers the pendant with one hand (there is a barely noticeable grimace of discomfort from him…his will is strong) and uses his other to hold [Subject III] [Vandetton] by the shoulder in a friendly manner, like someone might do to a comrade.

VOICE (2) [SAND]: Gelk, the King in Rags and Tatters is not your King. The Emperor is your only true King. Look what was done in the name of the King of Rags and Tatters…death and madness. Innocents… children…order…safety. These were all laid to waste only for the promise of more. That is what the King in Rags and Tatters sought. That is what his pawns, Carbo, Dulius and Colia were trying to facilitate. You could not have known. You were not a willing conspirator in this. You were deceived. You were tricked into believing that what the Yellow Haven was doing was for the best. This is exactly why the Emperor must be a hard shepherd at times…a strict but loving father for there is much we do not understand that he protects us from.

[Subject II] [Sand] lifts [Subject III] [Vandetton’s] gaze up from the hand-covered pendant and to the Rosette hanging on his neck.

VOICE (2) [SAND]: Vandetton, there is forgiveness for what you have done. Like I said, the Emperor is a caring father. He understands our moments of weakness. Momentarily lapses of judgement. It is only fair to understand that we are not gifted with his supreme intellect, will and courage. You were caught up in the moment of being part of an extraordinary production. This play, “Adventure Regis,” by the famous playwright Livius Carbo. A grand production! A grand spectacle to the world and beyond! How would you have known the true intentions, your fault in what ultimately transpired is minor. They took advantage of you. Promised falsehoods. The Emperor understands…the Emperor forgives.

A tear rolls down the cheek of [Subject III] [Vandetton]. Another one starts to roll down the other cheek.

VOICE (2) [SAND]: Vandetton, Come back to us, your father wants you back in the family. Show him that you are still a child of the Imperium. I know that this production, “Adventure Regis,” goes beyond the Yellow Haven. I know there was another, another who seeded the idea, one who was too cowardly to witness firsthand the death and destruction he caused…one who fears the Emperor’s light. Perhaps you saw someone else during your time with the Yellow Haven. Someone the cult’s inner circle respected…believed important. Vandetton, do not let this happen to another city…to another world. You can stop this.
VOICE (2) [SAND]: Vandetton, the Emperor will understand, and he will forgive, but you must show him that you are indeed sorry.

Auspex readings indicate a slight increase in the e-zone pulse of the excruciator indicating a further influence of the portion of the brain responsible for feelings of regret and remorse (truly masterful interrogation work).

Silence for 203 seconds…

VOICE (1) [VANDETTON]: Sieger…Stefen Sieger. I heard his name spoken a couple times and saw him meet with the inner circle once. I do not know anything else, but it was him, I’m sure of it.
Searching…Stefen Sieger confirmed Chaos cultist and heretic. Wanted on several planetary and Imperial warrants, including warrants from every Ordos of the Inquisition. Cross reference files EVC821-Saint Margaret’s Schola Progenium, Pellicuda IX and NUE43- College of Hetaireia Lexis, Scintilla.
VOICE (2) [SAND]: You have done well Vandetton. The Emperor knows that you are indeed sorry and he forgives you. Know that you walk at his side again, a loyal child of the Imperium.
[Subject I] [Mir] Silently walks up behind [Subject III] [Vandetton] as [Subject II] [Sand] removes his hand from [Subject III] [Vandetton] and leans back in his chair. [Subject III] [Vandetton] sobs, tears falling on the table.
VOICE (2) [SAND]: The Emperor embraces you Vendetton.

[Subject I] [Mir] grabs [Subject III] [Vandetton’s] head. There is a sudden twist resulting in cervical fracture.


  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the Call of Cthulhu adventure “Adventure Regis” by Oscar Rios. It can be found “here” at Drive Thru RPG.
"The Fall of Solace"- Survival Protocols

exploding_planet_by_bftws-d5lybes.jpg Inquisitor Sand watched the pict-screen displaying the planet of Solace in its final death throes. The Storm Wardens had deployed their deadly payloads without complication and with the Exterminatus having been carried out, Inquisitor Sand hoped that the Necrontyr threat had been eliminated. Lives of loyal Imperial citizens had been lost but more lives would have been lost if the Necrontyr were allowed to take control of the planet. This new Xenos threat proved quite capable and, if the confidential intelligence that Magos Faust had provided was true, was not an isolated incident. The Necrontyr presence was all over the galaxy, waiting in stasis in similar tomb-like structures for the right time to awaken. Sand did not know when or what would trigger the Necrontyr’s mass awakening, but steps must be taken to prepare.

Kill-Team Kronos had done well. Despite the lost of their Space Wolf Librarian, their successful extraction of Corosz, former Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus declared heretek due to his belief, and worship, of the Necrontyr as the true servants of the Omnissiah, would be beneficial in the long run to the Imperium’s survival. Sand suspected that Corosz’s unique perspective and knowledge of the Necontyr will be helpful in formulating tactics and weapons to combat them. Many in the Adeptus Mechanicus and Inquisition would not approve of Sand’s decision to spare Corosz’s life and while this decision was not yet widely known to the factions that would be concerned, Sand had no reason to believe that this information could remain hidden from their spy networks. Corosz was a liability and a heretic for his beliefs, that was no mistake, and he would be dealt with appropriately when the time was right. But for now, he would be preserved, indulged even so that he could continue his work for the benefit of humanity secured away at a secret facility in the Threnos Zone.

There were some immediate complications that must be navigated, the return of Kill-Team Kronos, including the Gene-seed of their fallen companion, and the official inquiries from both the Deathwatch and the Ordo Xenos regarding the Solace campaign and eventual decision for Exterminatus. Sand was sure he had enough evidence to support his decision, and the actions, or rather inaction, by the Dark Angels would serve as a suitable scape goat if someone was looking for someone to blame.

Sand opened a comm channel, “Captain Melua, set course for immediate departure to the Threnos Zone. I want to make haste so we can make the Jericho-Maw Gate after dropping off our guest in case they try to lock it down.”

“Yes Inquisitor” Melua replied.

Sand then turned to Hadrian, who stood in silence watching the pict-screen, his various bionics analyzing the raw data streaming in from the Arcadia’s sensor arrays. “Corosz will be your responsibility. You will be my eyes and ears. He cannot be trusted. Unlike us, Humanity is not his priority.”

Hadrian nodded acknowledgement as Solace died on the screen.

* GM’s Note: This mission was created by the GM with inspiration from elements of the Fantasy Flight Black Crusade adventure “Hand of Corruption.” It can be found on the Drive Thru RPG website “here.”

The Star Chamber

Kelsee lit a fresh ilho-stick as she watched the monitor showing the van containing another member of Rattling Cell depart the Cantus Sand Box, Maximus was his name- handsome, suave. Kelsee was a little sad to see him go.

The door opened and Lucius, the leader of the Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, entered. “We’ll be departing momentarily,” he told the Sand Box’s custodian, “My last trooper’s getting the van ready.” He looked at Solomon Gann sitting catatonic in his wheelchair, a trail of drool hanging from his mouth, his eyes open in a blank stare. “So, Interrogator Jaxx’s minions didn’t think any of them were a traitor? Not even this one,” he said motioning in Gann’s direction.

“Nope,” Kelsee said without a care. “It’s their call, I don’t care either way. It’ll be their arses on the line if they’re wrong.”

“Death would have been better than this,” Lucius said. “My family has served the Inquisition for six generations, I’ve heard, and even seen, what happens to those whose minds break from what they witness…death would be a release.”

“Death as a traitor?” Kelsee asked.

“Release nonetheless,” Lucius replied bluntly.

Both sat in silence watching Gann who continued his blank stare and drooling. The only indication he was alive was the slight rise and fall of his chest. Kelsee puffed on her ilho-stick. Suddenly, an explosion broke the silence. Half of the bank of security monitors turned to static.

