Lord Inquisitor Aegult Caidin

The senior-ranking Inquisitor in the Calixis Sector who keeps his true likeness a secret.


Lord Inquisitor Caidin is seldom seen in public. It is said that he keeps his true likeness a secret, even from his closest aids and allies, so as to be free to operate unmolested and unrecognized. His true age is unknown but he has held his current office for the past two hundred years.


The High Council of the Calixian Conclave is the administrative seat of the Inquisition, and the highest authority of the Emperor in the Sector. The Conclave is ruled by a Lord Inquisitor of impeachable merit, which is selected and appointed by the High Lords of the Inquisition on Terra. For the past two hundred years, Lord Inquisitor Caidin has been the ruler of the High Council of the Calixis Sector.

Lord Inquisitor Aegult Caidin

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