Hadrian Augustus Line - Tech-Priest


Born in the void, upon one of the great trading ships that ply the emptiness between the stars, Hadrian grew up surrounded by technology. An able and curious student, he was happy growing up under the tutelage of the various specialists aboard the ship. Always his curiosity drove him onward, ever learning and mastering any piece of technology he could. It was this insatiable curiosity that finally compelled him to leave his home and join the Adeptus Mechanicus. This was a significant turning point in this now young man’s life.

Life on planet took some adjustment for Hadrian, life in the Mechanicus took even more. While he certainly revered technology, the necessities of shipboard life had left him with a more practical view of it than his new brethren. This led him to conflict with the more traditional students and Magos. Truth be told a lesser talented individual would have been cast out of the Mechanicus. Hadrian showed promise, however. No one could deny there was brilliance in him and it was this that gained him enough support to continue his studies. Still, it was a rough road and Hadrian was frustrated by the restrictions that came with being in the Mechanicus.

Finally Hadrian pushed one boundary too many, and was caught with information pertaining to archeotech that was forbidden to one of his rank. His burning curiosity led him into the position of being expelled from the Adeptus Mechanis. There was still the formality of a trial of course, but it seemed to be the only result possible. Hadrian despaired. Then, an opportunity that he would never have foreseen came to him. Magos Genetor Faust, one of his supportive mentors, delivered a letter to him. Hadrian was now in the employ of Inquisitor Sand. He would not be expelled from the Mechanicus but would be attached to the Inquisitors retinue. He had been recruited for the exact same talents, and curiosity, that had him butting heads with his brethren in the Mechanicus.

The future was looking up.

Marked by Dark Fates: Having allowed Eramus Haarlock to break free from the Tyrant Star, this acolyte’s experiences has allowed them to see the dark underbelly of the Calixis Sector, experiencing the tangled and arcane horrors that may represent its future and perhaps has been instrumental in brining them closer to fruition. In doing so, his soul has been marked by darkness.
Game Effect: This acolyte reduces any Corruption Points caused by Warp Shock by -1 per instance, and whenever he spends a Fate Point while in combat with a Warp Entity, roll 1d10. On a roll of 7+, the Fate Point is immediately recovered.

Hadrian’s Logs:

Hadrian Augustus Line - Tech-Priest

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