Faith and Betrayal

"Deception Point"

Due to the priority investigation concerning the missing Exterminatus Weapon, Trempan and his team have been tasked with overseeing the salvage operation and further investigation of the wrecked Battlefleet Calixis cruiser, the “Bastion.” Inquisitor Sand’s Acolytes are tasked with following up on the mysterious coordinates given to them by the Dark Eldar Haemonculus Akirvas and will continue their mission with Cpt. Octavius and his Deathwatch Marines, which have been tasked through the Ordo Xenos by request of Inquisitor Soldevan.

Now aboard the Deathwatch Cruiser, the “Lance of Faith,” the Acolytes join the small Deathwatch fleet and arrive in the forbidden Threnos System which is under official restriction by both the Calixis Government and the Inquisition. Partway into the System, the Acolytes and Deathwatch Marines are surprised to find a small Calixis Battlegroup operating in the system. This Battlegroup appeared to have proper authorization to operate in the area and puzzled, Cpt. Octavius and his crew begin researching into the matter. Without warning, the Deathwatch fleet is attacked by the Calixis Battlegroup. Two of the Deathwatch’s Cobra-class escorts are destroyed in the surprise attack and what follows is a desperate space battle that the outnumbered and outgunned “Lance of Faith” struggles to win. A combination of deadly hit and run attacks and skilled marksmanship results in crippling some of the enemy fleet, but the Lance of Faith, on the verge of being crippled itself, lacks the firepower to win the battle.
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Assistance comes to the “Lance of Faith” in the unlikely form of an Eldar fleet, which seems to appear out of nowhere. The Eldar engage the Calixis Battlegroup and together, the “Lance of Faith” and the Xenos are able to destroy the Imperial Cruisers. What follows is an uncomfortable meeting between the Humans and the Eldar aboard one of the Eldar Cruisers. The Humans learn that the Eldar are tracking one of their kind, a Bonesinger, who was abducted by Humans and is currently being held in a facility on the small ice planetoid designated as LV214. The Eldar would like the Humans to free their comrade and return him to them and pledge assistance in the form of warriors and the use of their fleet to the Humans, but Cpt. Octavius will not accept assistance. Cpt. Octavius tells the Eldar that he will consider rescuing the Eldar’s missing kin, but after the meeting, Cpt. Octavius tells the Acolytes that he has no intention of rescuing the Eldar, and if he is found on the base he will be secured as a Deathwatch prisoner.

Dubbed “Operation Icefall,” the Deathwatch initiates a full-scale assault on the LV214 facility. The Acolytes join the Deathwatch in the assault and are tasked with their own area of responsibility- three Deathwatch Marines assist the Acolytes, including Brother-Sergeant Agamorr. The assault is met with heavy resistance with the enemy proving to be well-trained and well-equipped. The Acolytes’ team managed to battle their way into the depths of the underground base and in addition to the Human enemies, they also battle strange robot constructs that are adorned with strange gem-like ornamentation.
Space marine 600x336
Valuable information on these strange constructs is learned when the Acolytes find the Eldar Bonesinger. He tells the Acolytes that he is working for a human known as the “Scorpion.” The “Scorpion” has tasked the Bonesinger with conducting experiments on powerful human psykers in an effort to create items similar to Eldar Soul Stones that could act as containers for the “souls” of powerful human psykers so that they could be placed onto robot constructs thus creating beings similar to the Eldar Wraithguard and Wraithlords.
180px dire avenger gw
The Acolytes and Deathwatch Marines start to escort the Bonesinger out of the facility when they are confronted by a large number of Eldar. The Eldar are intent on taking custody of the Bonesinger while the Deathwatch Marines are just as intent on keeping him. Combat ensues between the two forces, and while the Bonesinger is killed in the battle, the Eldar are successful in retrieving his body and disappearing through a webway portal.

