Inquisitor Adrielle Quist- Ordo Xenos

An attractive middle-aged woman with pale skin and jet black hair.


When seen in the halls of Watch Station Erioch, Inquisitor Quist is often seen wearing an ornate suit of gold-colored power armor. Her eyes (both her normal and bionic one) miss few details.


“We all want the same thing Brother-Sergeant- to see humanity reclaim not just the Jericho Reach, but our galaxy from our foes.”

-Adrielle Quist

Adrielle Quist was first noted by Inquisitor Carmillus for her prodigious telepathic abilities, but it was her sharp, investigative mind that distinguished her from her fellow Acolytes. During her stature as Interrogator, she was one of a select few brought to the Tower of Brass when her mistress became Inquisitor of the Chamber at Erioch. Five short years ago, Quist earned her Rosette, and remains Carmillus’ primary hand in the field. Due to her close, and favored, relation to Inquisitor Carmillus, most tred lightly in her presence.

Inquisitor Adrielle Quist- Ordo Xenos

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