Jonas Leman- Sanctioned Psyker (inactive)

An intense individual who seems to be constantly shifting and studying his environment.


A middle-aged man often seen dress in the dark clothes. His intense gaze sometimes reveal a glow in his eyes. Mostly silent around people, when he does choose to speak it is often to make a snide remark or condescending joke.


A Psyker of promising power, Jonas Leman was whisked away from the fate that usually befalls the doomed Psykers on the Inquisition’s Black Ships when one of the Inquisitor Overseers realized the potential and strength that Jonas possessed. The Inquisitor was indeed correct about Jonas’ power for at a very young age he was the victim of daemonic possession and through sheer strength of will he was able to cast the daemon out and save himself. This was no easy feat for Jonas did not have any guidance on what to do and it was only through torturing trial and error and extreme determination that he was successful. Though the ordeal scarred him mentally, he was stronger because of it.

After passing the trial to become an Imperial Sanctioned Psyker, Jonas was assigned to the Inquisition’s Ordo Hereticus in Inquisitor Volk’s Acolyte Cell: C2 where it was believed his Psychic powers could be beneficial in the investigations of Heretics, Witches and Mutants. A short time later Cell: C2 was re-assigned to Volk’s former pupil, and now newly promoted to Inquisitor, Gramen Sand.

Jonas served faithfully with Cell: C2 for several missions, but following the Cell’s investigation of the heretical Xenos research facility on Kenov III, after which the Cell members were declared traitors, Jonas disappeared to whereabouts unknown when the Cell members split up to evade capture by the authorities. Jonas’ last known location was as a passenger aboard the long-range freighter, “Ida’s Gambit,” which disappeared during a strange and sudden warp storm.

Jonas Leman- Sanctioned Psyker (inactive)

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