“Breach, loading dock section,” Kelsee said to Lucius as the Inquisitorial Stormtrooper was securing his helmet and running out the room. Kelsee secured the door.

The sound of a hellgun could be heard as Lucius’ remaining Stormtrooper opened fire on whoever had breached the facility. Kelsee scanned the remaining functioning monitors, several armed figures dressed as manufactorm workers and down hivers were in the vehicle loading bay. Some already laid dead and the rest were exchanging fire with the Stormtrooper. Two figures, their forms a blur as they seemed too fast for the security cameras to track, or perhaps due to some personal anti-security countermeasures, briefly appeared on one of the screens. Kelsee tried to track the figures on the rest of the monitors with no luck. Another hellgun joined the fray as Lucius joined the fight.
5D970C68-E04C-47BA-8C3A-7AD39ADEF82E.jpegGann remained inanimate as Kelsee calmly triggered the explosive charges set on the Sand Box’s secure inventory storage. The explosions simultaneously triggering the Sand Box’s panic alarm to notify Sand’s network. Kelsee knew that help would not come soon enough. The most she could hope for was that Lucius could repel the attackers.

Kelsee quickly scanned the security monitors to see the fight’s progress as she initiated the cogitators’ cleansing protocols. Lucius’ trooper was dead, as well as what looked like the majority of the intruders. Kelsee saw a blur pass one of the monitor screens converging on Lucius’ position and suddenly slow down, a lithe figure in a black body glove armed with a pistol in one hand and a sword in its other, mounted on one of its shoulders was a weapon mount for another projectile weapon. The figure unleashed double blasts of gunfire at Lucius who stumbled back from the volley clutching his right side. The lithe figure closed the distance with amazing speed, dodging a hasty burst from Lucius’ hellgun.

There was a thud on the door to the room and Kelsee snatched the hand cannon sitting on the top of the monitor banks and aimed at the door. Gann sat motionless, unblinking. Chancing a glance at the monitors, gun still trained on the door, Kelsee saw Lucius dead on the vehicle bay floor, some of his bloody intestines laying next to his body. Beside him lay the body of the body gloved figure with Lucius’ power sword buried in its chest. Kelsee suddenly noted it was quiet. Nothing moved on the monitor. Nothing looked alive.

Seconds. Minutes. It seemed like hours passed as Kelsee waited, gun trained on the door. Her ilho-stick burned to her lips and she cursed in pain as it fell from her mouth. A hole suddenly appeared in the study metal door where the locking mechanism was located, the metal edges fused to slag by intense heat. Kelsee fired in reflex, her shot making a small dent in the door.

In return a shot came through the hole in the door, striking Kelsee’s hand cannon and knocking it from her hands. The door opened as Kelsee scrambled to find her gun and cover. A figure entered the room, its form blurry as if vibrating at high speed. Suddenly the figure came into focus, no longer a blur.

“Quint…” Gann said under his breath. “Quint!” Gann shouted as he started gnashing his teeth, spittle flying from his mouth.

Quint regarded Gann with an impassive stare, “Looks like no one knows. Now no one ever will” he said firing his inferno pistol at Gann’s face.

* GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from The Delta Green scenario of the same name by Greg Stolze. It can be found on the Drive Thru RPG website “here”.

"Desolation of the Dead"- A Pestilent Heart

“You can fear some far-off, mythical Inquisition and what might happen in the future. Or you can look again at the chainblade at your throat, and think upon what it can do to you right now.”

-Vornas Crimson, leader of the Red Walk4D33D96A-647B-4C1B-A085-CB69E1F13653.jpeg As the acolytes are preparing to head out to the downhive, they are approached by Oath-Captain Nils, accompanied by another individual dressed in a flak cloak and the mundane clothing of some of the better off citizens of the underhive. Nils explains that her forces have been requisitioned by the authority of Inquisitor Rykehuss to assist in the hunt for a rogue psyker and she is under strict orders to not open the Purity Gate unless Rykehuss gives the authorization. With the intention of the acolytes to continue their investigation downhive, Nils is providing one of her men to act as a guide to bypass the Purity Gate and to assist in their investigation. She explains that this is the most assistance she can provide without drawing Rykehuss’ scrutiny.

The acolytes accept this help and make their way through winding passageways, vents and shafts for several hours before they emerge in the tumbled and hazardous downhive. The constant shifting of the mega-tons above them and infrequent collapses of parts of the superstructure as the hive settles is a nerve-wracking experience. The conditions in the downhive are worse than those in the underhive and the acolytes are constantly alert for the various environmental hazards and the presence of people watching from the shadows but never approaching. It takes until evening before the party reaches their destination, the Gantry, a bundle of twisted metal and cabling that hangs down over a massive river of sewage and runoff from the hive’s upper levels called the Wash. The Gantry serves as a major settlement in the downhive and is ruled by the Red Walk gang. 2B46ACB3-0A16-4DA0-89B0-074D79F004C5.jpeg After navigating their way upward to the bridge that connects the Gantry with the rest of the downhive, the party finds the entrance to be barricaded with a high wall accessed a reinforced doorway. Several members of the Red Walk guard the area supported by manned heavy stubbers strategically positioned along the wall. Large signs proclaim that firearms are not allowed inside Gantry and the party sees the Red Walk securing firearms from those that seek entrance. They also see those who attempt to sneak guns in and are caught being thrown off the bridge to land in the sump river hundreds of feet below. With the exception of Dume (who manages to successfully sneak his bolt and auto pistols in), the party relinquishes their firearms and gets directions to the only bar in the Gantry, the Sanctionary Gallows, which the party finds out is an appropriately ghastly name due to several decaying bodies in Sanctionary armor hung upside down from the ceiling.

After finding a table, and spending Throne on some crappy beer, strange narcotics, food and information, the acolytes learn that the Red Walk gang is led by a man named Vornas Crimson. Members of the Blessed Flesh (the individuals that bear a myriad of festering piercings on their bodies) have been seen in the Gantry but no one knows where they reside or where a “Temple” can be found. Attached to the Sanctionary Gallows is a trading post owned by Omar Endish, the most successful merchant in the Gantry who is a business partner of Vornas Criimson. Silvain goes to this shop in an effort to obtain information about the Xenos artifact that Gunn lost and the suspicious clerk tells him to return in the morning. Deciding to get some much needed rest, the party rents some squat accommodations behind the bar where they get fitful rest.

The next day, Silvain meets with Omar and is able to learn that Ferrue Fayne is currently in a business partnership with Omar and Vornas, though apparently, Ferrue has recently been deficient in honoring his end of the bargain. Omar wants to move against Ferrue but will not do so unless Vornas authorizes it because Vornas rules the Gantry and Omar’s successful position is only due to Vornas’ generosity. Omar asks the acolytes to deliver a message from him to Vornas about Ferrue’s failure and hoping perhaps Vornas will authorize Omar to act against Ferrue. The acolytes agree and make their way to the far side of the Gantry where the Red Walk has made their home base in an ancient sky ship that hangs suspended from the Gantry and is accessed by a heavy bolter manned checked point of Red Walk gangers who search visitors for firearms prior to admittance. Dume decides not to press his luck with a second search and returns to the Sanctionary Gallows to await the rest of the party. Checked in by a massive ganger, who is ironically named “Clubber” for a gang that prefers the use of knives and swords, the party is escorted inside to meet Vornas who is holding court in his throne room, which was converted from the ship’s command bridge.

After delivering their message, Vornas is not entirely trustful of the party and their reasons for being interested in Ferrue and the Xenos artifact. He asks that they participate in some entertaining games to prove themselves. Vornas brings forth an individual that has recently come to the Red Walk requesting to join the gang, bragging of his prowess with the sword by displaying Facebiter’s sword. The party is stunned when they see Gunn enter the throne room and acknowledge to Vornas that they are acquainted with this individual. With this extra drama pleasing to Vornas, the Red Walk leader takes the party outside to the upper deck of the sky ship where before an audience of the Red Walk he tells the party they must participate in three potentially deadly challenges of skill, one of them must compete against Gunn in these challenges.