There is still one more surprise waiting for the Acolytes in the form of another Deathwatch fleet that arrives over LV214. This fleet is under orders to attack the other Deathwatch fleet but its commander decides to investigate the conflicting orders- hesitant to fire on a fellow Deathwatch force under the command of a battle brother. A subsequent investigation reveals that both Deathwatch forces received their orders from the Inquisition. Further inquiry will be made into how this situation developed. As for the “Scorpion,” he was not found on LV214 and his whereabouts, and true identity are unknown.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was created by the GM.

The Acolytes are tasked with a routine mission to travel to the Argi-world of Hilarion to meet with Petor Vaulk, an Inquisition agent that has information related to the mysterious abductionFarmlandof farmers and townspeople from the planet’s outlying areas. Things quickly go from routine to extraordinary when the Acolytes’ transport shuttle is shot down by unknown forces just outside of the village of Usbeana.

By the Emperor’s grace, the Acolytes emerge from the crashed shuttle with minor injuries and finish the rest of the trip on foot. Upon arrival at Usbeana, the Acolytes find that the village has been the scene of a recent battle- buildings are still smoldering from recent burnt out fires, bullet holes riddle the houses and the village square contains a partially burned pile of bodies. Vaulk does not appear to be amongst the bodies, and a search of the village reveals that the village is empty of survivors.

A recon of the area shows the tracks of a large group of people leaving the village toward the nearby Natruth Mountain Range. With no other leads, the Acolytes follow the tracks which lead higher and higher into the mountains. Nightfall brings them to an abandon hut which the Acolytes decide to use for shelter for the night.

During the night, while Titus is standing watch. He is attacked by two grossly diseased-looking rodents. When the rest of the group joins the fray, the diseased creatures are quickly dispatched. The next day holds another surprise when the Acolytes notice that they are being followed by a half-starved and crazed PDF Trooper named Farris. Farris tells them that he was assigned to a nearby Laser Defense Silo- DS506 and left the complex when several of his unit members became infected with an unknown disease. His diseased comrades now stalk the lands killing and abducting the nearby villagers. Farris has been living in the mountains since he left DS506, hiding in fear of his former comrades. Farris is terrified of going back to the Silo and only agrees to show the Acolytes its location after being adequately persuaded by Titus.
180px traitor guardsmen
Arriving at the Silo, the Acolytes find that it has transformed into a cave of horrors that stinks of the Chaos taint of Nurgle. Navigating the underground passages and fighting their way through plague-infected PDF Troopers and Servitors, the Acolytes find the rest of the villagers in the center of the complex. All of the villagers are dead, used as a sacrifice to summon a Lesser Daemon of Nurgle.

Upon dispatching the last of the Daemon’s minions, the Acolytes prepare to face the Daemon937065 fleshhound screen largeitself. Titus decides at this moment to use a strange warp-tainted red rock that he received at Bonner’s Reach from an associate of his past. Not knowing what the stone does, Titus decides to activate its power hoping that it will help the Acolytes in their fight against the Daemon. The rock proves to be a powerful Khorne summoning artifact known as a Bloodstone. It rewards Titus by summoning a Bloodletter and a pack of Flesh Hounds. Titus takes control of the Daemons and orders them to dispatch the Nurgle Daemon which they do in short order. With the completion of their task, the Khorne Daemons are dismissed.

The Acolytes have vanquished the terror that stalks the citizens of Hilarion but are unsure what to make of the spectacle that they saw in the process. Titus’ comrades now question their teammate’s conviction in their cause.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the adventure Bunker DS506 by Rob Leigh.
"Bastion's Fall"

Enroute to the Threnos System the Acolytes are momentarily diverted to assist Trempan in the investigation of a heavily damage Imperial Navy battleship named the “Bastion.” These orders come straight from the Calixis Conclave itself. The ship was apparently lured into an ambush by a fake distress call from a merchant ship and lured into a dense mine field where it was subsequently attacked.

