Sergeant Forden

An ex-Imperial Guard Soldier and former Acolyte of Inquisitor Soldevan, Sergeant Forden was discovered to a traitorus undercover operative of the Serrated Query.


Constantly surrounded by Iho-smoke, Forden is an imposing man whose most noticable feature is his massive intimidating clawed-cybernetic arm.


Born and raised on the vicious feral world of Dusk, Forden is no stranger to danger and peril. At the age of seventeen he lost his right arm to the savage jaws of a Duskan Mist Drake. The jaws of these monsters lock until either they or their prey are dead. In order to survive, Forden was forced to saw his own arm off with his knife. His missing limb has long since been substituted by a graceless but powerful cybernetic replacement. Forden still wears the Mist Drake’s teeth on a necklace as a reminder of that ordeal.

A long trusted Acolyte of Inquisitor Soldevan, little did Soldevan, or the rest of Forden’s teammates know, that Forden was actually a double-agent working for the criminal organization known as the Serrated Query. Forden’s true allegiance became known during the Inquisition’s investigation of the Spacehulk “Twilight.” Cell C2 and the Forden’s Acolyte Cell (working for Inquisitor Soldevan) were sent to the “Twilight” to secure the “Luminous Reproach” (the famed power sword of late Inquisitor Adorjin) and a copy of the sacred book of the Grey Knights, called the “Liber Daemonica.” During an intense battle against Dark Eldar Raiders, Forden used the battle as a distraction to kill one of his teammates and take the Liber Daemonica. He then was whisked away by the Dark Eldar.

The reasons for Forden and the Serrated Query’s interest in the book are not known at this time and attempts to locate Forden have been unsuccessful. He has been known to frequent the remote trading outpost of “Bonner’s Reach” and the last Intel available show that Forden’s last known location was on the planet of Sepheris Secondus in an area known as the “Harrow.” Forden’s reasons for visiting the “Harrow” are unknown.

Sergeant Forden

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