Syndalla- Callidus Assassin

Deadly Imperial Assassin from the Callidus Temple.


Tall and athletic in shape, Syndalla is often seen in the Callidus Temple’s trademark look of a synskin-covered body with a red sash.


A dedicated and loyal servant of the Imperium, Syndalla has been an Assassin of the Callidus Temple for a number of years. Following a request to the Callidus Temple from Inquisitor Jezehell for support in investigating a possible Genestealer Cult infestation on the planet of Avalos- an infestation which was originally though to have ties to the planet’s governing officials, Syndalla was tasked to fufill the request and it was not long before the Inquisitor’s forces discovered that the Genestealer Cult was a lot more established and powerful than originally suspected and the planet’s capital city was quickly involved in a large-scale rebellion that its government was ill-prepared to defend against.

The Deathwatch Space Marine of Kill-team Kronus first encounter Syndalla in Avalos’ capital city of Lordsholm when they are tasked with responding to a request for Deathwatch aid from the Inquisitor. Syndalla had been tasked with keeping a landing zone open for the Kill-team, as well as doing what she could to rally the remaining Planetary Defenses Forces. She briefs the Marines on the city’s faltering position and gives them information on the Broodlord threat which is feared to be leading the rebel forces.

Kill-Team Kronus is able to dispatch the Broodlord and a few days later, Syndalla and the surviving Kill-team members are extracted to a Imperial fleet which has answered their distress call. The Imperial find that the planet of Avalos is surrounding by a Hive Fleet from the Tyranid Hive Fleet Dagon and begin operations to save the planet.

Syndalla- Lu’Nasad- Part V

Syndalla- Callidus Assassin

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