With its attackers long gone, the Imperial Navy has begun salvage and life-saving operations and the Acolytes are tasked with investigating the ship’s bridge and retrieving any sensitive information available. Boarding the treacherous vessel, which is still breaking apart, the Acolytes weave their way through the ship’s shattered infrastructure overcoming obstacles both environmental and human (in the form of the ship’s resident Gilliham population which is making its way up from the ship’s deteriorating lower decks to more stables ones) to make it to the ship’s bridge. There, they begin download the ship’s cogitators while fending off a huge horde of attacking Gilliham.

Successful in their mission, the Acolytes make a dramatic escape by jumping into the void of space to an awaiting Aquila shuttle to make their getaway. Back on the safety of their cruiser, a review of the downloaded data confirms the Inquisition’s suspicions and makes real the nightmare scenario- the cruiser was secretly carrying an Exterminatus weapon, a weapon which has now been taken by unknown persons for reasons unknown. This is the reason why the Inquisition was so interested in the salvage operation of an Imperial Navy ship. Priority for Trempan and his team is the location and retrieval of this weapon before it can be put to ill-use.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the adventure of the same name by Brian Rae. It can be found here:

Desperate to clear their names, Inquisitor Sand’s Acolytes travel to the remote Solar.flare.2005trading outpost of Bonner’s Reach looking for answers. The festival of “Firetide” (what the locals call the spectacular solar flashes that their dying sun gives off every year) is in full swing and the busy outpost has drawn quite a crowd- both humans and Xenos alike. While they fail to locate the traitor, Sgt. Forden, the Acolytes do find an unlikely information source in their one-time adversary the Dark Eldar Haemonculus know as Akrivas.

In exchange for a Xenos artifact known as a Halo Device, Akrivas agrees to provide the Acolytes with a valuable lead to assist their quest. He also tells the Acolytes the location of a Halo Device which is in the possession of a corrupt noble of Sepheris Secundus named Lukas Lochart.

In addition, an interesting side encounter took place on the station in which Titus meets an individual from his unremembered past. This man gives him a strange red rock that is infused with Warp energy. The nature of the rock is unknown and the man offers no answers other than he and Titus used to be business partners and this object was stashed away to be given to Titus.

2244683285 d19c5d7477 zArriving on Sepheris Secundus, the Acolytes easily find information on where to find Lochart as he is a well-established member of the royal court. They also find out that the once popular nobleman has become eccentric in the past couple of decades- becoming a recluse and donning a mask to cover his face in his rare public appearances. A member of the Queen’s intelligence agency learns of the Acolytes investigation into Lochart and even gives them unofficial sanction that a blind eye will be turned in their direction should Lochart have an unfortunate “accident.”

The Acolytes break in to Lukas’ mansion and confront the noble and his henchmen in the middle of a ghastly flesh-eating ceremony in which the raw flesh of unfortunate victims was being consumed in the light of a mysterious orb. The Acolytes attacked, but Lukas was no longer a mere human. Taking massive amounts of damage, the human abomination manages to cut off Xerxes’ ear before he is vanquished.

Retrieving the Halo Device, the Acolytes made haste to the star port but were intercepted by the same agent of the Queen’s Intelligence agency that gave them the unofficial “green light” to remove Lukas. Going back on their unofficial deal, the agent placed the Acolytes under arrest for the murder of Lukas and their other Outstanding Warrants and it was only through the timely intervention of Trempan and his Inquisitional Authority that granted the Acolytes safe passage off planet.

Back at Bonner’s Reach, the Acolytes meet up with Akrivas and in exchange for the Halo Device he provides the Acolytes with a set of coordinates to a location in the forbidden Threnos System. He does not elaborate on what they will find there other than it will answer many of their questions. With their new information, the Acolytes make their way back to their ship, but not before a group of well-trained bounty-hunters attempt to take them into custody. An intense battle ensues and the Acolytes manage to dispatch the bounty-hunters but are heavily wounded in the process. The course to the Threnos System is set.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was created by the GM with parts inspired from Dan Abnett’s Ravenor novel.
"Scrivner's Star"

Still enroute to “Bonner’s Reach” the Aurora is diverted to the Prol system by order of Inquisitor Soldevan to secure a heretic prisoner, one Philologia Moror (a researcher from the world of Prol I), who is guilty of the heresy of Ateanism. What starts off as a simple interrogation and prisoner pick up soon becomes deadly and chaotic as the Acolytes, and the entire population of the planet of Prol I, become the victim of a plague outbreak that turns those infected into violent mindless zombies.

