Lysandros- Arbitrator (deceased)

Arbitrator from the other side of the imperium...


Arbitrator born on the hive world Meridian within the Sub Sector Aurelia. It is unknown why he left Meridian 5 years ago or how he made his way to the Calixis Sector and found himself within the Gun Metal city shortly after the 2nd Aurelian Crusade. Quiet and calculating imperial justice on those he feel have a tea spoon of corruption and impurity.

Age 38

WS : 37
BS : 47
STR : 34
Tou : 50
AGI : 31
INT : 41
PER : 31
WP : 35
FEL : 40

Wounds : 16 Fate: 1

Skills: Awareness, Carouse, Charm, Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites, Imperium, Underworld), Deceive, Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Cults), Inquiry, Interrogation, Literacy, Scholastic Lore (Judgement), Scrutiny, Search, Shadowing, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Tribal Dialect), Tech-Use, Tracking

Talents: Basic Weapon Training (SP), Pistol Weapon Training (SP), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Power), Quick Draw, Double Team, Hardy, True Grit, Deadeye shot, Total Recall, Blademaster, Mighty Shot

Traits: Packing Iron, Way of the Gun, Hivebound, Wary


Lysandros was born on the Hive world Meridian, raised by the Schola Progenium after his birth parents perished. His birth mother died in childbirth, and the father served in the 85th Vendoland Imperial Guard Regiment, killed several sectors away after his 4th birthday. As with all students and orphans in the Schola Progenium his upbringing was instilled with the virtues and radiance of the Emperor. Imperial Law harbored his youthful interests, and found himself intrigued by the body language others exhibited while confronted. He applied for Arbites institution upon Meridian at his 17th year.
He displayed quite brilliance in the study of forensics that he took a more intelligencer role within the Adeptus Arbites. His role over the next few years allowed him an expanding role towards the fuedal planet of Calderis, which taught him the importance of blending in and not exposing his presence.
Lysandros married at age 25 and his life within the Arbites taking more of a lab role.
The 1st Aurelian Crusade took place with a splinter fleet of hive fleet leviathan entering the sub sector shortly after orkz were roused formulating into a near WAAAGH size that threatened the Sub-Sector. Meridian was late into its reaction as the Governor Vandis, of House Vandis disvowed such as unwarranted through his Administrator Elena Derosa. Derosa at first followed Governor Vandis orders, until it was discovered that House Vandis had left the system.
Lysandros found himself with his fellow Arbitrators among the Meridian PDF and Astartes of the Blood Ravens Chapter fiercely fighting off the horror of the Maw. By the end of it Lysandros was marred by the loss of his wife by the Xeno filth.
The 2nd Aurelian Crusade followed the next year, with Derosa as the planetary governor and Lysandros and his Arbitrators cleansing the hive world of the Xeno taint from the past year found itself in yet another termoil, House Vandis returned as heretics in stow with the Black Legion. With deep resentment for the former governor house for its inability to fight the xeno invaders with its dark heart revealed as nothing but traitors in the eyes of the emperor. He forgoed his inhibitions and let loose a fury upon them. It was nearly 4 years after the sucessful crusade that tested his faith, that he left Meridian.
He found himself taking small bounties across the sectors for the local Arbites within, using the funds to purchase funds that had drawn him closer to the Eye of Terror. Settling on Scintilla in refuge in the Gun Metal City. Where he spent the past 5 years to redeem himself in the eyes of the Emperor. Over the years he became more colder and quiet. Calculating before he dispenses his verdict.

Lysandros- Arbitrator (deceased)

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