Captain Anja Shen

Commander of the "Hostile Transaction."


A stout, middle-aged woman with rough manners, and a bionic arm, Captain Shen has little tolerance for fools and an eye for great profit.


One of numerous void born pirates who ply the routes around Footfall, Captain Shen gained a name for herself and her vessel after eluding Imperial Navy patrols and avoiding the reprisals of rivals and victims. Anja Shen prides herself on being able to slip out of unpleasant situations, though after being lured to the Nexus of Shadows with tales of wealth and lucrative trade with Xenos, her weakness for gambling resulted in losing both her ship and crew to Succubus Anyalra.

After months of struggling to survive in the Shadowspine Pits with a dwindling crew, Anja’s dream of escape, reclaiming her ship and exacting her revenge on Anyalra finally become a reality when she entered into an alliance with a fellow group of prisoners interested in causing a slave uprising. One the members of this other group, a formidable fighter named Jak, impressed Anja so much that he was offered a position on her crew as her First Mate, which he accepted, leaving his comrades.

With Jak and her crew (along with many former slaves looking for a way out of he Nexus), Anja was able to fight her way to and reclaim her ship, the Hostile Transaction, and rescue Jak’s former comrades and escape out of the Nexus. Just prior to departure, Anja felt much satisfaction as she unleashed her ship’s guns on Anyalra’s domain.

Captain Anja Shen

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