Alpha Scars Space Marines Characters Rules

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  • The Creation and Training 2
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1 There is no information on the founding Geneseed of the Alpha Scars Chapter but despite its unknown origins, the Chapter has served honorably for the Emperor and the Imperium since its creation. Based on the Dead World of Osherad, the Chapter recruits from the Feudal World of Lykos (where its inhabitants are locked in endless wars between rival families) and the Feral World of Aeson (whose tribal inhabitants hunt great beasts that stalk the land). A dedicated warrior society, the Alpha Scars train extensively in martial prowess and this has influenced their view that a warrior’s greatness is dependent on his skill with the tools of his trade (Bolter and Sword) and the not the manipulations of the mind, which is commonly associated with psykers. For this reason, the Alpha Scars do not recruit Psykers and therefore do not have Librarians in their ranks.

Unlike traditional Space Marine Chapters, the Alpha Scars utilize an unorthodox force organization. Under the command of the Chapter Master (currently “House Lord” Zephyr) and the “Council of Captains,” the Alpha Scars Space Marines are divided into a number of Houses. These Houses include House Aruthal (House of Lords), Thantos (House of the Titans), Diomidas (House of the Emperor’s Wrath), House Vidar (House of the Scholar) and several minor Houses.

The Chapter possesses a small fleet in comparison to some of the more established Chapters. Due to their smaller fleet, the Alpha Scars have a working relationship with several Rogue Trader Dynasties to provide various services. Known ships of the Alpha Scars Chapter are the Space Marine Battle Barges Hammer of Faith and Fist of Retribution. Also noted is the Strike Cruiser Megiddo, which currently operates in the Jericho Reach Sector with forty-nine Battle-Brothers.

2 The Creation and Training of the Alpha Scars
Due to onging crusades, the Chapter resides in distant to non-existent rule over their recruiting worlds.
In order to maintain flow of new aspirants, the chapter makes use of stasis devices to preserve those chosen to admittance to the gauntlet.
Those failing the challenges are offered a choice. But a most important position. They can return to their home world as a guide to the path, or serve the chapter’s Monastery on the dead world of Osherad.
Those who choose the former, are returned as mystics, shaman, advisor type roles among their people. Telling grand tales that inspire their people to greatness. Their goal is to feed the populace with tales of honor and heroism, but the task they are made, to choose those who may journey to the path.
On Aeson, the feral tribes enact great hunts of massive beasts, while on Lykos the houses war with each other to meaningless rights.
Among both, there are some beasts purposely placed but unknown to the populace. Forming legends of their folklore. It is with these, the Alpha Scars chapters centuries long agreement with some Rogue Trader dynasties, to keep the flow of fighting and heroic deeds alive among the worlds.

The aspirants of the worlds, are lead on to a journey. For Aeson, the young man must traverse snow and ice, with no food nor water, with fear of beasts that prowl in the thick snow. Travelling amongst path laid with banners and livery to a path within a mountain. They enter a cavern opened specifically for them, soon finding themselves frozen in Time.
For Lykos, the aspirants are taken to the depths below, travelling through ash and fire. Smoke bellowing below as they travel amongst creatures who lurk amongst the dark. They are guided through a path filled with strange skulls and bones. They enter through and are held within the frozen clock.
The purpose of such a reversal of the planets. Lykos has a winter that lasts 2/3 of the year. Whilst Aeson is near blistering hot. To remove their comforts and expose them to the other world.
When the Council of Captains return in session, the new aspirants are gathered into a gauntlet built upon the dead world. Faced with challenges and hunted by strange beasts, the aspirants are soon to be working with their strengths. Overcoming the strange land and tongues, the aspirants must learn to co-operate with those opposite of them.
Some unfortunately outright attack each other, no matter how far they come, they end there services as mindless servitors.
Those who survive the gauntlet, are brought forth to the apothecaries, who determine each aspirant’s physical condition. While the presiding Chaplins determine their mental conditioning. A seal of approval are placed upon those who pass both inspections, until they come to meet the Council of Captains. This is where they are asked one question that determines their Chapter House.
From there starts the journey of creation that turns them into Space Marines of the Alpha Scars Chapter.

3 Alpha Scars gain the following benefits:
* Son of Aeson (Feral World): +2 Wounds, +5 Strength
* Son of Lykos (Feudal World): +5 Intelligence, +5 Weapon Skill

Blood Tide (Solo Mode Ability)
Required Rank: 1
Effects: Calling in the back of their minds the satisfaction of countless decimated enemies, bathing the area in the blood of the emperor’s enemies leaves an Alpha Scar with pride.
*Rank 1 – An Alpha Scar can add 1 additional horde damage per attack.
*Rank 4 – The character gains +2 AP to all locations.
*Rank 5 – Once per Turn, an Alpha Scars can declare an unrestrained fury of blows on massed enemies and add their rank as additional horde damage on one attack. If this option is used then it takes the place of the normal additional Horde damage per attack.
*Rank 8 – In addition, if an Alpha Scar deals 10 or more horde damage in one round, the horde makes a fear test. if failed acts as 1 horde degree (10) less than it actually is.

