Book- The "Crimson Bestiary"

Data-slate Reference Source


A high-Quality crimson-colored data-slate engraved with a serpent skin texture in gold. This edition, is one of the more elaborately produced models from the Great Library of Fenksworld.


Skirting dangerously close to the edge of what the Inquisition deems a proscribed work, the Crimson Bestiaries, is a useful Xenos reference guide that is packed with illustrations, photos, and text in a number of Xenos-related topics. This particular copy was secured by a Deathwatch Kill-team, on orders of Inquisitor Sand, who raided the base of an ork named Greenhorn on the planet of Ganf Magna.

Using a Crimson Bestiary requires a successful +0 Literacy Test. If the test is successfully passed, a character using the tome to learn something relating to the Calixis Sector and the surrounding stars gains a +5 bonus to his next Forbidden Lore (Xenos) Test.

Book- The "Crimson Bestiary"

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