Myriad Fragment

A strange shard of polished crystal that seems to swallow light.


Once per game session, after failing any test/check, the bearer of the Myriad Fragment may peer into its depths to see other outcomes. This allows the bearer to immediately re-roll the failed test and they must accept the new result. Regardless if the re-roll passes or fails, the shifting realities are unsettling and strain the bearer’s psyche causing them to immediately gain 1 Insanity Point (this gain can not be reduced by any means).


Discovered by Quint and the Logicians, during their excavation work in the Necron tomb complex buried deep in the surface of the planet of Solace, this strange shard of polished crystal seems to swallow light. Only rarely do its faces reflect anything, and never do they show the reality in which the holder stands.

Myriad Fragment

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