Martial Honour
Martial Honour is a Demeanour unique to Space Marines of the Alpha Scars.
The Alpha Scars pride themselves on their skills with hand-to-hand combat and use it as their primary measure of one’s worth as a warrior. This isn’t to say they view ranged combat as any less for those who are skill in it, for a bolter is just as sacred as a chainsword. The Chapter maintains a strict code of matters that should be decided over martial duels and which of those duels are fought to the death. Fortunately the latter is very few and usually stems from calls of traitor. The taking of trophies from single-combat victories is quite common, usually a lock of hair from fellow Battle-Brothers or a limb from a fallen foe.
Due to their high standards of honour, an Alpha Scar places his life below that of an innocent civilian’s. More aggressive Chapters have called the Alpha Scars out on selling their lives too cheaply and make arguments for acceptable casualties. The Alpha Scars have none of that and such accusations are answered by calls for a martial duel.

4 Squad Mode Abilities:
Unrestrained Assault

Action: Half Cost: 3 Sustained: Yes

All Alpha Scars are trained that when a foe is down there is no time to waste before engaging another foe. When any Alpha Scar within support range kills a creature, he may immediately make a charge attack against another target (once per round).
Improvements: If the Battle-Brother is rank 4 or higher, the enemy takes a -10 penalty to Dodge or Parry Tests against the Charge attack.

None Shall Fall
Action: Reaction
Cost: 1
Sustained: Yes

The Battle-Brother and any members
of his Kill-team within Support Range may protect their brothers
from grievous injury by interposing themselves between a fallen
brother and harm. While this ability is active, a Battle-Brother may
use his Reaction to move up to twice his Agility Bonus to protect
another member of his squad from an attack, if that member has
either been knocked prone and/or has suffered Critical Damage.
If the Battle-Brother’s movement would be sufficient to reach the
squad member the Battle-Brother is struck by the attack instead,
with all the normal consequences. Battle-Brothers defending their
brothers in this way may not Dodge the attack but may Parry it
as part of their Reaction. If the attack has an area of effect which
would affect both the Battle-Brother and the squad member he is
trying to protect, then the squad member gains cover against the
attack with Armour Points equal to the Battle-Brothers Armour
Points on his torso location.
Improvement: A Rank 5 Battle-Brothers using this ability
may move up to four times their Agility Bonus to reach a
fallen or critically wounded squad member.

Advance Cost Type Prerequisites
Dodge 400 Skill
Dodge +10 400 Skill Dodge
+Tactics(Any)/Intimidate 300 Skill
+Tactics(Any) +10/Intimidate +10 300 Skill Intimidate
+Tactics(Any) +20/Intimidate +20 300 Skill Intimidate +10
Combat Master 800 Talent WS 30
Double Team 600 Talent
Flesh Render 800 Talent
Furious Assault 500 Talent WS 35
Frenzy 400
Beserk Charge 500
Battle Rage 600
Precise Blow 600 Talent WS 40, Sure Strike
Sure Strike 600 Talent WS 30

+Sons of Lykos(feudal) replace Intimidate Skill advances with Tactics(any)
+Sons of Aeson(feral) replace Tactics(any) Skill advances with Intimidate

Unknown Curse – Blood Haze

6 Taking to the fore in melee combat is what drives each and every Alpha Scar. Their ambitions are noble; melee combat protects innocent lives, but given enough bloodshed and violence any Alpha Scar may instead live purely for the musical song of a chainsword carving through layers of flesh and blood. After a while it doesn’t seem to matter whose is spilt…

Level 1 – Drums of War:

The roar of battle is a tune that the Battle-Brother finds most comforting. When not in battle he will do anything he can to prepare for the next one, including constant weapon drills, volunteering for the point-position and even acting aggressive to provoke others into making the first move.

Level 2 – Tide of Blood:

The Battle-Brother’s blade no longer cares what it’s attacking, so long as blood flows through it. His aggression overpowers his martial discipline more often than not, and in any social situation he will see any question of his character as a personal challenge. Whenever insulted, berated, or at the receiving end of an action that he finds insulting, the character must succeed a Very Hard (-30) Willpower Test or react with violence; be it a simple punch, or unleashing hell with a heavy bolter.

Level 3 – Endless Aggression:

No foe can satiate the Battle-Brother’s hunger for violence; no amount of meditation can calm him. The Battle-Brother cannot stay still when there are those that he perceives to be enemies within range. All attempts to prevent him from attacking require a Very Hard (-30) Charm test from his allies. On the first failure per mission, squad Cohesion is reduced by 2.

Alpha Scars Space Marines Characters Rules

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