Quint- Interrogator

Ex-ganger and Gun Duelist turned Interrogator


5’4", 110 lbs, makes others feel uncomfortable by his presence.

Weapon Skill: 24
Ballistic Skill: 58
Strength: 30
Toughness: 43
Agility: 50
Intelligence: 34
Perception: 37
Will Power: 34
Fellowship: 45

Wounds: 14
Insanity Points: 83 (Deranged)
Acute Disorder: Delusions of Invulnerability- Because of all that he’s lived through Quint believes that he is protected by the God-Emperor’s divine grace or blind luck that he will never get severely injured or die (in order to exercise caution or retreat when staying to fight or face a hazard would be more appropriate, Quint must pass a -10 Willpower Test).
Corruption: 38 (Soiled)
Malignancy: Bloodlust – Murderous rage is never far from Quint’s mind. After being wounded in combat, he must Test Willpower to incapacitate or allow an enemy to flee, rather than kill them outright, even if his intent is otherwise.
Fate Points: 1

Marked by Dark Fates: Having allowed Eramus Haarlock to break free from the Tyrant Star, this acolyte’s experiences has allowed them to see the dark underbelly of the Calixis Sector, experiencing the tangled and arcane horrors that may represent its future and perhaps has been instrumental in brining them closer to fruition. In doing so, his soul has been marked by darkness.
Game Effect: This acolyte reduces any Corruption Points caused by Warp Shock by -1 per instance, and whenever he spends a Fate Point while in combat with a Warp Entity, roll 1d10. On a roll of 7+, the Fate Point is immediately recovered.

Best Craftsmanship Flak Cloak (AC 4 / 4 KG)

Best Craftsmanship Belasco Dueling Pistol (1.5 KG)
Inferno Pistol (1 KG)
Sacrisan Bolt Pistol w/ Red-Dot Laser Sight and Fire Selector (3.5 KG)

3 Bilge Grenades (1.5 KG)

12 Assorted Family Photos (Various families)
Microbead (- KG)
Combi-Tools (1 KG)
2 Doses Obscura (- KG)
1 Dose Kick (- KG)
Photo-Contacts (.5 KG)
Filtration Plugs (- KG)
2 Extra Clips – Inferno Pistol(.1 KG)
1 Clip Hyper Density Penetrators – Bolt Pistol (.35 KG)
3 Extra Clips – Bolt Pistol (.7 KG)
3 Extra Clip – Belasco Dueling Pistol (.15 KG)

Total Weight: 24.3 KG / 36 KG


Quint grew up as an Underhiver in the Metallican Hive, Gunmetal City. Due to his unique nature as a psychic blank, he was considered a commodity amongst the gangers. To help improve his worth, Quint received training from many of the best duelers in the hive.

He showed a natural affinity for dueling and pistols, above and beyond the natural knack that most from Metallus normally have. Eventually, his talent grew to the point where his gang leader began to trade him with the nobles in exchange for favors. He would win the nobles money and prestige as he fought for them in the dueling ring, and the Gangers weren’t bothered by the local Arbiters as much.

This is how Quint came to Inquisitor Sand’s attention. His blend of dueling finesse, street smarts, and inborn Untouchable abilities caught the Inquisitor’s attention immediately. Using Quint’s knowledge of the city and his Untouchable abilities, Sand was able to quickly and safely track down a rogue psyker who had taken up residence in Metallican City.

After this first success, Inquisitor Sand kept tabs on Quint’s progress, and would occasionally use him in small, local matters. After a few years, Sand eventually gave Quint the option to do something more meaningful with his life by serving the Inquisition and the Holy Emperor. At first Quint declined, until Sand brought up that for those who survived service, rewards and riches were usually great.

Quint- Interrogator

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