Swords of Antariel Relhadhar

A pair of simple but well-crafted black swords.

weapon (melee)

Each sword has the same description:

Class: Melee
Range: -
RoF: -
Damage: 1d10+1 R
Pen: 2 (Razor Sharp if proficient)
Clip: -
Rld: -
Weight: 2kg each
Special Rules:
- Strange Metal (crafted of a strange alloy, these swords cannot be destroyed by a weapon with the Power Field trait)
- Razor Sharp (normally a wielder can use these swords as mono-swords with some additional traits, such as the Strange Metal trait, but if they become proficient with them using an Exotic Weapon Proficiency, they are able to use its Razor Sharp talent)
- Relhadhar’s Spirit (if wielded as a pair, the wielder gains +5 to their Dodge and Parry tests as the essence of Relhadhar’s spirit guides his actions to avoid injury)
- Best-Crafted ( +10 to WS checks when used to strike and +1 to damaged, which is already included)
- Balanced ( +10 to Parry with)


Wielded by the noted Eldar Corsair Antariel Relhahdhar during his imprisonment as a slave by his Dark Eldar kin, in the Shadowspine Pits of the Cult of the Withered Blade, the swords were taken from Relhadhar’s dead body by a fellow slave human named Gunn. Gunn and Relhadhar were both working with a group of captured Inquisition agents in a plot to start a slave uprising and escape the Pits, and the Dark Eldar city the Nexus of Shadows. While Gunn, and most of the agents were successful in their escape, they owe a much of that success to Relhadhar, who assisted in fighting their Dark Eldar foes, but eventually met his death at the hands of Haemonculus Drecarus.

Swords of Antariel Relhadhar

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