Inquisitor Forlorn Gaul (aka "The Scorpion")- Ordo Xenos (deceased)



An athletic man in his thirties, though hints of re-juvant treatments in some of the facial lines show that the man is older (perhaps in his seventies). He has handsome noble features and his dark-colored mustache and hair are well-groomed.


Tricorn Inquisitorial Archive: Scintilla

Real Name: Forlorn Gaul
Known Aliases: The Scorpion
Thought for the Day: “The worst enemies are those we make ourselves.”

Known Associates and Organizations: Inquisition: Ordo Xenos (former Inquisitor), the Talon Corporation (co-founder), multiple cults and heretical organizations, including the Serrated Query, the Brotherhood of Malice, the Pale Throng, and the Cold Trade, amongst many others. However, Gaul’s activities with these cults are mainly limited to acting in the capacity as a supplier of weapons and equipment to fuel their uprisings and heretical activities, no doubt as a means to further his own private agenda.

Confirmed Heresies: Trafficking in illegal goods, possession of prohibited Xenos items and creatures, fraud, blackmail, theft, piracy against Chartist vessels and vessels of the Commercia, supplying of weapons and equipment to the Pale Throng on Tranch, and suspected supplier of weapons and equipment in the Protasia uprising.

Preferred Methods of Operation: The Scorpion tends to not be involved personally in his operations and mostly utilizes pirate, renegade and other heretical organizations in order to procure or sell weapons, equipment and Xenos Tech. No mere arms smuggler, the Scorpion specializes in the acquisition and sale of rare and unique illegal weapon systems and relics.

Threat Rating: Hereticus Extremis.

Encounter Protocol: Capture if at all possible and secure for interrogation and trial. Termination is appropriate should capture be unobtainable.

The Scorpion is a major player in the Calixis black market, particularly in weapons and Xenos Tech smuggling. His first confirmed operation as an arms trafficker for heretics was thirty years ago as being a weapons supplier for a number of small-scale rebellions in the Protasia System. Later on, he gained interest with the Adeptus Arbites and the Inquisition when it was found that he had supplied weapons to the Pale Throng on Tranch and also to another rebel group- the Brotherhood of Malice on Sepheris Secundus. Additional research has revealed that he is a member, and possible co-founder, of the inner circle of a powerful black market organization called the Talon Corporation and it is through this group, and his associates, that he carries out the activities of his criminal enterprise.

Recently, the Scorpion has been tied to several illegal Xenos-bio research programs- the most notable of which was the secret facility in the forbidden Threnos System, which was discovered by the Inquisition and neutralized by a Deathwatch Strike Team. The Inquisition needs to stop the Scorpion’s activities and put him on trial.

Known Motivations and Goals: It appears that the “Scorpion’s” main motivation is profit, though the recent information regarding research into hybrid Xenos-human tech is puzzling and requires further scrutiny.

Inquisitor Forlorn Gaul (aka "The Scorpion")- Ordo Xenos (deceased)

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