Inquisitor Silas Marr

A mysterious and feared (even amongst his collegues) Inquisitor


Withered elderly man with long, lank hair and a narrow sharp face with an intense gaze from amber-colored eyes. He is encased in several layers of threadbare and soiled looking clothing, an a moth-eaten fur shawl covers his shoulders.


Inquisitor Marr is a shadowy figure who declares allegiance to none of the Inquisition’s Ordos. Dubious of repute, and respected, however grudgingly, by other Inquisitors, he is regarded as a very powerful man and some speculate that he has the ear of Lord Inquisitor Caidin as well as other Inquisitor Lords outside the Calixis Sector, possibly even holy Terra.

Inquisitor Marr rarely leaves his base of operations in the Halls of the Chancellery Court on the planet of Solomon but knows much about the events, secret or otherwise, taking place in the Calixis Sector and beyond.

Inquisitor Silas Marr

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