A twisted and dark-robed male of the Xenos species known as the Dark Eldar


One of the Xenos race known as the Dark Eldar, Akirvas is a frightful and twisted black-robed figure who has hooks set into his exposed flesh. Various despicable implememnts of torture hang from his belt and he weilds a baroque-looking alien handgun known as a Destructor. Despite his menacing appearance, Akirvas always speaks properly and politely, even in the midst of battle.


Akirvas is one of the frightful members of the Dark Eldar social-class called the Haemonculi. The Haemonculi are foul and twisted Dark Eldar who have abandoned all pursuits other than perfecting the affliction of pain and death, usually via complex forms of torture. Akirvas is no different than the rest of his kind, though he shows a great deal more willingness to work with other (lesser) species than most of his ilk. Akirvas works as a raider for hire and frequently has been employed by the Serrated Query for a number of tasks- most of which involve the procurement of rare items.

The Acolytes of Cell: C2 first encountered Akirvas and his band of raiders during the investigation of the Spacehulk “”/wikis/shades-on-twilight" class=“wiki-page-link”> Twilight." Akirvas had been tasked with the recovery of a copy of the holy text of the Grey Knights, the Liber Daemonica. Akirvas was successful in his mission due to a traitor in the Acolytes’ midst, a double-agent known as Sgt. Forden, who snatched the book from one of his teammates after killing her and then escaping with the Dark Eldar’s help.

The Acolytes of Cell: C2 would meet with Akirvas again- this time at the remote trading oupost known as “Bonner’s Reach.” This time the Acolytes were not looking for a battle with the Dark Eldar, but were instead interested in information concerning his employers. Akirvas agrees to give the Acolytes the information they requested but only in exchange for a rare Xenos artifact called a “Halo Device.” The Acolytes agree and Akirvas gives the Acolytes the location of such a device, which is in the possession of a corrupt noble on the planet of Sepheris Secondus.

The Acolytes are successful in acquiring the “Halo Device” and give it Akirvas who in turn gives them a set of coordinates that leads them to the location of a secret research base in the forbidden Threnos Zone.


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