The situation quickly becomes a race for survival as the Acolytes must fight their way through the infected to reach the planet’s shuttle port in an effort to secure transportation and get off-planet.
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The vast concentration of plague infested warp-taint attracts the attention of one of Father Nurgle’s Vile Savants, who pays the planet a visit to further spread disease and watch the misery and horrors inflicted on the people. The Guardsman Acolyte Titus’s eyes become infected with the rotting disease resulting in the permanent loss of his eyesight (luckily he was later fitted with bionic eyes to restore his vision). The Savant pays a visit to the Acolytes themselves as they are preparing their shuttle for launch. A climatic battle commences ending with the Vile Savant banished and the Acolytes a little more insane than before.Counter corruption nurgle

With the Vile Savant gone, and the later destruction of the zombies, the Acolytes and the administrators of Prol I are able to establish a quaratine on a nearby decommissioned orbital and start the process of treating the survivors and monitoring them for further infection.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the adventure of the same name by John W.S. Marvin. It can be found here:
"Flight of the Aurora"

The Acolytes of Cell C2 continue their mission to clear their name. Still wanted as fugitives by every enforcement agency of the Imperium, they attempt to pass through a security checkpoint in Hive Sibellus enroute to the lander to jump off planet only to have their false idenities and creditials fail them. This results in a run and gun battle through the Hive district with forces of the Magistratum and Arbites hot on their heels.
Rescue comes in the form of an unlikely ally as the Acolytes are saved from the authorities by Inquisitor Soldevan of the Ordo Hereticus. Assigned to investigate the actions of Cell C2, and their Inquisitor, Inquisitor Sand, Soldevan has decided to hold off on judgement for now and instead enlist the aid of the Acolytes of C2 to join forces with a group of his own Acolytes to further investigate the actions of the traitor, Sgt. Forden, and the secret base that was found on Kenov III.

Together, the two groups of Acolytes board the Rogue Trader vessel, the Aurora and make way to the infamous trading outpost on the fringe of Imperial space known as “Bonner’s Reach.” Enroute, they stop to pick up a load of cargo which will be used as trade goods, but in the shipment are two stow aways in the form of some type of Xenos or Warp creatures that are invisable to the Shipnaked eye. These creatures begin hunting the crew of the Aurora leaving only their vicitms’ skinless bodies behind as evidence of their kills.

In response to the ship’s pleading Captain, the two groups of Acolytes join forces in investigating the attacks and are able to hunt down the creatures and locate their lair. A trap is set and after a brief struggle, the Acolytes are able to elminate both creatures; only one of their number is seriously wounded in the confrontation. With the demise of the mysterious creatures, the Aurora continues to “Bonner’s Reach.”

  • GM’s Note: This mission was created by the GM.
"Idyll Heresies"

In light of the Acolytes’ current status as fugitives and enemies of the Inquisition, Inquisitor Sand has sent the Acolytes away, and off the radar so to speak, to the world of Fenksworld to investigate an illegal xenos drug know as “Idyll.” Planet side, the Acolytes manage to recover a large shipment of the drug that was set for distribution, but fail to secure two parts of the shipment- one that is headed to a pleasure-seeking cult of the hive’s nobility known as the “Ecstatics” and the other, which is in the hands of a local crime boss.

