Flak - Guardsman

Former Guardsman of the Penal Legion


Stannis Geth a.k.a. “Flak”
Wounds: 24 Fate: 1
Insanity: 0 Corruption: 45
Exp: 6150/7375

WS:36 BS:39 S: 38 T:50 Ag:43 Int: 29 Per: 45 WP:31 Fel: 19

Bought Stats: (3400xp)
WS-Simple (100xp)
BS- Simple (100xp)
S- Simple (100xp)
T- Simple/Intermediate/Advanced (1500xp)
Ag- Simple (250xp)
Sound Constitution x11 (1350xp)

Awareness +10 (200xp)
Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Imperium, War): [Basic]
Demolition +10 (200xp)
Dodge +10 (250xp)
Literacy: [Basic]
Navigation [Surface] (100xp)
Speak Language (High Gothic): [Basic]
Speak Language (Low Gothic)
Tech-Use (200xp)

Talents: (1400xp)
Blessed Flame (300xp)
Cleanse and Purify (200xp)
True Grit (200xp)
Quickdraw (100xp)
Rapid Reload (100xp)
Resistance [Heat] (200xp)

Basic [Flame] (100xp)
Basic (Las)
Basic (SP)
Heavy [Flame] (200xp)
Melee (Primative)
Pistol (Las)

Traits: (400xp)
Blessed Ignorance: -5 to Forbidden Lore Tests
From Beyond (400xp, Background)
Withered Frame: -3 Strength (Malignancy)
Fel Obsession: Arsonist – Constantly setting fires + will utilize best combat tactics regardless of friendly’s safety (Malignancy)
Big Eyes: +10 Perception/-10 Fellowship (Mutation)


6’4"- 114kg – tall muscular guardsman with a disturbing gaze and silent demeanor

Formerly of the 357th Penal Legion, a.k.a “Suicide Squad”

Missing left eye due to injuries suffered during the mission in Rydal, "The Watchers in the Sky".


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Flak - Guardsman

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