Brother Angelos- Assault Marine

Fides est Eternus


WS: 57
BS: 46
Str: 60 ^14Sb
To: 54 ^ 10Tb
Ag: 63 (53+10 Mark VI Power Armor)
Int: 37
Per: 36
WP: 45
Fel: 45

Wounds: 23 Fate: 4

Bought Advancements:

  • Characteristics:
    - WS +15 (1,700xp)
    -STR +15 (1,700xp)
    -Agi +5 (200xp)
    -T +10 (1,500xp)
  • Skills
    - Intimidate +10 (300xp)
  • Talents:
    - Double Team (200xp)
    - Lightning Attack (600xp)
    - Two Weapon Wielder (Melee & Ranged) (1,000xp)
    - Crushing Blow (+2 Melee Damage) (600xp)
    - Flesh Render (800xp)
    - Frenzy (400xp)13
    - Forge the Bond (500xp)
    - Furious Assault (500xp)
    - Beserk Charge (500xp)
  • Distinctions:
    - Unshakeable (600xp)
    - First Among Equals (1,000xp)

- Signature Wargear “Unnamed” Master Crafted Chainaxe w/ Maglock
1d10+7 R; Pen 3; Tearing

XP Spent: 24,500xp
XP to Spend: 100
XP Total: 24,600xp

  • Deed:
    - Reclaim the Lost (100xp)

From the Chapters halls in the depths of the the unsettled world of Aeson a little over a century a young boy journeyed the trials of truth told by the sages in his Feral Tribe. Through the fires of the burning sand he reached the mountain and ascended the cold rocky crevices. The mountain was home to fearsome creatures, testing the heart with the hellish enviroment. Evading a grusome death he came to a gate, a temple they had no tongue for adorned by many alien skulls not of this world in runes unknown. Entering he became frozen, in stasis he awaited.

Brother Angelos Du’galle of House Diomidas 3rd Crusade Company of the Alpha Scars Chapter.
Survivor of the Battle of Grayden upon witnessing the slaughter of nearly 3/4 of the entire chapter. Caught against traitor legions and a large rebellious guard uprising. The end was sparked when Chapter Master Kirus of House Aruthal locked in combat with a powerful chaos sorcerer lifted the foul psyker and head butted him. Retrieval of his body and removal of the helmet showed a crack skull, the Survivors bore the Scar on the crown of their helmet.
The chapter is still recovering from the disaster only 5 Decades old.

The Alpha Scars has in recent years sent the strike cruiser Megiddo containing nearly 50 Battle Brothers including Angelos for Surgical Strikes during the Jerhico crusade.

Brother Angelos- Assault Marine

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