Tracking down the Ecstatics to their designated gathering place, the Acolytes arrive too late as the Idyll has been used by the members of the Ecstatics, but something is terribly wrong. The drug has turned them into raving luantics that participate in all manner of gruesome torture and pleasure without heed for their personal welfare. Additionlly, some members have taken to some type of sickly infestation that causes their bodies to give birth to nasty insects that attack everything on sight. To avoid death a from the gruesome insect swarm that is consuming everything, Jonas unleashes a devastating psychic Holocaust blast of fire that vaporises the deadly insect swarm as well as results in the burning the cult’s high-rise meeting place.

The Acolytes continue their investigation and manage to locate the last of the Idyll at the crime boss’ etsate, but are too late to confront the boss himself who has fled to whereabouts unknown. The crime boss’ whereabouts, as well as the source of the plague-like insect infestation remain a mystery.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the adventure of the same name by Daniel R. Robichaud. It can be found here:
"Into the Depths"

Following up on a vague entry that Inquisitor Sand found in Karanov’s journal, the Acolytes are sent to the Death World of Kenov III to investigate something called the “Anphelion Project.” Using their Inquisition authority, the Acolytes induct a squad of Imperial Guardsmen from the planet of Malfi to assist in their investigation. When the Acolytes arrive at the planet, they are surprised to find a secret Imperial Research Station on the planet’s surface called “Akari Station.”

ImagesOnce planet side, the Acolytes find that the station is used to house and conduct experiments and research on various Tyranid organisms. Unfortunately for the Station’s personnel, and the Acolytes, many of the Tyranid specimens have escaped and have slaughtered almost all of the Station’s staff. As the Acolytes and the Guardsmen investigate further into the depths of the Station’s sub-levels they are met with potential death in the form of Genestealers waiting for them around every corner.

In the Station’s deepest sub-level Acolytes come face-to-face with a man-like machine whose very existance is an abomination ti the Ommissiah Creed. This machine is easily destroyed and just as the Acolytes are about to depart an Imperial Strike Cruiser appears and destroys the Acolytes’ Cruiser. The Acolytes are taken into custody by the Imperial Navy under several charges, including Piracy and Associating with Xenos. Akari Station is destroyed from orbit.

The Acolytes are brought back to Scintilla to stand trial. While ennroute to the detention facility, the Acolytes’ prisoner convey is attacked by unknown forces. Subsequently they escape and their current whereabouts are unknown. Resources from the Adeptus Arbites, Magistratum, and Inquisition will be brought to bear to capture these dangerous criminals and their co-conspirators.


+++++++Transmitted: Scintilla
+++++++++Received: Astropath Malor
++++++++Destination: Adeptus Arbites (Headquarters Division), Adeptus Magistratum (Headquarters Division), Vexfor Unit (unidentified location)
++++++Mission Time: 8 274 850.M41
++++Telepathic Duct: Terminus Fulber
+++++++++++++Ref: Ordo Xenos/454228287/XC
+++++++++++Author: Inquisitor Xill

Thought For the Day: “There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.”

Attention!! By order of the Holy Inquisition the following individuals have been designated as Traitorous Excommunicate and are considered armed and dangerous. Use extreme caution and force when apprehending these individuals.

Jonas Leman has been charged with the following Crimes against the Imperium: Piracy, Trafficking in Xenos goods, Associating with Xenos, Murder, Murder for Hire, Sorcery, and Disruption of the Emperor’s Natural Order.

Xerxes has been charged with the following Crimes against the Imperium: Piracy, Trafficking in Xenos Goods, Associating with Xenos, Murder, Murder for Hire, and Disruption of the Emperor’s Natural Order.

Metalus has been charged with the following Crimes against the Imperium: Piracy, Trafficking in Xenos goods, Associating with Xenos, Murder, Blasphemy, Dealing with Heretical Texts, and Disruption of the Emperor’s Natural Order.

Vern has been charged with the following Crimes against the Imperium: Piracy, Trafficking in Xenos goods, Trafficking in Heretical Technology, Possession of Heretical Technology, Associating with Xenos, Murder and Disruption of the Emperor’s Natural Order.

