Brother Zarkaran- Devastator Marine

Deathwatch Devastator Marine from the Dark Angels Chapter


A Dark-haired man with a feral-world tanned skin tone, Brother Zarkaran is a stoic figure who endures challenges and hardships with little displays of emotion allowing his performance to speak for itself.


Brother Zarkaran was born on the “plains world” of legend that is referenced in the Deathwing’s heroic tale of the Dark Angel Space Marine Cloud Runner, and the rest of his squad, and their successful effort to liberate the planet from a Genestealer Cult. Growing up in the planet’s tribal society was a fight for survival against the planet’s harsh conditions and warring tribes, but Zarkaran was strong and he was recognized to be one of those chosen to be “Skyborn.”

Now an experience Dark Angel Space Marine, Brother Zarkaran has served in hundreds of battles and campaigns, earning accolades and commendations for his fighting prowess and service to the Chapter and the Imperium. Brother Zarkaran eventually was selected to serve in a Devastator Squad, where his expertise with ranged-weaponry could be put to effective use and not long after that he was transferred to serve as a Thunderhawk Gunship gunner where his ballistic skills were valuable on the battlefield in providing fire support for Marines, and Imperial forces, on the ground. His expertise was recognized time and time again and when the Inquisition of the Ordo Xenos came to the Dark Angels looking for new Deathwatch Recruits, Brother Zarkaran’s name was at the top of the list.

Brother Zarkaran- Devastator Marine

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