Lupo Geist (deceased)

Wise-cracking expert pilot formely of Cell C13


Often seen wearing his flak jacket that still bears his unit insignia from his time serving with the Cadian Imperial Guard this former member of Cell C13: The Annubis Option served as the group’s pilot. Lupo survived the Cell’s near eradication on Malfi only to later die during a medical procedure to remove a Xenos parasite from his body (see file: Mono-10/445/443/Lupo).


Prior to his service with the Inquisition, Lupo Geist was an ace pilot in the Cadian Imperial Guard. Known for his courage under fire and his expert piloting skills, Lupo often flew Valkyrie Gunships into hostile territory- ferrying combat troops into and out of war zones. His talents did not go unnoticed and he came into the service of Inquisitor Volk after Lupo flew in under heavy enemy fire to extract the injured Inquisitor and his heretic prisoner following a raid on a Pale Throng stronghold (which was backing several Chaos forces near Cadia).

Upon becoming an Inquisition Acolyte, Lupo was assigned as a member of Cell C13: The Annubis Option. He and rest of his Cell members served Inquisitor Volk for several years and were responsible for the investigation and extermination of several Xenos and Chaos threats to the Calixis sector- unfortunately, the Cell’s last mission together, which was successful, would be completed with a high cost.

Designated as mission “Crystal Eye,” Cell C13 was tasked with the investigation and subsequent extermination of a sub-cult of the Divine Fratery on the planet of Malfi. The mission was going well until the Cell conducted their raid on the Cult’s hideout. Though successful in their mission, unexpected resistance in the form of two summoned daemonhosts contributed to the death of three Cell members (later it was discovered that Titus had survived).

With Cell C13 now containing only a few surviving members, Inquisitor Volk granted command of the Cell to one of his Interrogators, Sand, upon his (Sand’s) promotion to Inquisitor. Sand’s use of the Cell was to task individual members with solo investigations to augment the manning of his other Cells. During one such mission, Lupo was tasked to assist Cell C2 in their investigation of a remote Imperial Observation Station that was no longer answering communictaions (see file: 554/Mono-10?553). During this investigation, Lupo was infected by a Xenos parasite (the same one responsible for the Station’s compromised status) and the subsequent attempt to remove the parasite resulted in Lupo’s death.

Lupo Geist (deceased)

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