Brother Angelos "Bear the Honor of our Chapter"

It remains nearly half a century since the Battle of Grayden that nearly crippled the Alpha Scars into non-existence. The chapter remains tending to its numbers since the high cost of victory. The council of the chapter’s houses discussed at length the appeal for the chapters support in the on-going Crusade. The council concluded, the cost of entire companies dedicated to a crusade nearly half a sector away, was to risky in the aftermath. Instead the allocation of half a crusade company, containing appointed members from the various houses as to not damage the Chapter’s current structure. With the battle barges still mending the vast damages, and the loss of a third of their strike cruisers. Signing an Oath of Agreement with the 2 Rogue Trader Dynasties they have formed a lasting relationship standing for near the chapter’s earliest records.

50 Battle Brothers strong, with the Strike Cruiser Meggido. The rest of the on-board barracks filled with militants from the rogue traders gifted to the command of House Thantos Brother-Captain Cepheus. The famed veteran sergeant Rhyus of House Diomidas as his second in command.

The newly appointed House Lord Zephyr since the death of the predecessor Kirus. Received a highly encrypted message, hidden from the other Captains. A request from the Ordo Xenos militant chamber of the Death Watch. There was only one from the Chapter’s history that has served within the vigil. None has since, his name lived before the records that remain of the chapter’s history. In the deepest bowels of the chapter, he unlocked the safe guards to an ancient relic unknown to any within the chapter.

Before the Strike Cruiser left, Lord Zephyr presented to Cepheus a scroll and parchment. Tasked to read the parchment upon his arrival.

" Brother,
I have agreed that One Battle-Brother be taken to the Watch Fortress Erioch. You will be contacted shortly by the representative of the Death Watch. Before he is released unto his vigil,
You will take him upon the chaplin, he will bear the oath of retrieval. It has been since our early records, and only one ancient has served within that time. If any chance to gain knowledge of our past, he must uphold before all else. You will give him this sacred relic, the [ENCRYPTED]. This is the Burden he must be branded.
This Battle-Brother must be of pure heart, zealous in his faith, master of any arms and tactics. He must Bear the Honor of our Chapter. "

Brother Angelos "Bear the Honor of our Chapter"

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