Stepping up for the first challenge against her best friend in the group, Luck accepts to take on Gunn in a bladed melee combat where the opponents are attached by a length of chain. The combat is not to the death but victory is won by the first opponent to make two successful strikes on their opponent’s head or torso. After some back and forth maneuvering, faints and parries, Gunn is able to take the advantage and secure a win (much to the dismay of Vornas who lost a side wager to Bishop after betting against Gunn).

In the next challenge, a race along the rusting tangle of cables and metal that hang off the Gantry above the Wash, Bishop steps up to race his teammate. Both of them are known by the acolytes to be fast runners and it seems to be an even match-up. Unfortunately, after a stumble at the start, Gunn is hard-pressed to catch up and overtake Bishop who races to victory leaving Gunn and Vornas (who bet on Gunn winning this time) to lose.

In the last challenge, Luck steps up to face Gunn again. It is going to be another bladed melee, but this time it will take place in the precarious tangle of twisted cabling above the Gantry where the chance of falling to your death is more dangerous than the blades of your opponent. In a dance amongst the cabling, the two opponents jock for positioning, sometimes losing their grip and falling a short distance before getting twisted up in the cables. The fight proves to be an entertaining one and Luck emerges victorious, giving Gunn the final slash with her knife after she saves Gunn from a tumble to his death when he passes out from his various injuries.

Satisfied that the party are trustworthy enough, Vornas answers their questions. Explaining that he, Omar and Ferrue are in a business partnership. Where Ferrue has been bringing dead bodies from the underhive and storing them downhive. Vornas does not know why Ferrue is doing this but tells the party that Ferrue is a worshipper of Chaos and leads a cult called the Blessed Flesh. Vornas also tells the party that he knows that Ferrue has the Xenos artifact they have been seeking back in his possession, but he has not seen Ferrue in several weeks, and if Omar has failed to see Ferrue, and not yet received the payments Ferrue owes him, then it appears that their partnership is at an end.

As the acolytes and Vornas talk, a thick foul-smelling mist begins to rise from the Wash, a phenomenon that has never occurred before. Some of the acolytes and gangers seem concerned about this while Vornas just sees it as just a nuisance. With their talks concluded, the party is dispatched to return to Omar to report Vornas’ decision and they start making their way back to the Sanctionary Gallows, all the while the strange mists gets thicker and thicker, hindering the ability to see more than a few feet away. They then start hearing screams of pain, the sound the gunfire and stumble over what would be the first of many freshly deceased bodies and some that are not so recently deceased.

The strange mist has penetrated throughout the Gantry, including the Sanctionary Gallows. As the patrons get concerned and start locking the doors, Dume slips outside into the mist-shrouded streets hoping to hook up with his comrades. He can hear the sounds of screaming all around him, and sporadic gunfire and fighting. Stumbling out of the mists and charging at him, Dume sees what would be the first of many reanimated corpses. Unconcerned about violating the Red Walk’s rules on firearms in the Gantry, Dume draws his bolt pistol and takes off half the thing’s head with an explosive round. The thing continues to bite and claw at Dume, deeply gouging his flesh before another bolt round takes the creature down. As more corpses stumble out of the mist, Dume and the rest of his party link up near the Sanctionary Gallows fighting their way through a mob of the undead. When there is a moment of respite, they decide to make their way through the mist-shrouded Gantry to Omar’s manor near the top of the settlement. The twists and turns of the Gantry are confusing enough without the thick mist to navigate and it takes several hours, punctuated by battles with the undead, before the acolytes are able to make it to the manor. The entire Gantry is under assault by this supernatural threat.

At the manor, the party makes contact with Omar, and passes on Vornas’ message. Omar tells them that Ferrue betrayed him and Vornas, and has doomed them all. Omar goes on to tell the acolytes that he has been storing dead bodies for months on his estate for Ferrue as part of their business arrangement but now all of the dead are coming to life and on the verge of breaking out of his manor. He asks the acolytes for help stopping the dead from breaking out but they refuse, telling Omar the manor is a lost cause and they have to get out of here. After a heated discussion, the decision is made to proceed to the main gate of the Gantry and retrieve their weapons. Even with Omar’s assistance in navigating, and the combat support of his servitors, it takes the party several hours to get to the gate; they become lost in the mist several times and have to backtrack making them encounter more and more mobs of the undead. They eventually make it to the gate, still alive but wounded and tired.

At the gate the party finds a fierce battle taking place between the Red Walk and a tide of undead streaming through the open gate. Even with the heavy stubbers in action, the amount of undead cannot be stopped and the pile of bodies at the gate and the counterweight switch are evidence of the efforts that have been taken in an effort to seal the breach. Rushing into action, Dume takes a position to offer covering fire while the rest of the party makes their way to the counterweight, which is blocked by the undead. Alone, Dume is taken down as a mob of undead swarm him and lies incapacitated under a pile of undead. The rest of the party stalls in their advance as they cannot bring the undead down fast enough. One by one they fall, but Nils’ Sanctionary liaison is able to activate the counterweight causing the gate to seal shut before he too is brought down by the undead. Silvain remains the last one of the party standing and he fights desperately to survive the encroaching undead mob. Luckily, the party’s efforts have paid off, and with the gate now closed, the gangers can concentrate on dispatching the undead without being hindered by the undead reinforcements streaming in. They are able to rescue the acolytes and after providing medical assistance, it comes as a relief that all are still alive despite the wounds they have sustained.

Around the Gantry, it becomes apparent that with the gate sealed, the remaining inhabitants of Gantry are able to rally and after several hours the Gantry is secure as the undead are finally dispatched. This event generates an emergency meeting between Omar and Vornas, which the acolytes attend. Vornas is enraged at what Ferrue did to his city and wants the Chaos cultist dead. He tells the acolytes where Ferrue’s Temple is, several hours upriver in the Wash, provides one of his boats as transportation and gives them the support of Clubber and his men. Luck asks Vornas to allow Gunn to accompany the party on this mission, noting that this would be a good way to test this new initiate. Vornas agrees, and despite the injuries he still has from his bouts with Luck, Gunn arms up and joins the assault force.

The trip upriver on the scrape barge is uneventful. There are potential dangers on the Wash as the boat passes ramshackle settlements on the Wash’s banks or on the river populated by mutates or downhive dregs. The large well-armed party is too much of a threat for the Wash’s inhabitants and they scurry away, especially when the gangers take potshots at them for sport. There is only one threat of significance when the tentacles of an unseen behemoth rise from the Wash and grabs a couple of gangers, pulling them under the polluted waters.

FC4DBCDD-B6E9-48CB-AC19-D16175543EC2.jpegEventually the assault force makes it to the Temple, a large rusty metal edifice rising from the Wash built up with walls, watch towers and multi-levels by scrap metal and wood. With the exception of Dume, everyone can feel a sensation of strangeness in the air. Gunn, who is more attuned to the Warp, tells the others that he can feel a gradual intensity of the Warp originating from the rooftop of the Temple. Clubber knows a blind spot they can exploit to approach the Temple and a plan is enacted to have the scrap barge drop off the acolytes, Clubber and Nil’s Sanctionary and then circle around in an obvious manner committing to a full-frontal assault on the Temple to cause a distraction so the others can make their way to the Temple roof. The plan executes flawlessly and, with the exception of one fight with cultists, the party is able to make their way to their destination. Enroute they are puzzled when they come across the bodies of several recently deceased cultists that appeared to have been savagely beaten to death but there is no sign of their assailant.

