Alpha Scars Chapter

Alpha Scars Chapter

Unknown Founding:Unknown Geneseed

Current Chapter Master: “House Lord” Zephyr
Council of Captains:


Aruthal: House of Lords
Thantos: House of the Titans
Diomidas: House of the Emperor’s Wrath
Vidar: House of the Scholar
Various minor-houses.

Chapter World:
Osherad – Dead World
Recruiting Worlds:
Angron – Feral World – Hunters of Beasts
Lykos – Fuedal World – Endless wars of Power

Chapter Fleet:
Hammer of Faith – Battle Barge
Fist of Retribution – Battle Barge

Megiddo – Strike Cruiser (Operating w/ 49 Battle-Brothers in Jericho’s reach.)

Chapter Demeanour: Brothers in Battle
All Space Marines within a given Chapter are bonded to one another by a common genetic inheritance and years of combat at each others’ side. While some Battle-Brothers serving in the Deathwatch have difficulty widening their sense of comradeship to include those outside of their Chapter, others have none at all, regarding all Space Marines, regardless of Chapter or Progenitor, as their Brothers. As such, there is nothing that the Battle-Brother would not do for a fellow Space Marine, up to and including dying so that his Brothers may live. The only downside of such a trait is that the Battle-Brother may come to look down upon those outside of the Adeptus Astartes, believing (often quite rightly) that none can match their own standards.

Charatceristic Modifier: Warrior-Scholars. +5 Perception +5 Intelligence
Solomode: Quick Reactions
Squad Attack Pattern: Oath of Vegeance
Squad Defensive Stance: Swift Advance

Restricted Speciality: Librarian

Chapter Friend: A Rogue Trader Dynasty

Chapter Advances: “No Respite for the Enemy Advances”
*Dodge * 100XP *
*Dodge +10 * 200XP *
*Dodge +20 * 200XP *
*Tactics(any) * 100XP *
*Tactics(any) +10 * 100XP *
*Tactics(any) +20 * 100XP *
*Gunslinger * 600XP *
*Two Weapon Wielder(Ballistic) * 400XP *
*Two Weapon Wielder(Melee) * 400 *
*Might Shot * 400XP *

Alpha Scars Chapter

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