Book- The "Widow's Book"

An ancient book from Iocanthos


Extremely old, this hand-crafted book is bound in the cracked hide of an unknown animal. Only a few dozen pages long, it contains numerous hand-drawn and painted illustrations and lines in cryptic High Gothic script, with odd symbols and runes burned into the pages. Weighs approx. 5kg.

Most of the book tells of Saint Drusus’ battle with a Daemon-possessed cult leader during the conquest of the planet, viewed through the eyes of the Ashleen (the native people of the planet of Iocanthos) as a mythic hero-tale. Despite the storybook tale, readers with the right talents can gain some minor understanding of the Warp from its contents.

Unfortunately, the book was lost (most likely taken) when the Acolytes of Red Cell were taken prisoner following the events at the House of Dust and Ash.


A reader with Speak Language (High Gothic), Literacy, or Forbidden Lore (Warp) may Test to understand the contents of the book- mainly the story of Saint Drusus and his battle against the Daemon cult. If the reader has one of these skills, the test is at -20. If the reader has two of these skills, the test is at -10; and if they have all three, the test is at +0.

In addition, if the reader has both the Literacy and Speak Language (High Gothic) skills, he may consult the book to make a basic (untrained) Forbidden Lore (Warp) skill test.

Book- The "Widow's Book"

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