On the roof of the Temple, the party finds Ferrue, surrounded by several of his followers, engaged in a ritual. Hoping to stop whatever the Chaos cultist is planning, the party immediately attacks and an intense and bloody battle is waged. Several cultists die to fire from Silvain’s flamer. Clubber beats several others to death with his fists and the other acolytes add to the cultist body count but there are too many to get through to reach Ferrue in time to stop his ceremony which brings forth a daemonic entity of Nurgle. The foul being radiates an aura of corruption and decay and those nearby can feel their flesh sicken. Seemingly to be nearly resistant to all matter of mundane damage, Silvain ignores the daemon and concentrates his focus on bringing down Ferrue who shows himself to be a formidable psyker and resilient as well from the boons of Nurgle. 4C7085F1-990E-4A33-9A1D-46DA7F906CEC.png

Still outnumbered, and now with the additional enemy of a powerful daemonic entity, the acolytes and their associates start to fall one by one. The Sanctionary succumbing to supernaturally fast decay. Clubber and Gunn wracked by pain and falling unconscious in their efforts to fight the daemon. Luck falls unconscious dying, a victim to the mass firepower the cultists bring to bear. With only Dume and Silvain remaining in a desperate fight for survival against seemingly impossible odds, they become aware of a lone figure approaching from the opposite end of the roof slaughtering the cultists with its bear hands. The black-clad figure wearing an unsettling mask in the shape of a skull gives off a palpable aura of unease. After tossing a grenade into the melee between Silvain and Ferrue, which kills the Chaos psyker but leaves Silvain unaffected, the figure turns his attention on the Nurgle daemon, which futilely tries to slash at the agile figure with its rusty sword. There is a blast of dark energy from the strange gun on the side of the dark figure’s skull helm and the daemon is vanquished back to the Warp. Without a word, the dark figure slips away leaving the surviving acolytes to drag Luck and Gunn away. 8E2A1621-5F91-41B5-BDEC-AD78BAC6EB27.jpeg

* GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from The Dark Heresy 2nd Ed. adventure of the same name by Owen Barnes and Jordan Goldfarb. It can be found on the Drive Thru RPG website “here”.

"Desolation of the Dead"- A Trip to the Gallows

“Do not fear death, for should you fall, I shall raise you up again to continue our grand conquest.”

-Ferrue Fayne, to a congregation of the Blessed Flesh

Following the near catastrophic events on Valos Krin, and the large-scale investigation that followed, acolytes Dume, Luck, Gunn, Bishop and Silvain have been tasked by Interrogator Jaxx to head to Hive Gloriana on the planet of Solomon to investigate a strange mass murder with the presence of a Xenos artifact. Fortunately, Solomon is Gunn’s home world and he is able to act as a guide for the group, briefing them on the inner-workings of the hive, the political atmosphere and the various rumors and urban legends that abound. This particular request for Inquisition assistance has come from the planet’s local enforcers, an agency under the Imperial authority of the Departmento Munitiorum called the Sanctionaries. Unlike normal planetary enforcers, the Sanctionaries hold both local and Imperial authority and while not as well-trained or equipped as the Adeptus Arbites, the Sanctionaries are far better equipped and trained than enforcers of most worlds.C46043C5-5891-4E29-B0ED-B8B99FEF7F0C.jpeg The acolytes proceed to an underhive area of Hive Gloriana known as the Gallows Way, where the massive unsightly industry of processing the hive’s deceased population into materials useful to the Imperium, such as corpse starch rations, takes place. The atmosphere and living conditions in the Gallows Way are atrocious- dirty water constantly drips from the ceiling (a product of the cumulative runoff from the hive levels above) and pools on sections of the ground, the stench is nauseating and lighting is slim to none. The inhabitants of the Gallows Way live a decrepit life, many working in one of the Carrion Guilds’ massive Charnel Houses (where bodies are received and stored till processing) or Factorum Mortuariuses (where the bodies are processed into usable resources). It is in one of these Charnel Houses (Charnel House 17 which is owned by the Fayne brothers) that the party makes contact with Oath-Captain Nils, the commander of the local Sanctionary Precinct.
DC571E9F-F896-48A8-88AA-B0E7C57F5E79.png Oath-Captain Nils shows the acolytes the mass murder scene, which is in one of the Charnel House’s massive warehouse-sized areas used for body storage. A literal mound of bodies lies in the open space of the room, surrounded by shelves full with bodies that have been preserved for storage. At the top of this mound lies an individual wearing a necklace bearing a strange obsidian-like crystal. There is an obvious feel of strangeness in the crystal’s presence and many of the Sanctionaries doing crime scene security report feelings of unease and paranoia. The crystal does indeed seem to be Xenos in origin and Gunn takes the crystal for safekeeping while the group investigates the scene. While the body at the top of the mound cannot be identified at the moment, many of the other bodies are identified as various underhive residents, many of which work in the various Charnel Houses. Of an additional puzzling note, it appears that some of the bodies, due to the levels of decay, appeared to have been deceased for some time prior to their participation in this mass murder event. The acolytes find Oath-Captain Nils to be a serious no nonsense individual that despises incompetence and hates the ganger scum that inhabits the underhive and below. She gives the acolytes a general overview of the Gallows Way and offers only the bare minimum of assistance. The acolytes decide to split up and explore different avenues of investigation. Luck and Bishop make contact with various workers in the Charnel House to see if anyone knows about the mass murder. Silvain and Dume go to the Scrap Market to question the locals and Gunn decides to maintain a vigil outside the Charnel House to watch for anything suspicious and question the passersby.

The crystal starts to play with Gunn’s perceptions and he can tell with his knowledge of psyinscience that there is a Warp connection with the object. While waiting, he is approached by a woman who offers to show Gunn something more exciting than watching a Charnel House. Gunn, unsure if this is real or a product of the crystal playing tricks with his mind, follows the woman through the underhive to a desert-like expanse of powder called the “Bone Yard.” Through a nearby passage that leads into one of the main weight-bearing walls of the hive, Gunn is taken to a reception area of sorts where he voluntarily relinquishes his weapons and is lead to a small stadium-like area facing a central stage where people are playing a high-stakes gambling card game. After he is securely strapped into restraints that have been modified to deal a lethal jolt of electricity, Gunn learns that he is one of many similarly restrained individuals that make up of the living currency of this highly proscribed gambling firedemon31.jpggame known as “Damage.” With a large amount of Throne Gelt waiting to be won, the game is being live-streamed to select underworld establishments and individuals. As the night passes, Gunn sees that the player that he is “currency” for is the last of two remaining players and in the last high-stakes hand, Gunn’s player loses. As the people around Gunn are killed by electrocution, Gunn utilizes his unsanctioned latent psychic ability to transform himself into living flame, burning through his restraints and freeing himself. Unfortunately, Gunn’s sudden transformation, and novice mental fortitude, opens his person to daemonic possession. No longer in control of his actions, Gunn watches trapped in his own body as the daemon brings havoc to the Damage game, killing player, spectator and security personnel alike with fiery death. Some of the destruction is live-streamed before the cameras go offline and no one survives the ordeal but Gunn, who collapses into unconsciousness amongst the burnt surroundings.
7C48B2DB-13BC-4200-BA51-54460A28361B.png Meanwhile, as Gunn is involuntarily participating in the Damage game, the rest of the party is combing the Scrap Market (that serves as the local business district) for information. Their inquiries lead them to a local information broker, reclaimator and seller of somewhat usable scrap materials named Cog Lostok. In exchange for information on the identity of the person at the top of the mound of bodies and who may be responsible for the mass murder, Lostok offers to provide the information to the acolytes if they complete a task for him. He names several jobs that could be completed as payment and the acolytes decide on taking the job of getting rid of Lostok’s competitor, a lieutenant of the Red Walk gang named Facebiter. While the Red Walk’s territory is under the underhive in the lawless area of the downhive, Facebiter has decided to come to the underhive during the day and sell scrap metal of his own. Badly in need of rest and food, the acolytes decide to wait till the following day to deal with Facebiter and wonder about the status of Gunn, who they have not heard from since leaving the Charnel House. Renting some slum accommodations in a shipping crate that has been converted into a bare bones living quarters and eating corpse starch rations, the acolytes take turns keeping watch and sleeping, wary of being robbed or killed.

