Succubus of the Cult of the Withered Blade


A lithe and deadly beauty with alabaster-colored skin.


Absolute perfection in battle is Anyalra’s goal; to achieve anything less is wasteful. The spectacle of the arena is merely so that others can testify to her beauty and skill. Anyalra’s ambitions will not permit her to sate her desires for long- she yearns to return to Commorragh, to test herself against her supposed peers within other cults. For now, however, the Withered Blade arena complex is sufficient, particularly with the many and varied prey that the Kabals and Xenos traders are willing to provide.

Anyalra is the foremost Succubus of the Cult of the Withered Blade- a positioned she earned by slaying its predecessor with a thousand perfect cuts that disfigured and crippled them even as they bled to death. In battle Anyalra moves calmly and with an unwavering dignity, her pace increasing with every moment as she begins to strike, a split-second flash of silver followed by a scream of agony or a welter of blood the only signs of her attacks. As her walk becomes a dance, she whirls and vaults around and over her prey. It is claimed that her greatest display was when she systematically slew two hundred and eleven human slaves without stopping for even a moment, using only her razor-edged fingernails.


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