The "Surgeon"- Absolution-Pattern Sniper Rifle

A high-quality customized sniper rifle of some renown.

weapon (ranged)

Crafted of materials from Rasar’s homeworld of Fervious, the “Surgeon” (as it was called by Rasar who used to liken his weapon to a scalpel cutting the cancer of heretics, deamons and Xenos from the Imperium) is a Best-crafted Absolution-Pattern Sniper Rifle fitted with a bipod, silencer, and telescopic sight.

Class: Basic
Range: 220m
RoF: S/-/-
Damage: 1d10+4 I
Pen: 0
Clip: 6
Rld: Full
Weight: 4kg
Special Rules:
- Accurate
- Proven History (+10 to Fear Tests)
- Silencer (-20 to Awareness Tests to detect sound of shot)
- Bipod (can be braced anywhere on a reasonably flat surface and has a 90-degree fire arc)
- Telescopic Sight (ignores the penalities for long and extreme range as long as the shooter takes a Full Action to Aim)
- Best-Crafted (will not Jam)


Shortly after entering the service of the Inquisition, Rasar had this rifle custom-made as his chosen implement to execute the work of the Emperor. Guided by Rasar’s marksmanship talent, many of the Imperium’s enemies met their deaths from the barrel of the “Surgeon.” It did not take long before Rasar developed a superstitious belief that the rifle acted as a type of good luck charm, saving him from death no matter the skill or number of the enemy. Rasar, and many of his fellow acolytes, joked that as long as the “Surgeon” was in Rasar’s hands, he would emerge alive from any predicament with his foe vanquished.

In the end, perhaps there was some truth to the superstition. Just prior to Red Cell’s ill-fated investigation of an auction of Eramus Haarlock items on the planet of Solomon, Rasar decided to swap his trusty “Surgeon” for a more powerful Angelus Bolt Carbine. Sadly, Rasar met his death at the auction at the House of Dust and Ash protecting his teammates from hordes of daemons. The “Surgeon” has remained secured ever since in one of Inquisitor Sand’s personal Reliquary Vaults waiting for a new master to wield its power.

Years later, Inquisitor Sand recruits a new assassin with expert marksmanship skills named Rylak. The man shows promise and perhaps with the right tool, he’ll prove it.

The "Surgeon"- Absolution-Pattern Sniper Rifle

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