Gunn wakes up in the burnt ruins of the illicit gambling house to find the burnt dead and dying around him. His clothes and possessions have been burnt away and he does not know where his weapons are. Playing dead he notes several robed figures with various sharp objects, such as rusty nails and rivets, barbed wire, hooks and broken bones pierced through their skin all over their bodies and causing festering wounds, pouring through the wreckage. One of them is examining the spot where Gunn was restrained and calls out triumphantly as he shows his comrades the Xenos crystal that Gunn was in possession of. The strange figures depart with their prize and Gunn uses his telepathic powers to project his image to Luck, who is bedded down with the rest of the group.

Gunn Requests help and Luck is able to convince the others that she knows where Gunn is and leads them (with Gunn’s projection offering assistance) to the burnt out gambling house. Upon arrival, Gunn explains his story (leaving out the part about manifesting psychic powers and becoming a daemonhost) to the group and while skeptical, Gunn’s story seems convincing enough. After Gunn salvages a weapon and clothing (but not able to find his prized swords), and the group completes a fruitless search of the premises, the group heads out to scout out the area where Facebiter sets up shop so they can plan their attack.
722834E6-325A-4750-AD69-7D89A3FF6A67.jpegAs they enter the main residential area of the Gallows Way, an area called the Drains due to the constant stream of water flowing through the streets from the levels above, where Facebiter has set up shop, Silvain is immediately converged on by the poor destitute masses pleading for blessings and assistance; apparently it has been a very long time since an official of the Ecclessiarchy has been in these parts to administer to the faithful. With an ever-growing crowd to deal with, the party decides that Silvain should tend to this impromptu flock while the rest deal with Facebiter. Scanning from an elevated position, Dume is able to locate Facebiter’s shop set up in one of the hab shipping containers. Dume also notes the presence of several other Red Walk gangers with Facebiter, easily recognizable by their attire and the presence of an assortment of bladed weapons that the gangers prefer for combat. The group hastily comes up with a plan to pose as prospective buyers and make contact with Facebiter and his crew while Dume sits in overwatch from up high. There is a moment of tense interaction as the gangers size up these unusual clients, but the parties appear to come to an understanding with the prospect of money and escort the acolytes inside where they are introduced to Facebiter.
66956C62-E68D-4ECD-ABBC-CCB6BB207D8C.jpeg As the negotiations with Facebiter commence, Silvain’s preaching to the crowd is interrupted by the arrival of an intimidating force of Ecclessiarchy and Inquisitorial agents, including two squads of Adeptus Sororitas Seraphim led by an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus, Witch Finder Rykehuss. Rykehuss orders Silvain to provide assistance with calming and crowd and coordinating efforts to separate the residents for “Purity Assessments.” Silvain complies and during a moment of privacy with the Inquisitor, he discloses his identity as an Inquisitorial agent currently prosecuting a mission. After his credentials are verified, Rykehuss explains that there was a daemonic infestation during a Damage game the night prior. This manifestation was captured on the live-stream of the game and he is responsible for the joint Ecclessiarchy/Inquisition operation to identify and locate the psyker that caused the daemonic intrusion. Silvain’s starts to have suspicions about Gunn’s story. Rykehuss tells Silvain that he will utilize his services for the rest of the day to help with securing this area and then he will be released to go back to conducting his master’s task.

With the arrival of the Inquisition and Ecclessiarchy forces, and their accompanying Seraphim squads sweeping the hab-blocks for any who have not reported for Purity Assessment, the acolytes dealing with Facebiter become aware of this complication when both Silvain and Dume use their micro-beads to warn them. Gunn, Bishop and Luck commence hostilities, attempting to take the gangers by surprise, but the paranoid gangers are ready for any treachery and what follows is a brutal melee punctuated by loud explosive blasts from Facebiter’s bolt pistol. True to the Red Walk’s appreciation of fighting with bladed implements, the ganger lieutenant fights expertly with his well-crafted sword and bolt pistol, and surprises the acolytes when he reveals that his jaw has been bionically modified to extend. Luck becomes the first victim to Facebiter’s mono-edged teeth when a portion of her cheek is bitten off. D767C7A1-0D54-4172-92A2-2BC32A113986.jpeg The sounds of Facebiter’s bolt pistol and the roaring chainswords draws the attention of the Seraphim squads and they begin to converge on the scene of the battle. Bleeding from numerous wounds, the acolytes are able to dispatch Facebiter and his gang and flee in different directions to escape the incoming Sisters of Battle, Gunn grabbing Facebiter’s sword and Dume grabbing his bolt pistol. Everyone but Luck makes it to safety. Most head to the Purity Assessment area and submit themselves to Rykehuss’ authority (where Silvain will later identify them to the Inquisitor as other members of his party) but Gunn, believing that he will be imprisoned or terminated because of his status as an unsanctioned psyker, sneaks away using his native-born knowledge of Solomon to avoid detection. Luck refuses the Sister Superior’s command to disarm herself and this starts a chase through the converted shipping container hab-block between the jump pack Seraphim and an agile teenage girl. Unfortunately it’s a race that Luck cannot win and the Seraphim surround Luck in one of the shipping container habs, trapping her. In a blaze of promethium from hand flamers and explosions from bolt pistol rounds, the container is reduced to a molten slag of perforated metal. Satisfied their quarry has been killed, the Sisters return to their task of rounding up the hab-blocks inhabitants.

Scared for his life, Gunn makes contact with Cog Lostok seeking passage downhive past the Sanctionaries’ heavy-fortified Purity Gate that separates the underhive and downhive levels. Displaying Facebiter’s sword as proof of payment for the completion of one of Lostok’s tasks, the reclaimator agrees to assist Gunn and puts him in contact with a guide to navigate the secret routes that bypass the Purity Gate. Looking to make a run for it on his home turf, Gunn believes his career in the Inquisition is over.

Following a brutal battle with Facebiter and a long day working with Inquisitor Rykehuss’ forces to assist in the Purity Assessments, the acolytes (minus Gunn) arrange for sparse accommodations and food (corpse starch rations) inside of Charnel House 17. As they settle down to sleep with the dead, they are relieved when Luck arrives. She is badly burnt but, by the Emperor’s grace, she managed to survive the inferno of the Seraphim. The acolytes briefly touch base with Oath-Captain Nils and she explains that the man on top of the mound of dead in the Charnel House was one of the owners of the Charnel House, Darnis Fayne (the youngest of the Fayne brothers).

In the morning, with no idea where Gunn is or his status, the acolytes return to Cog Lostok to report their success with terminating Facebiter. They find the Scrap Market nearly deserted with the arrival of the large Inquisition force making their way through the Gallows Way. Lostok explains to the acolytes that he has already fulfilled his end of the bargain when Gunn used their termination of Facebiter to pay for information to go downhive. Learning this, the acolytes become upset at this turn of events, expressing anger with Gunn and Lostok. This starts a tense argument with Lostok for the promised information and Bishop gets visibly agitated with Lostok threatening to bring the nearby Inquisition to Lostok to inspect his non-Mechanicus sanctioned tech. Lostok reluctantly agrees to help the acolytes, identifying the man as Darnis (which they already know) and explaining that the word is that the Faynes are involved in some type of big business transaction having to do with moving the dead downhive.

After getting directions from Lostok, the acolytes decide to continue their investigation by focusing on the Faynes, and head to the massive Fayne Factorum Mortuarius to look for answers. The Mortuarius is a disgusting place dedicated to the systematic dismantling of the dead into usable resources- a ghastly process utilizing a variety of hazardous and archaic-looking machinery fitted with numerous cutting implements, giant syringes, and chemicals. The acolytes wander through the seemingly endless maze of the Mortuarius largely ignored by the workforce of tech-adepts and laborers. Eventually, a worker offers to guide them to the overseer’s office and leads the acolytes down one of the body processing paths. It is in the first step of this processing, while wading through waist-high sludge made up of blood, bile, promethium, water and grease that the acolytes come under attack from individuals hidden amongst the workers and on the catwalks above. These individuals are armed with autoguns and shotguns and their bodies are covered in festering piercings.

After surviving the initial ambush, the acolytes become involved in a deadly battle that takes them through the various body processing operations as their attackers attack and retreat and attack again. The gun fire is only one of many obstacles the acolytes have to deal with as navigating through the various implements used in the processing operation pose a threat of their own. Eventually, wounded and covered in filth and gore, the acolytes dispatch the last of their attackers in the bone grinder room and make their way to the overseer’s office. There, they find evidence linking Ferrue Fayne with a downhive merchant in the Gantry and references to a group called the “Blessed Flesh” and a “Temple.” It appears that the acolytes most go deeper into the hive to find the answers they seek. BF7A9589-6276-4211-AF1E-AA2DE976728F.jpeg
* GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from The Dark Heresy 2nd Ed. adventure of the same name by Owen Barnes and Jordan Goldfarb. It can be found on the Drive Thru RPG website “here”.

"Valos Krin Sunrise"


• Log Number 673:51F:GB5:Mac
• Work Station Location: Krin354

Please enter your authority code> * * * * * * * * * * * *
Thank you, Interrogator Jaxx.

You may proceed…

• Date: 815.M41
• Transcription: Interrogator Jaxx, Ordo Xenos, Taurus, city on the world of Valos Krin
• Subject: Attempted Summoning of a Greater Daemonic Entity Resulting in Catastrophic Loss of Life and Structural Damage
nad06_preview.pngStanding at ground zero of the event that nearly brought the second death of the world of Valos Krin (and very likely the destruction of much of the surrounding sub-sector and perhaps beyond) one can appreciate what this small group of acolytes have accomplished. As Inquisitor Sand’s query protocols suspected when Judge Capstan’s request for assistance first came across my desk, their investigative efforts led to the discovery of a chaos cult, most likely dedicated to the foul Chaos power of Tzeentch. The ritual-like sacrifice of its victims and the confirmed Warp-tainted radiation were only the start of a trail of clues that would reveal a cult conspiracy that was years in the making, starting in the deep network of subterranean tunnels that lie beneath Taurus city known as the Hole.

Based on the report that Judge Capstan had sent me, this cult was well connected and had been hard at work over the years stealing and secretly placing numerous mining explosives all over key structural points on Taurus’ protective dome. Despite amassing a large amount of resources from the local and Imperial agencies on the planet to locate and deactivate the explosives, there was no way to stop detonation of all the explosives without stopping the triggering of the detonators. But the combined efforts of Judge Capstan facilitating the locating and deactivation of the explosives combined with the acolytes’ success in stopping half of the cult’s triggermen appears to have been enough to reduce the number of mass sacrifice victims that the cult needed to summon their daemonic entity. The Emperor certainly protects.

This victory was still a costly one. Barely functional as a productive world before a billion plus of the population of its main city were blasted to ash as the planet’s harsh sun rose in the sky over the city with a partially destroyed protective dome, I doubt that Valos Krin will recover from this event. Much of the planet’s leadership, as well as many notable officials from around the sector, perished after they failed to heed the evacuation order that my friend Capstan gave. Capstan himself is amongst the dead. He served the Emperor to the end, working to disarm the explosives instead of seeking shelter in the deep levels of the Hole which were largely unaffected.

I have personally made planetfall, along with many other Inquisition, Imperial and sector officials, to assess the damage, and participate in the preliminary investigation of what will no doubt end up being a lengthy (probably spanning years and even decades) inquiry and review of the incident. Initial assessments show that the cult responsible has been cleansed but purity screening will have to occur just to be sure. Despite the acolytes’ confirmed report of a daemonhost being present and banished after the detonation, nothing can be left to chance and the agents of the Ordo Malleus have arrived in force.

I have submitted my decision to Inquisitor Sand for immediate approval of Gunn, Doomonue and Luck as acolytes in my master’s service. Emperor knows that I am in desperate need of manpower in light of the crisis taking place on the planet of Solace, where the great majority of my master’s resources and agents are positioned. These acolytes have proved their ability in this line of work and inquires to the Ordos have gained responses from their former masters that there is no interest in retaining the services of Gunn and Doomonue. Reasons for releasing them from service were not given but I was given the impression that their masters were not that invested in retaining them, perhaps this is linked to the circumstances of their capture by the Dark Eldar. Regardless, I will have to continue my scrutiny until I am certain of their loyalty to their new master. Even just a splinter of doubt will give me cause to aggressively deal with the issue.

I must close out this entry and return to my duties. I am also due to meet Gregoi who has just finished his taint assessment of the acolytes. Sometimes his formidable psychic abilities can detect things that an interrogator cannot.IMG_1277.JPG

* GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from The Void adventure “Venusian Sunset” by Wildfire games. It can be found on the Drive Thru RPG website “here”.

"Contamination Principle"

After months of being captives of the Dark Eldar and making passage through the Koronus Expanse after their escape, acolytes of Inquisitor Sand finally return to the Calixis Sector with some potential recruits for service in the Inquisition. Their welcome is back is an immediate quarantine and an extensive battery of invasive tests to ascertain taint, corruption and suitably for service in the Ordo Xenos.  Many months pass before the acolytes are finally cleared for service in the Inquisition.  In order to test the ability and resolve of the potential acolytes, as well as to ensure the proficiency of the returning acolytes, Inquisitor Sand’s senior Interrogator, Interrogator Artandis Jaxx, dispatches them to the frontier world of Tygress I under the leadership of senior acolyte Vern to investigate an odd radio transmission coming from the secluded farming and ranching settlement of Valiant; the brief transmission only reports an unspecified Xenos sighting. After locally-stationed Imperial Guard fail to find anything of note in Valiant, the acolytes are sent to double-check the Guards’ work.  
After securing some military grade arms and equipment, as well as a Chimera Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), the team make their two day journey to Valiant.  Just outside the settlement Gunn gets the Chimera stuck and while digging the tank out the team happens to see a flock of carrion birds circling something in the distant woods. An investigation into the matter reveals a dead bear-like creature that has been viscously shredded and more importantly, the bear has evidence of mutations.  