Thodinna has been charged with the following Crimes against the Imperium: Piracy, Trafficking in Xenos goods, Trafficking in Heretical texts, Possession of Heretical Texts, Associating with Xenos and Disruption of the Emperor’s Natural Order.

Note that these individuals are well connected and have unknown associates assisting them. Recently they were taken into custody but escaped after their Prisoner Convey was attacked by a well-armed and well-equipped strike force which resulted in 14 Magistratum Officers killed and 8 wounded.

See data files XC456.4325, BG345.54, and DG33112.98 for additional information.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was created by the GM and inspired by the Forgeworld Imperial Armor book “The Anphelion Project.” It can be found here:
"Operation Clean Sweep"

The Acolytes of Cell C2 are sent into the Arastus Division of Hive Sibellus, Scintilla to locate and destroy the suspected weapons cache that is fueling a recent deadly rebel uprising that has engulfed the area. With only a few hours before the main attack of the local Planetary Defense Forces is launched, the Acolytes brave their way through masses of mutants and cultists; every step of the way witnessing the horrors that are being inflicted on the citizens of the Division by the anarchy and evil that has taken hold.
Chaos w web00
Entering the enemies’ stronghold, the Acolytes encounter obvious signs of Chaos worship and fight several foes which appear to be tainted by the warp. Despite the opposition, the Acolytes are successful in destroying what is left of the weapons cache and this act greatly assists the Planetary Defense Forces, which are quickly able to suppress the rebellion.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the adventure of the same name by Issac Santana. It can be found here:
"Shades on Twilight"

The Acolytes of Cell C2 are urgently dispatched to board a massive Spacehulk that has been designated as “Twilight” that recently materialised into realspace and investigate the meaning of a distress beacon that is coming from the hulk- a distress beacon that is displaying the call sign that belongs to Inquisitor Adorjin, an Inquisitor that vanished six centuries ago. Time is Alikhari450cof the essence though, as the Spacehulk is on a collision course with the planet of Scintilla, the sector’s capital planet, and the Imperial Navy plans on destroying the hulk before it impacts the planet.

Initially sent to investigate the beacon and recover Adorjin’s sword, the Luminious Reproach, the Acolytes, with the assistance of Brother-Sergeant Agamorr, a Space Marine from the Hammers of Retribution Chapter working as a member of the Deathwatch, discover that there is something else strange taking place on the Twilight. Harrassed by foul creatures of the warp, spirits of long dead humans, and members of the vicious xenos race known as the Dark Eldar, the Acolytes are in a fight for survival to complete their mission before the clock runs out.

Eventually the Acolytes’ investigation leads them to the hull of one of the Inquisition’s infamous Black Ships that is embedded inside of the massive Spacehulk. This is also where they encounter, and agree to form a makeshift alliance with, another group of Acolytes working for a rival Inquisitor, Inquisitor Soldevan, with the same mission. Inside the Black Ship the Acolytes learn of Adorjin’s fate, the fate of the ship’s crew, and recover two important artifacts of the late Inquisitor- the Luminous Reproach and a copied of the highly valued “Liber Daemonica” (the book of the Grey Knights).

Unfortunately, the Dark Eldar are interested in these artifacts as well and launch a massive attack into the holds of the Black Ship to take them from the Acolytes. The battle brings several of the Acolytes and their allies on the verge of death, and only with the martial prowess of Brother-Sergeant Agamorr did they manage to escape with their lives from the Dark Eldar and the disintegrating spacehulk.
In the end, the Acolytes only managed to recover the Luminous Reproach; the Liber Daemonica had been secured by the Dark Eldar with the assistance of one of the Acolytes from the rival search party- a man named Forden who was a double agent working for the Serrated Query. The whereabouts of the traitor and the book, as well as the reasons for the dark kin’s interest in the book, are unknown.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from Fantasy Flight’s “Purge the Unclean” book by T.S. Luikhart. It can be found here: