Gavin Sufal- Storm Trooper


A bald pallid-skin man native to the shrine world of Maccabeus Quintus, Gavin Sufal is reserved but extremely devoted to the Imperial Faith and displays his zeal by various facial tattoos of symbols of the Imperial faith.

Home World: Maccabeus Quintus
Rank: 7 (Storm Trooper)

Weapon Skill: 38
Ballistic Skill: 45 (simple + intermediate)
Strength: 38
Toughness: 40 (simple)
Agility: 40 (simple + intermediate)
Intelligence: 30 (simple)
Perception: 35 (simple)
Will Power: 39
Fellowship: 20

Wounds: 15
Fate Points: 1
Insanity Points: 23
Corruption Points: 14

Trained Skills:
Awareness +10
Common Lore (Imperial Guard) +10
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy, Imperial Creed, Imperium)
Dodge +10
Imtimidate +10
Linguistics (Low Gothic, Imperial Codes)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)

Talents & Traits:
Double Team
Lasgun Barrage
Lightning Reflexes
Mighty Shot
Nerves of Steel
Only One Life to Give (Special)
Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Cold, Fear, Heat, Psychic Powers)
Sound Constitution (2)
Street Fighting
Untempered Zeal (Special)
Weapon Training (Chain, Las, Low-Tech, SP)

Experience Points: 7500
Experience Points Spent: 7500

Awards and Decorations:
- The Triple Skull (awarded for actions during classified Inquisition mission on the planet of Mara)

-Storm Trooper Carapace (AP 6 All)

- Good-Craftsmanship Hot-Shot Lasgun (Lucius-Pattern)
- Autopistol with Man-Stopper Rounds
- Chainsword
- 2 X Frag Grenades
- 1 X Photon Flash Grenade
- 2 X Krak Grenades

- Rucksack
- Aquila Charm
- Chrono
- Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer (Calixis Ed.)
- 2 weeks Corpse Starch Rations
- Compass
- Basic Toolkit
- Mess Kit and Water Canteen
- Blanket and Sleep Bag
- Rechargeable Lamp-Pack
- Grooming Kit
- Photo-Visor
- Respirator
- Purity Seals
- Micro Bead
- 2 X Hot-Shot Lasguns Magazines
- 2 X Auto Pistol Magazines w/ Man-Stopper Rounds


Born and raised on the Ecclesiarchy-controlled shrine world of Maccabeus Quintus, Sufal has known nothing but devotion to the Emperor and adherence to the Imperial Creed. It is this faith that has given Sufal strength in the direst of times when all else seemed lost and he is fanatic in his belief that his mission is to serve in the work of the Emperor or die trying.

Drafted into the Imperial Guard at the age of adulthood, Sufal served in the Line Infantry of the Maccabian Janissaries 1244th in a Line Infantry battalion and fought extensively on the war-torn world of Tranch against mutants and heretics of the Pale Throng. The Pale Throng unleashed all manner of horrors, including those spawned from the Warp, and it was Sufal’s faith in the Emperor that kept his sanity strong and strengthened his dedication to continue fighting.

His fighting prowess and faith did not go unnoticed and he was chosen to join the elite Janissary Storm Trooper Cadre. Specializing in surgical strikes on high-value targets and penetrating well-defended enemy strongpoints, the Janissary Storm Trooper Cadre undertook many important, but near-suicide, missions. The harsh conditions and high causalities of their missions created a strong bond amongst the survivors and Sufal and his comrades eventually became a Veteran Squad under the command of Sergeant Childres.

This unit continued to serve the Imperium honorably, and with deadly effectiveness, on Tranch until they were ordered to leave the war world with another Veteran Storm Trooper Squad to support a classified Inquisition mission on the forbidden world of Mara. Under the command of Inquisitor Herrod and Acolytes serving Inquisitor Sand, the mission was to locate an artifact called the “Blind Tesseract,” which was created by a Rogue Trader named Eramus Haarlock that disappeared several hundred years ago.

Nothing on Tranch or his entire career as a soldier could prepare Sufal for the enemies and sights that he fought and witnessed and on Mara. The raw power of the Warp leaked into reality here and turned people into madmen. Enemies, both heretic and Xenos, assaulted the party on a constant basis. Warp sorcery assailed the senses and slayed men. The ordeal tested Sufal’s faith more than any other incident in his life.

By the time the group located the Blind Tesseract and completed their mission, Sufal was the last surviving Maccabian Janissary of the ten that had accompanied the Inquisition Agents on their mission; some of the Inquisition Agents had perished as well. Until this moment Sufal had never known that there were horrors worse than what he witnessed and fought on Tranch and it was the work of these Agents of the Inquisition to combat these horrors to protect mankind. They were definitely the most important of the Emperor’s servants and the courage and battle prowess that Sufal demonstrated on Mara gave Sufal the opportunity to join their ranks.

Gavin Sufal- Storm Trooper

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