A Flawless Operation

Quint ducked into a dark alley, glancing around to make sure no one is following him. It wouldn’t do to have an operation as long as this one had turned out to be go sideways just because he had become sloppy at the last minute. Looking around one more time, Quint settled into the shadows and made his way to the other end of the alley. Across the street he could see his target.

Smiling, he allowed himself to relax for a minute, pulling out a lho stick. Sand had finally entrusted him to lead a team autonomously, giving him access to many of his Inquisitorial resources. The mission had seemed simple enough. Quint and his team were told to make contact with a band of Eldar Pirates. They had to convince these pirates to trade over an eldar soulstone.

After his team had tracked down and made contact with the pirates, Quint was able to negotiate a trade. If he and his team could acquire some narcotics from a local planet for the pirates, they would give him a soulstone.

Quint was able, through a twisted web of intermediaries and his connections, to find out who had what he wanted. Eventually, a name came back to him. A local crimelord known as Skiv was the only supplier of the narcotic, and he was known to be unpredictable at best. Not wanting to have to confront Skiv, Quint had come up with a plan where they hit one of his warehouses and steal what they wanted.

Which led to the present. The team was in place, and it was about time for the guard shift at the warehouse to change. Standing up, Quint checked his gear and his disguise. No sense in being recognized if he didn’t have to be.

Giving his team the signal over the vox, Quint pulled out twin laspistols and waited. Eventually, there was the sound of an explosion and some small arms fire from the back. Some of the guards at the front doors started to rush towards the back. Quint aimed at the three remaining guards and downed them with a few silent shots from his pistols.

Grabbing his duffel bags, he made his way to the doors, calling into his com-bead for a status check from his team in the back.

“We’re exchangin’ fire, boss. We managed to down a few of ‘em in the first volley. Now they’ve all taken cover. We’re bunkered down, and Kail is watchin’ from the roof, makin’ sure none of them flank us.” Reported Brak, an ex-imperial guardsman that Quint had placed in charge of the battle tactics in the back. Hopefully they could keep the guards busy just a little while longer.

Quint went back to work, quickly bypassing the security on the door. Opening the door, he motioned across the street. He was soon joined by a young street urchin of about 10 standard years. She said her name was Luck, and Quint figured he could use a little extra tonight.
“Ready?” He asked her. She grinned up at him and nodded.

“Alright, the plan is for you to go through the ventilators until you reach the third grate. Once you get there, prime these and drop them in the room. Then meet me at the door and you can help me pack the bags.” Quint reminded her of the details of the plan as he handed her two bilge grenades.

Scampering inside, she quickly made her way into the ventilation system. Almost all of the internal security was fighting in the back. All that was left were a few goons inside a locked vault with a securely locked door and a single ventilation shaft going in to it. Waiting for Luck to return, Quint put on his gasmask and reloaded his guns. Eventually he heard two loud pops come from the other side of the door, and then Luck was back at his side.

Quint gave her a pistol and a gasmask and set himself up beside the door. Moments later, the door crashed open. He waited for a few moments to let most of the goons out of the rooms. Then he opened up into them with his pistols, Luck beside him with a feral grin on her face as she fired into the mass of men. Once the last of them dropped, still screaming from the toxic gas that was eating at his lungs, Luck put on her mask and skipped into the room behind Quint.

“Hurry up, we don’t have much time until reinforcements start arriving.” He told Luck as he started throwing plastic bags of this new drug, called Vision on the streets, into his duffels. “Holy Terra, this is a nice little jackpot, huh? More than enough to give the raiders what they want and still make out with some extra. I might even be able to get Ironman to help me out with a new distribution network once I find out what’s in here.”

They piled up the rest of what they couldn’t take in the middle of the room quickly.
Gathering his duffels together, Quint and Luck made their way out of the room. Quint turned looked at Lucks eager face and gave her a nod. She gave a yelp of glee and dug some gear out of her bag. Then she threw some of her own private concoctions into the room and around the warehouse.

As the two of them exited the building, Luck looked up at Quint, smiled and winked as she hit the detonator. When they reached the alley, she turned and beamed back at the plascrete building that had started to burn down from the dozens of small but potent plasma fires that had just ignited inside the building.

Quint laughed quietly as he tousled her hair and told his team to pull out. He failed to notice the pair of dark shadows on the roof, watching him, as he and Luck made their way out of the alley.

A Flawless Operation

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