IMG_1368.JPG The team pulls into the town of Valiant just as the locals are finishing a funeral service near the small Imperial Church. From here they spilt up with Luck and Doomonue heading to the local saloon, the Dirty Thirty, where they befriend a crippled (legless) ex-Imperial Guard sergeant name Silas who really enjoys alcohol. The others head to the church and speak with the town priest, Father Kincaid, who is busy burying the deceased.  
Both groups find that the townspeople are wary of talking to outsiders but appear to be Emperor-fearing folk and loyal to the Imperium. Following their conversation with Father Kincaid, that group of acolytes proceeds to the town hall to talk to Valiant’s mayor, a woman named Dahlia, and are able to learn the town’s secret- the townsfolk have recently become mutated with an assortment of physical mutations as well as a psychic gestalt where they can sense each other as well as a strange alien-like presence to the south of their town. The people are not sure what caused the mutations but since the affliction, something has been killing off the townsfolk.  
Luck and Doomonue come face-to-face with this killer (sort of) when Silas is just about to tell them about the dangerous creatures lurking in the area when he’s attacked outside the saloon and ripped in half. The creature responsible is imposing and chameleon-like, blending in with the surroundings. As Luck faints away at the sight of the thing, Doomonue fires an autogun volley at the creature (seeming to wound it) and it flees without a trace.  
After a heated discussion with the town’s leadership, mainly concerning whether or not the acolytes intend to report the townspeople’s mutant condition to the authorities, which would result in termination of all the population, the party decides to travel south to investigate this alien presence the townsfolk can “feel.”  Early the next morning the party heads out toward the south to investigate the unexplained “presence.”  They are joined by one of the locals to serve as a guide, a young man named Sebastian who comes highly regarded by the townsfolk as one of their best trackers and hunters.  A violent storm has moved into the area and their Chimera APC provides protection from the elements for the first half of their journey but when they reach the river, Vern does not want to risk the Chimera sinking and decides against using the Chimera’s amphibious capabilities. After parking the Chimera and leaving it under the guard of Vern’s massive combat servitor, Bjorn, the party makes their way on foot to where the townsfolk keep their boats.  It doesn’t take them long in the wind and rain to become soaked and Gunn fairs even worse when he decides to scout the area using his Dark Eldar skyboard where the sky offers no protection from the elements.  
After crossing the river by boat, the party continues to the source of the mysterious presence and it soon becomes obvious that they are heading toward the nearest mountain, one that is shaped vaguely like a chimney, of the nearby mountain range.  Halfway to this mountain, the party comes under attack.  Ambushing the acolytes from the cover and concealment of some trees and bushes, Xenos creatures (that the acolytes later find out are Tyranid creatures called Termagants) fire upon them with their organic weaponry. Despite some minor wounds, the party is easily able to dispatch the creatures and burn their remains.  
Upon arrival at the base of the mountain, the party is able to see that while most of the mountain is a natural formation, it has been augmented with some features made to look natural. A disguised set of stairs wind upward to a shallow alcove that hides a large reinforced door that appears to have been violently breached- from the inside.  The party enters the door and explores the interior of the mountain. What they find is a multi-level research complex of Imperial manufacture. There are signs of battle present but no bodies. Another thing of interest is that it appears that the entire facility has been wired with a network of explosives that were installed during the construction of the facility and not afterward.   
IMG_0965.JPGA search of one of the upper levels results in the party being attacked by extremely fast moving multi-limbed creatures armed with long deadly talons. A desperate battle occurs as the creatures negate the party’s ranged firepower advantage by quickly closing into melee with them. Despite the surprise attack by very capable close combat opponents, the acolytes are able to slay the creatures and flee back to the lower levels as Vern’s auspex alarms with the detection of a larger force converging on their position.  
During their flight, Vern is able to detect an Adeptus Mechanicus signal being broadcasted from the lower levels and makes the decision for the party to investigate despite the Xenos creatures hot on their heels and closing. Upon reaching the last level of the complex, they find a long corridor that ends in a set of heavily reinforced double doors. The corridor is lined with rows of sentry turrets with a variety of ranged weaponry and their effectiveness is evident from the large number of rotting Xenos corpses filling the corridor.  

Utilizing his vox-capabilities, Magos Vern is able to make contact with Magos Dolan, a fellow member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and chief overseer of this mountain facility, who after a conversation with Gunn and Vern separately, grants the group safe passage and access into the command and control center of the facility.  Safe, for now, from the approaching Tyranids, the acolytes and Magos Dolan discuss the purpose of the facility and the local Tyranid threat.  Magos Dolan explains that the purpose of the secret facility is research on the Tyranids species and choice specimens (luckily there are no Genestealers present) were brought to the facility for study and experiments.  A few months ago, a containment breach occurred and the the Tyranids were able to escape confinement despite the facility’s security protocols.  All of Magos Dolan’s security personnel and research staff have been killed and the remaining Tyranids have been using the facility as their home and roaming the countryside unrestricted.  Magos Dolan states that the monthly inspection and resupply team is months overdue and its status is unknown.  Magos Dolan has remained in the Command and Control Center as its the only safe location in the facility awaiting reinforcements but this area will soon be compromised as the Tyranids are actively working to gain access. 

The Tyranids’ success in this endeavor soon becomes apparent as klaxon alarms alert everyone only moments before a Ravener tunnels out from the floor followed by a horde of Termagants.  The acolytes and Magos Dolan and his remaining two combat servitors are quickly fighting for their lives as the massive creature barrels toward them leaving a wake of destroyed cogitator stations while the Termagants provide massive volleys of fire support.  The ensuing combat is desperate as the acolytes combine their efforts to take down the Ravener and the horde of smaller creatures and some of them fall to the ground with serious injuries before their comrades are able to dispatch their foes.  Luckily all survive the battle but with the command and control center successfully breached, it is no longer is a safe place from the Tyranids.        
With the Tyranid threat very real and options limited, Magos Dolan requests the acolytes to assist with triggering the facility’s auto-destruction measures.  When it was built, a network of explosives were installed in the facility’s infrastructure and high-threat areas but since their escape, the Tyranids became aware of the explosives and disconnected the master relay responsible for triggering the detonation.  Magos Dolan can activate the auto-destruct sequence as soon as the acolytes repair the relay, but the relay is located in an area that only Gunn (and one passenger) can reach via his skyboard. 

Magos Dolan warns the acolytes that the relay is guarded by a powerful Tyranid psychic creature and supplies them with some combat drugs to provide them an edge in the fight, as well as a boltgun containing special anti-psyker rounds and an underslung grenade launcher loaded with a special anti-psyker grenade.  Armed with these weapons, Gunn and Luck decide to proceed to the relay while the rest of their party covers their advance from intervening Tyranid creatures.  The approach to the relay is indeed covered by flocks of Tyranid Gargoyles, which the acolytes engage while Gunn and Luck proceed to the relay. The battle with the flocks of Gargoyles is tasking and deadly and many of the acolytes are wounded, and their guide Sebastian is killed.  Meanwhile Gunn and Luck reach the relay and face off against its guardian, a Tyranid Zoanthrope, which uses its formidable psychic powers to blast and torment them while Gunn attempts to fix the relay.  Luck and Gunn struggle to survive the creature’s onslaught of power and their lack of proficiency in the use of the boltgun and its grenade launcher does little to assist in their cause.     

Despite dire straits, the relay is reconnected and Magos Dolan is able to trigger the auto-destruct sequence with the acolytes barely escaping destruction from the explosive detonations and the mountain’s collapse. 

* GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the Rifts Savage Worlds adventure “Contamination Principle” by Darrell Hayhurst. It can be found on the Pinnacle Entertainment Group website “here.”

"Dark Frontier"

“You think man is the only race to dabble in the darkness of the warp? No my friend, there are creatures far older and evil than us out there among the cold stars- aliens whose worship of the warp makes humanity seem as naughty children screaming at the sky.”

–Interrogator Milos Helacania, Lost to the Warp 673M4

Several weeks have past since the slave rebellion in the Dark Eldar city the Nexus of Shadows. Escaping with Captain Shen and her crew aboard their ship the Hostile Transaction, the acolytes have joined thousands of other former prisoners seeking passage away from the wicked city. In an act of gratitude, or as a form of payment, many have dedicated themselves to the service of the captain, while others have elected to serve because they are seeking a new start. Two of the acolytes have decided to do this as well- Jak easily stepping into his role as Captain Shen’s first mate and Jez unsurprisingly joining her longtime companion as a senior member of the crew. Per an agreement negotiated by Bishop with Captain Shen, the rest of the acolytes, and their allies, eagerly await arrival at the port of Footfall so they can reestablish themselves back into their former lives.

Proceeding on the final leg of their journey, the Hostile Transaction is violently ripped out of the Warp and into real space by a mysterious force- the violent translation causing significant life-threatening damage throughout the ship that the crew and its passengers work hard to repair. While the ship and crew recovers from the event, Gunn, Luck and Doomonue are called to the bridge by Shen; the rest of the acolytes having been seriously injured by the translation, or helping the crew with repairs.

