Pullo- Scum

Scruffy-looking man who's face looks worn and wrinkled. Often smells like booze.


A man of gaunt-build with copper-colored hair and black eyes. Pullo is 1.80m tall and weighs 60kg. His skin has a bluish tone to it.


Pullo’s induction into the service of the Inquisition was under the most extreme and direst of conditions. Born and grown as an orphan on the nearly defunct orbital designated officially as Stat098.3457 or the “Coffin” (as locals and spacefarers call it), Pullo grew up in the Coffin’s lower-class area known as the Underdark where its inhabitants were known as “Edge-livers.” The Underdark’s dangerous and squalid conditions would be just as bad, or worse, as those found in most lower-hive levels. Also, the close proximity of the orbital to the warp-tainted forbidden planet of Sophony below, and its constant malignant pull and influence, was enough to test the sanity of all who lived on the orbital for an extended amount of time.

Growing up in these extreme conditions, Pullo was able to survive and develop skills that would allow him to fend for himself and make a living- if living meant to eat most days and find a dry safe place on most nights without the worry of being robbed or killed. Overtime, Pullo’s charisma made acquaintances and he was able to form a small gang of individuals which provided each other with protection and a family of sorts. Life improved for them all as they banded together against the enemies found in the Underdark and in the upper-orbital.

Things would change roughly a year ago when all of the residents of the Underdark started living in fear due to many deaths and disappearances amongst their population. While death and disappearances were normal occurrences for the Edge-liver population, the majority of the recent happenings were unexplained and of a frequency that more than what was generally expected. The Edge-livers’ plea to the authorities went on deaf ears and the Edge-livers were forced to fend for themselves against this unknown threat to their population.

Pullo and his small gang finally reached their boiling point after a few of their members were attacked by what appeared to be mutants (but were later revealed to be Genestealer Hybrids). These mutants killed two of their members and fled with their bodies two whereabouts unknown. Pullo convinced his gang that they would no longer live in fear of these monsters and since no one else was going to do something then they would. The rest of the gang agreed and armed with all of the weapons they had available, mainly pistols and improvised weapons, the gang headed to the abode of the evil that stalked the Edge-livers, a place called the “Outer Edges.”

Pullo and his gang were mildly successful against the Genestealer Hybrids and the rest of their Cult members. They had managed to slay one Hybrid and four Brood Brothers before what was left of their gang (down to Pullo and three others) met up with Inquisitor’s Sand’s Acolytes of Cell:C2- “Red,” Rasar, and Quint who were also investigating the mysterious threat that preyed on the Edge-livers. The two groups linked up and at the completion of the final battle against the Genestealer Cult’s Magus, it was Pullo who would be the lone survivor of his gang. Later, after being rescued and safe aboard a ship, Pullo would find out that that he was the last survivor of his world, which had fallen from orbit and into the planet below when the Tyranid Drone ship was released.

Inquisitor Sand has found Pullo to be competent enough and his ability to take on, and to survive a Genestealer menace with the little training that he has shows promise. Pullo has found his world opened up as an Acolyte of the Inquisition and a member of Cell: C2. He is grateful to be alive but also wishes he was dead as all he has ever known is forever lost. Alcohol has recently become the best way to ease his mind and numb his feelings.

Pullo- Scum

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