Brother Zim- Tactical Marine

Deathwatch Tactical Marine from the Relictors Chapter


A pale-skinned Space Marine with piercing blue eyes, Brother Zim is a fine warrior but a taciturn individual not likely to engage in conversation with friends or enemies. He realizes that his Chapter’s history and current status will put him under the scrutiny of everyone and is hesitant to draw more attention to himself.


Brother Zim served as a proven Battle-Brother of the Relictors Chapter for a number of years and it was a great honor when his achievements and experience led to his selection by the Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition to serve as a Deathwatch Marine. He departed from his Battle-Brothers to start his Deathwatch Training; he had no doubt that his service would bring honor to the Relictors Chapter but unknown to him at the time, this would be the last time that he would see his Battle-Brothers and life as he knew it would cease to exist.

Shortly after completing his Deathwatch Training, but prior to being deployed on his first mission, Brother Zim was spirited away by the Inquisition with no explanation to one of their facilities where he was subjected to interrogations and extensive testing (both psychic and medical). He, and his Chapter, were accused of all manner of heretical and blasphemous behavior and activities, but Brother Zim stood true to his faith to the Emperor, to the Imperium, and to Humanity.

Still having no idea why he was being treated in this fashion, Brother Zim had his suspicions though, and this went on for a number of years with the Space Marine being transferred to various Inquisition facilities and subjected to periods of interrogation and isolation. Eventually, he learned that the Inquisition had recently conducted a purge of the Chapter- all of the Chapter’s Chaos Artifacts had been seized and their ally, Inquisitor De Marche, had been executed. As penance, the Relictors had to submit to a century-long crusade.

Brother Zim waited years to discover his fate and for a long time he seemed forgotten in the cells of an unknown Inquisition fortress. His hatred for the Inquisition and what they had done grew within him but he knew that they do not know what he knew. He knew that they were too closed-minded to understand what his Chapter was trying to do. They do not understand that in order to defeat the enemy you must use all weapons at your disposal. Using the weapons of the enemy is not taken lightly. It is done only with great understanding and by those of strong will.

But Brother Zim knew that to voice such beliefs to the masses would not be appropriate as many were not ready to understand but there were a few, even in the Inquisition, that understood the value of what he knew. One person, Inquisitor Adrielle Quist, appeared to be such an individual. She met with Brother Zim on several occasions and she talked to him about redeeming his Chapter’s honor and proving that he was not the enemy that the Inquisition thinks he is.

Eventually, Brother Zim was surprised when one of Inquisitor Quist visits revealed that he had been declared free of taint and would be freed to return to the service of the Imperium. Surely, the Inquisitor’s influence was in this and no doubt she wanted something in return. But at this time, freedom was a welcome release and Brother Zim did not hesitate to accept the offer. He would return back to serving the Deathwatch. He will be scrutinized by the Inquisition and his peers and he will forever have to prove his loyalty to the Emperor but he will serve nonetheless and prove to them that the Relictors were a noble Chapter.

Brother Zim- Tactical Marine

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