Cell C13: Annubis Option

Former Acolyte Cell in the service of Inquisitor Volk now assigned to Inquisitor Sand


A decimated Acolyte Cell working for Inquisitor Sand, C13 no longer serves as a Cell but its surviving members serve independently or attached to other resources as Inquisitor Sand sees fit.


Originally under the service of Inquisitor Sand’s mentor, Inquisitor Volk, Cell C13: The Annubis Option is an Acolyte Cell that was given to Sand following his ascension Inquisitor status. In its prime, C13 was six members strong but after its final mission for Inquisitor Volk, which involved the investigation and extermination of a sub-cult of the Divine Fratery on the planet of Malfi, the Cell had only three surviving members- Gregoi, Lupo, and Artandis. Lupo would later die from Xenos infestation while investigating the Imperial Observation Station on Mono-10 with Cell C2 ( see file: Mono-10/33.4). Titus was only recently discovered to be alive after a purge of Chaos-worshipping heretics on the planet of Thical and the details of his survival and experiences have been lost in the Mind-cleansing process.

Since their service with Inquisitor Sand, Cell C13 no longer operates as a Cell in its own regard, but its remaining members have been tasked to solo investigations or tasked to augment other Acolyte Cells in Sand’s service. Its surviving members have seen many horrors of in the course of their service, and in at least one case concerning Guardsman Titus, have been Mind-cleanse to sustain their use as Inquisition Acolytes.

Cell C13 Roster:

  • Psyker of the Templar Calixs- Reena Marr
  • Psyker- Gregoi
  • Guardsman- Titus
  • Guardsman- Lupo Geist
  • Adept- Nevas Drake
  • Arbitrator- Artandis Jaxx

Cell C13: Annubis Option

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