Brother Angelos "The Stain of Dishonor"

Escorted by a Tau Watercaste, with reluctance and unease it brought to me, I followed Brother G’heirnat’s decision. We met with a patrol of Tau, who demanded our arms be laid down. The offense of being told to be disarmed by Xenos Filth, I was ready to pour such hatred upon these creatures, it was then Brother G’heirnat ordered us to follow suit. The story’s of Black Templars refusal to be disarmed, with the influence of their great stories that our Honor Guard themselves followed suit of binding our armaments, had affected myself and the view of the famed Chapter. Could this really be the followings of them? A chapter so revered and influencing my chapter’s history and legacy in past battles be following the demands of a lesser race with no honors and trickery in the arts of combat?
With reluctance I followed Brother G’heirnat’s order. As we followed them to the Tau fortress, I could feel an overburden sense of impending battle. The further I went from our purpose, a rage was building inside my bones.

They attacked first. No honor amongst these creatures. I rushed back to the armaments that were laid down. I preceded to kill as many of those creatures that turned against us. The Librarians ended being badly wounded, with reckless regard I chased them down, I managed to rescue them. After our purpose ended. The dishonor that Brother G’heirnat showed to me, I doubt I will forgive. The fury known of the Black Templar forever shaken in my view. There will be redemption in his actions, as I will not allow those who dishonor us the chance to continue. The greatest beasts will be slain.

I will show this Templar, what true Zeal is of the Alpha Scars Chapter.

His purpose as the guardian of our gene-seed, I will not challenge him, nor ask of him anything else. He will not shame me or the Battle Brothers. I will only give to him, The death of our enemies.

Brother Angelos "The Stain of Dishonor"

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