On the bridge, the acolytes find out from the Captain that the Hostile Transaction is located in orbit around an unnatural black sun in an uncharted region of space. The strange sun emits streaks of black energy to many small constructs that float in orbit around it while swarms of strange black crystalline-looking ships patrol the sun and its surrounding structures. Further away, locked in the same orbit as the Hostile Transaction, there appears to be a collection of ship debris, asteroids big and small, and a small moon with a shanty town-looking settlement made from various starship sections. Also locked in orbit is what appears to bit an armed transport ship intact and operational. Of more concern, Captain Shen tells them that a strange gravity field has locked their ship in orbit and something is keeping the plasma and warp drives from functioning pass the point of maintaining basic ship functions- they are trapped in orbit.


Immediately the vox of the Hostile Transaction begins to pick up vox traffic from the moon town and the transport ship, identified as the Penance of Iocanthos. The vox traffic from both sources appear to be requests for meetings to discuss the current predicament they all face and potential plans of escape. While Captain Shen attends to the repairs of her ship, she instructs some of the acolytes (as proven architects of the successful slave rebellion and escape) to take the ship’s only Arvus lighter and make contact with these two parties and facilitate talks.

Gunn, Luck and Doomonue depart for the moon colony first and make contact with its leader, a man named Martek- a simple but competent man who claims to have been miner. Leading a population of several thousand, half of which are mutants, Martek tells the acolytes that he and his people have been trapped by the black sun for decades and he does not think the populace will last more than two more generations. Directing the acolytes to the black sun, he says that augur scans show that it conceals a fortress-like construct that appears to be the source of power that arcs dark energy to the many surrounding small relays around the sun. Martek believes that this is the cause of the strange gravity field locking the ships in orbit, and if the fortress is destroyed then the field will no longer exist.

Martek and his people were able to salvage a vortex torpedo warhead from the orbiting debris field and jury-rig it to a large makeshift push cart. Their plan is to transport the warhead to the black sun fortress and detonate it, but they lack the means to get the torpedo to the fortress or to make it pass the swarms of patrolling crystalline ships, which he calls wasps. If the acolytes could provide this, then all could escape; Martek requesting that the moon’s population be allowed to serve as crew on board the acolytes’ ship. The only potential issue is the lack of firepower to deal with the Wasps as their lighter is unarmed and the Hostile Transaction is locked in a position where it’s guns cannot be brought to bear.

With assurances that they will return after they speak with their Captain, the acolytes depart and head to the Penance of Iocanthos where they find a population in direct contrast to Martek and his mostly mutant population. Meeting Father Palar, an Ecclessiarchy priest that is head of what he calls the Brotherhood- a group of several thousand highly devoted Puritan servants of the Emperor, the acolytes find it obvious that the Brotherhood and Martek’s group despise each other and the hopes of both of them working together will be very hard, and potentially impossible to arrange.

The acolytes learn, from the Penance of Iocanthos’ captain, Captain Lynara Cobolt, who is not as devoted as the Brotherhood, but held to support the wishes of Father Palar and his followers because they vastly outnumber her crew, that her ship is in a prime spot to provide fire support for a flight mission to the black sun, but she will not commit her ship unless a business partnership can be agreed on between her and Captain Shen, as well as convincing Father Palar to agree to the escape attempt. She tells them that the black sun is a construct of an ancient Warp-dabbling Xenos race called the Yu-vath that were destroyed over two thousand years ago by the Imperial Crusades led by Saint Drusus and now thought to be extinct.

With some shrewd wheeling and dealing between all the factions involved, including Captain Shen, the acolytes are able to convince all to work together, despite their differences, to escape the black sun’s hold. The cooperation of Martek and his followers is secured after an agreement is brokered to transfer the entire population of the moon colony onto the Hostile Transaction before the operation to blow-up the black sun’s fortress is even attempted. The fire support of Captain Cobolt’s ship is secured after the acolytes broker an agreement between her and Captain Shen to work in an extended business partnership. They win the support of Father Palar and the Brotherhood after deceiving him to believe that Captain Shen is working with the Ecclessiarchy to round up mutants (the ones on the moon colony) for transport and proper atonement and execution by official authorities (Father Palar is still suspicious of these claims, and while he does not want to scorn away a potential escape attempt for him and his followers, he vows to the acolytes that he intends to follow-up on their claims once back in the Calixis Sector). Captain Shen also expects some concessions for her participation in this endeavor and the acolytes agree to work through their Inquisition channels to petition to exonerate and expunge past and future transgressions that Captain Shen and her ship will undertake in the future.

After months of preparation and the transfer of the moon colony population complete, the day of the escape attempt finally arrives. The vortex warhead is loaded onto Shen’s Arvus lighter with Gunn as the pilot. He is joined by The rogue psyker Neija, Pullo, Luck, Doomonue, Kelson and five of Father Palar’s men (who are still not wholly trusting in the word of the acolytes). Everything goes as planned as Gunn expertly pilots the lighter though the swarms of Wasps and their exchange of ordinance with the Penance of Iocanthos. With Cobolt’s ship drawing the Wasps, and taking damage, the team with the warhead touches down on the strange alien fortress in the black sun and makes haste to deploy their payload before the Wasps destroy Cobolt’s ship.
With the intention of depositing the warhead in the heart of a central tower on the alien fortress, the team finds their destination surrounded by a strange maze constructed of durable crystal-like material that is black in color and lined with purple veins. The surface of the maze walls are covered in endless alien pictograms depicting strange horrific rituals and unnatural images. The psychological assault on the mind is too much for some of the Brotherhood and one runs away screaming to the lost depths of maze while another is restrained and left behind after he attempts to detonate the warhead.

Eventually the team finds their way out of the maze and into an alien forest filled with crystal trees and a crystal leaf-covered ground. The tower lies just on the other side of the crystal forest, and as the team makes their way with the sound of crunching glass underfoot, they are attacked by strange spider-like creatures that look like they are made of crystal. A desperate melee breaks out with sporadic weapons fire. Successful in destroying their enemies, many of the team are wounded and all of Father Palar’s men are killed. After reorganizing the muscle to carry the warhead, the remnants of the team enters the strange Xenos tower.

Inside they find a vaulted chamber that houses a central pedestal of crystal over which a large luminescent orb hovers and discharges dark energy to the roof high above. The floor of the chamber is littered with piles of bones and desiccated bodies of human and Xenos creatures alike. Neija tells the party that the raw presence of the Warp can be felt here.

With a plan to set the warhead on the pedestal next to the glowing orb, the group cautiously approach and are taken back when a vortex of wind and energy swirls and engulfs the piles of bones and dead on the ground, ribbons of dark energy animating the dead mass. Luck faints away at the sight while the others, unsure what to do fire into the thick mass of bodies. Shattering bones and corpses, the hail of fire seems to destabilize the power holding the animated mass together and the bones and bodies fall still to the floor. While Luck still recovers, and Kelson providing overwatch, the rest of the group pushes the warhead closer to the platform and are standing amongst the bones when the dark energy animates them again. Caught up wholly in the whirlwind of dead matter and energy, those inside are bludgeoned and serrated by the swirl of broken bones and dead matter. Gunn is nearly gutted by the assault and crawls onto the pedestal to rest while the rest of the team again brings the swirling mass down with concentrated fire. Against Gunn’s will, Neija uses her psychic powers to heal the more serious of his wounds- his flesh resealing before everyone’s eyes.

As the team works to getting the warhead on the pedestal, the security measures of the chamber change as the orb blasts dark energy at them to foil their efforts. Despite being wounded by the assaults, the team is able to get the warhead into position, and battered and burned, they flee from the tower, once again traversing the maze of madness and back to their lighter. Fleeing the black sun, Kelson triggers the warhead which explodes in a brilliant blast of energy that destroys the Wasps and surrounding relay constructs before imploding the fortress itself. A moment of silence passes before ragged cheers flood the vox network as reports flood in that the mysterious field that kept the ships locked in orbit has dissipated.

* GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the Rogue Trader adventure “Dark Frontier” by Owen Barnes. It can be found on the Fantasy Flight Games website “here.”