Neija Tromen- Warp Wyrd

Cursed Unsanctioned Psyker.


Despite her impressive reputation as an ill-omened unsanctioned psyker of notable ability, Neija Tromean hardly looks the part. She is slim, with ragged black hair and one eye covered after she lost it in the Dark Eldar slave pits. She looks like any other of the millions of unfortunate beleaguered human rabble that can be found throughout the Galaxy.


With a fearsome reputation of being cursed and ill-omened, many shun and fear this rogue psyker. Fearing the Black Ships of the Inquisition when her psychic powers manifested, Neija Tromean fled the grasp of the Imperium and the toil of Sepheris Secundus to the fringes of the Calixis Sector jumping from ore freighters and other transports, always barely escaping the calamities that befell those who carried her. In her wake, at least four Imperial ships have been reduced to husks in the void, and a frontier world itself devastated by Dark Eldar raiders before her current transportation vessel, which was enroute to the Koronus Expanse, was attacked by Dark Eldar raiders and she was captured.

But the misfortune that plagued Nieja and her travels would not stop with her capture. The Kabal that claimed her fell within a week of her arrival at the Dark Eldar city, the Nexus of Shadows, and she was in the ownership of several Kabals and cults within Dark Eldar society, each one crumbling due to completely unrelated events. She was finally sold to the Cult of the Withered Blade and remained a prisoner for some time until she finally joined with a group of fellow prisoners who were Inquisition agents in the service of Inquisitor Sand. These agents were able to facilitate a combined effort with many competing prisoner factions and start an uprising that destroyed a large portion of the Dark Eldar city and resulted in the deaths of millions. But many slaves were freed and able to escape- Neija among them. Many whispered that success of the uprising and the death toll on Dark Eldar and slave alike was just another example of the powerful curse that follows the rogue psyker.

Though she holds no particular love of the Imperium, Neija is hardly a servant of the Dark Gods, and tends to side with whatever side seems the best for her survival. Right now that appears to be these Inquisition acolytes but it is only a matter of time before her curse manifests again.

Neija Tromen- Warp Wyrd

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