Noble House Strophes

Noble Family on Scintilla with ties to the Machenko Dynasty


House Strophes is a well-respected and wealthy noble family that resides in Hive Sibellus on the planet of Scintilla. While not directly a member of, House Strophes has several members with ties to, and extended bloodlines with, the Marchenko Dynasty (a powerful Calixis noble family with a dark past). Laurent and his daughter, Julia Strophes make up the main members of the household.

Julia big The current head of household, who is also a close personal friend of Inquisitor Sand, is Laurent Strophes. A retired Officer of the Imperial Navy who served with honor, Laurent is a law-abiding individual that is highly devoted to the Emperor. He is a broad man, resembling a large stump with legs. His left arm and right eye are graceful prosthetics of adamantine and silver, clearlyworth a fortune. He wears loose fitting garments and keeps his head shaved. Laurent speaks with a forceful ringing tone and stands with an erect posture that instantly gives him away as a former officer of the Imperial Navy. He does have a muted sense of humor, often brought out by his daughter, and he is not as grim as one may expect from his appearance.

Julia Strophes is Laurent’s daughter, and the last member of House Strophes. She often wears brightly colored garments with long trails that swirl about her feet as she moves. Her bright red hair is cut short about her neck. A cheerful and headstrong woman, Julia disdains the normal activities that most young noblewoman of Hive Sibellus regularly fill their time with, a trait she blames on her beloved hard-headed father.


House Strophes has assisted Inquisitor Sand in several of his investigations, most notably the investigation of a religious cult called the Joyous Choir, and its association with the heretical black market organization known as the Serrated Query.

Noble House Strophes

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