Book- A Disquieting Proposal

A philosophical work of a proscribed nature.


A sheaf of cheaply printed pages written in Low Gothic, A Disquieting Proposal is a philosophical tract by an anonymous author that argues that because those who honor the Emperor are fated after death to become nothing in the Warp, one might as well worship the Ruinous Powers in the slim hope of becoming their immortal servant. This book is proscribed by the Imperium and mere possession is punishable by death and/or imprisonment.


While A Disquieting Proposal is mainly a philosophical text, there are bits of knowledge that can be gleamed from it by using it as a reference. In order to do so, one must read the entire work (resulting in the gain of 1 Corruption Point) and after that, they can reference the work by using a Literacy +20 Skill Check with success granting the use of Forbidden Lore (Heresy) as a Training Skill. A Literacy Skill Check must be used each time to gain use of the Forbidden Lore (Heresy).

Book- A Disquieting Proposal

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